How to Play Football : How to Confuse the Quarterback as a Defensive Back

How to Play Football : How to Confuse the Quarterback as a Defensive Back

Hi this is Tim Gardener on;
we’re going to be going over some advanced techniques in football. It’s very important
for a defensive back to be able to confuse a quarterback; sometimes what a quarterback
will do is what we call an audible. They will come to the line and they will determine what
play they want to run based upon what they think you are in as a defense, and what you
want to do is to misrepresent what you’re actually doing as a defense. What you want
to do is you want to ease into a man-to-man position if you know you’re going to run
a zone and you want to give the appearance that you’re going to run a man-to-man coverage.
And as you get closer to the end of the cadence, you want to try to time it where you can ease
back or wherever you’re suppose to be within your zone and now the quarterback has got
to make a decision. He’s got to determine whether he needs that again based on your
alignment or he’s got to go ahead and snap the ball. You’ve confused him and now you’re
making him run what he doesn’t want to run in that position.

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  1. great tips, if your the main CB and u've got the star receiver THIS IS SO IMPORTANT it could be the difference between a 3rd down pick or a 40yd TD

  2. No where near pro lol its good advice if you dont already know it but most coaches tell you this early on i learned this back in my pop warner days or maybe freshmen cant remeber

  3. I hate to tell you this little dirty secret. A QB usually reads the coverage while he is in his drop. Usually a QB audibles by the personel on the play to create a mismatch. Now it is easy to read a coverage by the safties. They have so much ground to cover they cant disquise crap. And the safties dictate what the corners do so you can read mixed coverages and all.

  4. That is true, but all you need is a small break in concentration from the QB. If you plan to rush with the safety or drop into coverage(man or zone) the hesitation of a quarterback can create an advantage especially ina blitz situation. A QB may USUALLY read in his drop but for the chance that he doesnt audible and doesnt read his play properly, thats the lapse in focus your banking on with these type of misdirection moves.

  5. Well If you all were talking about me 8 months ago as not knowing what I am talking about I only have 4 years of D-1 experience and 1 year pro playing wide receiver to back up my claims. I knew quite a few QB's in my day. And there is a saying its not how they line up its how they wind up.

  6. simply hard count forces defenses to show what they are playing especially in youth football. You go hard count, defense shows their intentions, call appropriate play to what they've shown and defense is beat. Kids in my league, on my football teams do this all the time. I think I have some video of it up on my channel. What do you think the Mannings, Brady and Brees do all day in the NFL.

  7. nobody, since there are no quarterbacks and defensive backs in soccer (there are 'backs' but they are called fullbacks for wing defenders and center backs for central defenders)

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