How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Read & React to the Play as Linebacker

How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Read & React to the Play as Linebacker

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
We’re talking about linebacker play and the best linebackers that you can have are guys
that are athletic and guys that can read the plays. The linebacker’s job is to read and
react. The first thing he has is gap responsibility. Once the quarterback snaps the ball the first
thing he has to do is to take a step up in his gap and read what’s coming through the
gap. What he recognizes when he steps up in his gap is that our fullback has taken the
hand off. This fullback is either going to come through his gap or cut off to the side
of his gap. He needs to come up and attack the gap. The tight end will be coming out
to make a block. So, he has to read and keep his eyes locked on the running back. If the
running back comes to the inside he has to shed the block to the outside, staying alive
and make the tackle. If the running back comes to the outside he has to be able to keep a
good base and move in a shuffle keeping those guys off and shed that block to be able to
get out and make the tackle. The most important thing about the linebacker is can they read
the play and be able to react to it. If it’s a pass play he has to be able to read it and
then react and drop back into pass coverage.

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  1. i watch 2 things when i play i keep an eye on all th bodies in the back field an if a hole opens in my gap cause then i know thier comin my way

  2. you forgot one thing he needs to be mean nasty and have no feelings for no one it works, off the field he can be as sensetive as a little girl but not on the field

  3. hes got to be mean and nasty and hav eno feelings and 22 you tackled wrong at you need to have the head in front of him or he will run right through you arm

  4. expert village…HA! more like noobville smh that tackle was there was no breakdown nor did he get low enuff to ma a proper hit any good running back is gonna truck his lazy ass over football 101 practice good technigue in practice that way it becomes habit in a game

  5. im 21 years old and 6'2 and weigh 215- 220 is that a good size for a linebacker or what other position should i play

  6. Jayell, play something on the line. I'm 13 but I play mlb wr de and first safety. Depends on the defense well run. Play something u wana play an if you like it stick with it if you don't just keep trying to find new positions. Youll eventually find one you like.

  7. Actually a proper tackle isn't with his head in front of him. A better tackle would be to put your face mask on the ball, giving yourself a chance to pop the ball out and also it gives you are more to grab on to.

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