How to Play Cornerback in Football : How to Play a Fly Route as Cornerback

How to Play Cornerback in Football : How to Play a Fly Route as Cornerback

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
When playing good cornerback you know how to defend against all kinds of routes. The
first route we’re going to talk about right here is defending the fly route, or sometimes
they call it a go route, and that basically means that this receiver has made up his mind
they think they can beat us deep, and he is going to streak straight down the sideline
and the quarterback is probably going to five step drop and try to throw right over the
top of him. So the first thing you want to do obviously in your back pedal is pick up
the quarterback. The quarterback has now dropped five steps and I know that this guy is going
deep. So now when he passes me, I want to open my hips and I want to run with the receiver
as much as I possibly can. Sometimes though this guy is very quick and he is going to
get by you. The best thing you can do is if you get beat, if he goes past me and I am
behind him, the best thing you can do is you have got to try and sprint and catch up with
this receiver and then try to make a play. You can’t necessarily worry about making the
play all the time, sometimes you have just got to catch up with the receiver so you don’t
get beat. So what I want to do is sprint back up with him, and when he is looking back to
make the catch and I see his hands, I am going to want to put my hands up and try to defend
that pass. So there are a couple of things you can do. One, pick up the quarterback’s
eyes, two, stay with the receiver, and if you get beat you need to sprint, catch up
with the receiver and then get your hands up inside his hands and try to defend that
pass when they’re running a good route.

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  1. ….why wouldn't you be going full speed already? Don't stick your hands their either. Put one hand in between his.

  2. false, if its a fly ( you know for sure after runing about 20 yards) all you do is put your outside arminfront of him to get a feel of him then you lean on him to disbalance him and then you look for the ball turning your head. they teach this all the way to the nfl. now yes you are right if its another toure than a fly route then you must not look for the qb.

  3. he forgot 2 mention dat ur supposed 2 squeeze da reciever 2 da outside evry tyme i squeeze i either drive da reciver out of bounds or i get a pass deflection

  4. Good comment bobo! I know my boys should be watching this so heres another important tip;

    When he looks back and gets his hands up, put your hands up, AND TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE FOOTBALL. If you dont the ref will probably interpret it as screening and therefore PASS INTERFERENCE.

  5. i look at the quarter back during my first 2 backpeddles so i can better read the play but after that u HAVE to watch the reciever but i only do that in a zone coverage,in man to man the reciever is the only guy i worry about

  6. I've seen 3 videos from expertvillage and the translator guy isn't doing a very good job with his spelling.

  7. does anyone know any good drills to do to get better at corner? I'm a pretty versatile player on offense but i completely suck on defense. but out of all defensive positions, my worst is corner. I know backpedaling drills help but what else can I do to improve?

  8. @romanboyishere I played CB and the coach taught us too re-step to watch the quarterback (meaning to chop your feet about 3 times).
    Unless you're inches away from the receiver then I get what you're saying but in most scenarios that's not the case.

  9. not really if yu look at the quarter back wif the side of yur eye but still make sure that yu can stillsee the reciver i play cb too for a proper team

  10. ok.. this is NOT a good CB How to.
    You should ALWAYS (saying your in man cvg) is to back out almost like zone, This ONLY of course if your 100% sure his route is a streak or fade/fly, And if he is speeding up, at least to 5 yards close to you, you turn your body sideways to where you can see receiver well AND be able to split(turn body around) quickly, otherwise your going to be beat. Also if you can play the WR deep enough, he may have to come back for the ball so use it to your advantage.

  11. @illlanoize23 if your running behind the receiver and he is faster than you all you can do is hope he has ran too far to where the QB won't be able to lob it right to him and will have to bullet it back so you have a chance to make a play on the ball, if not, you better be ready to make a tackle or have a talk with the coach.

  12. @Chris555Chris actually i think i'm okay. i play corner now for my high school team and the coaches are helping a lot. i still get burned on the fade routes though. I don't understand what im doing wrong. maybe the receivers are just really good

  13. @Chessmapling well ok.

    for man, if your 100% sure your man is going to be streaking or a post / fade route, Get 5-7 yards back like a zone play, But line up with him (a little to the inside) and as soon as the play begins start pulling back and watch his hips/legs to see where he is turning and even if you do get behind & keep up because then the QB cant be 100% sure if Receiver is open or not, and by the time he sees he may be too far upfield to throw it and the WR will have to come back.

  14. @Chris555Chris okay that really helps. i think maybe the receiver was just really good. i was right on him but teh QB threw to him anyway but the pass was short and the receiver managed to cut to the ball quicker than me

  15. @Chessmapling Thats another thing, if (like i said before) sure receiver is streaking / post just run infront of him like normal but also turn your head in view of both receiver and QB so you can see as soon as the ball is thrown / if its to you and also not give up the play of reception.

  16. @Chris555Chris okay thanks. but when im running wiith him, i should be in front of him? but if the pass falls short then i can't get to the ball because he's behind me

  17. romanboy u dont kno wat u talking bout u always are supposed to read the quarter back 4 at least his first 3steps bacc and if its zone u read the qb the whole time

  18. This is stupid, best thing to do is get your hands on a receiever. Jam him at the line, get in his chest. As a cb that a huge help. You get a good jam you wont get beat most times. When the receiver looks 4 the ball, you look for the ball. And make a play. This whole free release and try to catch up thing. Will have you on the bench lol
    You dont give receivers free release off the line. It doesnt matter who you are, 9x's out of 10 You will get beat

  19. No. No. No. No.
    Watch the receiver's hips & backpedal. Whatever way you see him go, you follow him. Give yourself some space if you see him running out (fade/go), and just run with him. That's it. When you see his head turn for the ball, you turn your head as well. Your coach will teach you the rest.

  20. if you know the reciever is ffaster than you, instead of playing 5-6 yards off play 7-8 but be if he sees u play to far off he probally smoke u with a slant or a hitch

  21. Honestly to anyone who is new to corner and looking to learn it, this is NOT what you want to watch. This guy is clueless, you can tell by his horrible hips, and lack of any true back peddle. I suggest you watch the NFL instructionals they have, Nnamdi Asomugha has a good one on off man coverage specifically and Trufan has a good one on jamming. This video is showing you all the wrong things to do, period.

  22. Most importantly is ignore the whole chasing bullshit. One of the most important things of being a corner is having a proper cushion. You need to master the back peddle and know when to turn your hips. Against a good WR and QB you cannot just chase him down and put your hands up to defend when the ball comes like this fuckhead is saying. A good QB throws so it hits the receiver in stride meaning this horrible chasing BS in the vid would do nothing for you, as it will go right over you.

  23. Run behind the receiver and stay with the receiver, if you think hes going to get the ball you need to put your hands hands up where his hands are because it going to be hard to catch that ball.

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