How to Play Linebacker in Football : The Names & Positions of Linebackers

How to Play Linebacker in Football : The Names & Positions of Linebackers

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about today is the positions of the linebackers. It depends on what type
of defense you’re running but most standard defenses run with three linebackers. Here
are the names of the linebackers. The first one is called the sam linebacker or the strong
side linebacker. He will be lined up to the strong side of the field where the majority
of the players are lined up. Our middle guy is called the mike linebacker and he’s the
middle linebacker. He will control what happens in the middle. He has this whole area and
has a lot of responsibility. A lot of times the mike linebacker will be your defensive
captain. He’ll call the defensive plays and he’ll get the linebackers lined up where they’re
supposed to be. The third guy is called the will linebacker. This is our weak side linebacker
that will be the guy who will try to sneak up on the line of scrimmage. We’re going to
blitz this guy because he has less offensive players on this side of the field. So, this
is our will linebacker, our mike linebacker, and our sam linebacker on the strong side.
Those are the positions of the linebackers.

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  1. if you've never played football in your life this might help you, but it seems to me that maybe expert village should teach things that you have to be an actual expert to know…..

  2. im 13 and 200 pounds and 6' 3" and they always had me on line, but i think depending on how you read plays, you might make a decent mike backer.
    but if that doesnt work im sure they'd be happy with you as a defensive end or an o-lineman

  3. yea, and if you say anything we get our friends on the line to let EVERYONE through, so DEAL WITH IT

  4. lol in my team there is a 14 year old sophmore Guard, he is 6'3" and 320 pounds….the dude is huGE!!!!

  5. haha well I've never touched him before since they try to keep sophmores away from Varsity, but If I ever do I guess ill go real low and take out his legs……but then he might land on me =S

  6. wow danm the people you guys are talking about are huge they must grow us short up north because the only one kid on my team 6' 3 and hes the kicker
    every one else ismad small like me im 5' 4to 6 foot

  7. somebody help im 5.11 im in 8th grade i weight 155 pounds im going to do freshman football and I dont know how to play I moved from a different country in where football didnt even exist can someone give me a link and tell me what position I should play on?

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