How to Play Defensive Tackle : How to Use a Bull Rush as a Defensive Tackle

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we’re talking about now is giving our defensive tackles a few moves to penetrate
into the backfield, hopefully get a big stop on the run or be able to rush the passer more
effectively. We want to start in the three point stance and start with a move called
the bull rush. The bull rush is exactly what it sounds like. You’re going to try to bull,
rush over the man. We want our defensive guy, when he fires out of there he’s going to come
out guns blazing. He’s going to try to get a couple of hot shots in there to get that
guy off balance. Then, as he goes through, he wants to keep those feet moving and he
wants to keep his arms moving until he frees himself from this guy. The good thing about
the bull rush is that this guy doesn’t necessarily have to get into the backfield to make the
play. Once he starts bull rushing this guy and he’s coming into the backfield, and the
quarterback sees his offensive line moving back to him, he knows he has problems. We’re
going to show you full speed what the bull rush looks like (video demo). You can bull
rush as far into the backfield as you possibly can to cause some kind of commotion, to make
a big stop or to hopefully pass rush in and get a stop on the quarterback.

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