How to Play Cornerback in Football : How to Back Pedal in Football

How to Play Cornerback in Football : How to Back Pedal in Football

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
When talking about playing cornerback, the start of every play always includes a back
peddle. You’ve got to exercise the back peddle properly or one, you’ll be off balance, two,
your receiver is going to go by you, and three, you’re not going to be able to cover the play
and react to it the way that you should be. So first of all of course it starts with a
good stance. Once we figure out how our receiver is going to play us, then we can either get
to the outside or to the inside or give him a cushion or not. Once the play starts I want
to be in my good position, down and in an athletic stance. Now once the receiver comes
off the line the first thing we want to do is take a big step backward. When you back
peddle, it’s not tiny little back peddle steps. What you want to do is, those first couple
of steps you want to take really big steps. One, two, and when you’re doing that you’re
looking in the backfield trying to pick up the quarterback. Then, once the receiver has
gotten to where he’s up next to you, then you’re going to go ahead and open your hips
and start to run with the receiver. So the first thing that we want to do when we start
our back peddle is we want to have good balance, take a deep step, we want to keep everything
balanced together, keep our body straight so we’re not leaning back, and so we’re not
leaning too far forward. We want to have good balance in our back peddle and that’s going
to keep us in this play and then we can cover the receiver effectively.

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  1. Wtf? those two steps are completely pointless and will get you burned. I feel bad that guy is coaching for the team.. they must lose A LOT.

  2. man thats some really funky man coverage hes got going there. I prefer playing man coverage like its zone with ur back to the sdeline. 3 small back pedal steps, 2 shuffles facing in, then turning and going if hes going deep, or cutting in for the post if hes still going after the shuffles. anything before u act accordingly

  3. my god, this guy is a joke.
    the second i look at the QB, i do a lap at practice, and if its in a game then im sitting on the bench
    for people who dont know how to back pedal and are watching this
    DONT LISTEN TO HIM, go watch a NFL game on tv and watch the DBs
    better then this crap

  4. @SavageStealhyJames i know lol you are supposed to take three slow steps then speed up your backpedal as you need to. slow to quick game

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