How to Play Guitar Tabs 1

How to Play Guitar Tabs 1
Hello this is Neil Griffin here — in this lesson we’ll focus on “how to play guitar
Tabs”. When you are first learning to play the guitar it is useful to know how to use
guitar tabs and when I’m working with beginners I always make sure that I show them how to
play guitar tabs. By the way if you click the tab here you’ll
get all the how to play guitar for beginners tips and go to our main video so make sure
you do this at the end of this first lesson on “how to play guitar for beginners” course. “how to play guitar tabs” step 1 -Okay — First
of all what is
guitar tab? Well, as opposed to a music stave, which has 5 lines, guitar tab has six. This
is because each line represents a string on the guitar. The bottom line represents the
thick sixth string, and the top line
the thin first string. “how to play guitar tabs step 2” — you will
see a number on a line —
what is that number for? Well — it indicates which fret you play on that particularly string
— so a 2 on the 5th line down would mean that the 5th string is fretted at the second
fret. It does NOT mean
that you use your second finger — it is vital to understand that the number refers to the
fret on the fingerboard, not the finger used. So that gives you the basics of how to play
guitar tabs — and should enable you to start using it.
And don’t forget — if you want all the tips on “how to play guitar for beginners” just
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