How to Play The Walking Dead: Something to Fear Card Game

How to Play The Walking Dead: Something to Fear Card Game

– We’re clearing walkers
and hoarding supplies. That’s right. It’s the Walking Dead:
Something To Fear card game from Skybound Games. (upbeat music) This selectively strategic card game puts two to six players
against one another in a character choosing competition for supplies, sustenance, and survival. Set up by giving each player in the game a set of the nine character
cards separated by color. Each player should have their own set which contains the same nine cards. Next, take the encounter cards and depending on the number of players remove any cards that do not contain your player count on the back. We’re setting up for four players, so I’ll remove these five
and six cards from the game. Now shuffle the encounter cards together to form the encounter deck, placed in the center of the table. Reveal encounter cards from the deck equal to the number of players plus one. These cards are known
as the encounter row, the area to the left of the
deck should be left open for the mob cards which
will be assigned end game. Finally each player shuffles
their character cards and places them face down
to form their personal deck, then draws three cards to
form their starting hand. Give the tie breaker marker to the player who last read a comic book. Game play occurs over nine rounds. Each split into four steps; character selection, encounters, mob formation, cleanup. First, in the character selection each player chooses one
card from their hand to place face down in front of them. Once all players have placed, they reveal them simultaneously. The remaining cards in their hand are set aside for this round. Next, in the encounter step players take turns in
order of character number, highest to lowest. Each character card has character name, number, ability, and sometimes a reveal symbol which means their ability
activates immediately upon revealing them rather than resolving in turn order. Once all the reveal
abilities have been resolved, players take turns in number order, either using the ability on the card, or securing one encounter
card in the encounter row to be placed in front of them forming their personal stash. Encounter cards may
have an encounter type, ability rule, mob damage, personal damage, and victory points. Encounter cards and a personal stash count toward that
player’s end game points. Depending on the victory
point reward displayed and in the case of some cards, the more copies of that
encounter type they have, the more points they receive. However, encounter cards can also provide personal damage to that player. Should a player’s total damage from all games sources exceed
20 at the end of the game, they automatically lose. After all players have used their ability or selected an encounter card, the mob forms. Any remaining encounter cards in the row are now placed in the mob section forming the hoard of walkers that will overrun the players
at the end of the game. The combined total of the mob damage grows as more cards are added. This mob damage hits each player at the end of the game on top of their personal
damage from their stash. Mob damage from cards
in the player’s stash do not affect them. After the mob has been augmented play moves to the clean up step where each player discards
their character card from this round to form
a personal discard pile. Discard piles are open information so anyone is allowed to look
through them at any time. Each player refills their
hands back up to three cards, and a new encounter row is revealed. Gameplay continues with
players stashing points, redirecting walkers, and growing the mob. At the end of the ninth round, the end game is triggered. First, the mob attacks. Add up all that mob damage
and assign it to each player who then adds that number to their personal damage
total from their stash. At this point any player over 20 damage did not survive the mob, and loses the game. All players who survived now add up the points in their stash and the highest score wins. And that is the Walking Dead:
Something To Fear card game. I’m Negan, and you can watch me and
my friends play this game and other awesome games on Game The Game right
here on Geek & Sundry. We’ll see there. (upbeat music)

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  1. Becca's outfit has a nice girl-next-door look that works well with The Walking Dead's premise of a sudden zombie apocalypse. 🙂

  2. I pre-ordered this game and can't wait to play. I want to buy sleeves for these cards to protect them. Do you know the card dimensions and how many are in the game?

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