How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Break Down & Make a Tackle as Linebacker

How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Break Down & Make a Tackle as Linebacker

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about now is able to get through a gap and he doesn’t pick up a
block and is able to get good pursuit into the backfield. He wants to make sure to break
down before he hits the running back. This can also happen if he comes outside and doesn’t
get a block and the running back is coming to the outside. He cannot run in so fast that
he doesn’t break down and he misses the tackle. You see this happen a lot. He’s going strong
one way and the running back is going strong the other way and they are not able to meet
in the middle. This is what it would look like if he’s coming and does it the wrong
way (video demo). He’s going to come screaming in through there, this guy will make a move
to the outside and the linebacker will not have the balance to get the good tackle. So,
he’ll just have to throw an arm out there and hopefully try to make the stop. If he
does it the proper way and we send this guy on a blitz and send him through and he goes
through the gap, to make a stop he wants to break down once he gets there so he can make
a good hit on the running back. Don’t over pursue the play. Get there and break down
so you can make a good tackle. You can do it the same way if he’s coming out at an angle.
You don’t want him to run so hard this way that he can’t make the tackle when he’s running
at an angle, either.

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  1. This video is horrible. I'm a fuckin linebacker for my highschool and everyone knows that they teach you in pee-wee that you should always have your head or facemask "biting the ball" when you wrap up and your hips should always breakdown and thurst for a bigger impact and then drive into the ground.

  2. he wouldn't play for my school he doesnt even have a good stance his back shouldn't be bent and sit down more and be more on his toes wow if your gonna teach something make sure you have somebody who actually know what their doing

  3. every1 is a professional except for the professionals every1 commenting here is a moron thats why you are watching this video to learn how to play if you already knew, you wouldnt watch this

  4. Yeah, but if he have the ball on the unusually place, in to the play, and you tackle on the ball, you will only have a arm to stop him, but tackle him on the other place, you will have your full body! (if someone understand what i mean, I'm surprised! :p

  5. Anyone know how to get a job as like a scout or something like for the nfl or even college level i mean i know someone will call me an idiot but if any could help much appreciate it

  6. He has got his head on the wrong side. The head should be on the outside and if you brake down in front of the Rb, i think a quick Rb will run over you.

  7. booo, your supposed to break down get your head in the direction of the ball and roll out our hips and drive with your legs

  8. ohkay… In the most likely case, you're gonna be running a 3-4 or 4-4 defense. In either case you'll probably take a step and other come up to meet a run or drop back to cover the pass in your flat. I'm not sure if you're gonna run a shit load of defensive plays… in terms of blitzing, ask your coach for technique. Those fatboy swim techniques that defensive lineman use are gonna take too long lol. Especially if you can't run. ahaha. =]

  9. You callin lineman fat? well those "fatboys" have all the guts and get none of the glory…those "fatboys" protect the qb and other offensive backs and get defensive linebackers through…so appreciate the line…

  10. I do appreciate the line. They protect the QB and open holes for the linebackers. I'm just saying swim techniques don't work anywhere except the line

    Anywhere else and you get a cracked rib. fast punches to the ribs counters a swim lol. =]

  11. I really wanna play middle linebacker, and know how to tackle, but if everybody say that this is pure crap, then how the hell do I learn how to tackle??

  12. being a linebaker isnt about hitting hard or trucking the hell out the other guy….its common sense u read the play stay 1 step in front of the runningbak n wen u connect wrap up and drop ur weight n dont let go….alwayz wrap up n keep ur head in the tackle not the outside of it

  13. 7th grade
    starting LOLB
    12 games
    7 sacks Btw nicejob only playing 6 games and having 64 tackles

  14. 7th grade
    starting LOLB
    12 games
    3.01 GPA
    7 sacks Btw nicejob only playing 6 games and having 64 tackles

  15. HI, um im new to football and spring training starts in a week and im not to sure what to try out for. I weigh 130 im somewhat fast and im bout 5'7 5'8. ( im mostly muscle im not a fat kid) so does anyone know what position i should go for? please reply

  16. look at all you ass cracks braggin over the internet 1st grade 5 pounds 11'4 500 tackles in 3 games blah blah blah dont nobody care damn

  17. i will deck you if you try to tackle me that way. horrible form…and don't make excuses saying this is just a demonstration video. you're teaching new kids how to make a fool out of themselves, so just do all of us a favour and take this video down.

  18. @lamtartus seriously buddy, try to deck me ur gonna get a broken leg im playin varsity ball a year early and im a startong mlb for a team in minnesota ive had jared allen talk to me about how great my tackling skill is i had 127 tackles in 8 games i made run teams look like they have a kid playing terminator ball 78

  19. 5'8
    Freshy next year
    Bench 205
    squat 325
    deadlift 335
    Should i play Lb next year(first year EVER playing) and specify which linebacker too

  20. the most important things that were not mentioned are that you should NEVER tackle with your head down, keep your head up and tackle the side where the ball is getting held, try to tackle at the height of the main emphasis of the tackled body. Also NEVER just try to stop a runningback with one arm, its just not worth to injure yourselve more than "necessary". So all in one, Stay low, keep your head up, tackle the side where the ball is. Be wild.
    peace out Sentinels linebacker Eric, Germany 😉

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