How to Play Offensive Guard in Football : Role of Offensive Guard in Football

How to Play Offensive Guard in Football : Role of Offensive Guard in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about is the importance of the guard on the running play. The guard
is going to have a lot of different styles of blocks in order to free up our runners.
Sometimes they’ll be asked to block to the inside for a run that’s going around them
(video demo). See how he’s getting to the inside of the play on that inside shoulder
to open up a block. He can also do the same thing to the outside shoulder. That’s called
an outside block. So, he’s got an inside block, he’s got an outside block on run play. There’s
also something called the drive block. The drive block means he’ll try to get heads up
on somebody and drive them straight up the field. Remember, also, our guards will have
an important job on run plays where they will pull out. When we pull the guard, this guard
will take one step out
and go 90 degree angle down the line of scrimmage and he’ll become a lead blocker on this play.
The guard has several different jobs in blocking against the run. He has the inside, the outside,
he has the drive block, and he also pulls out and is a lead blocker.

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