How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Catch a Low Ball in Football

How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Catch a Low Ball in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about is getting our wide receivers open and making the catch after
they run a good route. What we’re going to talk about now is the proper way to catch
the football when it’s thrown below your chest. Obviously, if it’s thrown into the chest we
can have a nice comfortable position with our hands in our chest. But, if it’s thrown
below the chest you have to make sure to get your hands down below the ball and not let
the ball hit you in the chest before you make the catch. You want to position your hands
underneath the ball so you can catch and cradle the ball and pull it in tight to your body
and avoid any contact. We’re going to have our receiver run a route across the middle
and when our quarterback throws the ball low we’ll show you how to go down low and dig
the ball out, cradle it and then turn it up field looking to make a score (video demo).
You can see that the throw was close to chest high but a little low so he had to adjust
his hands. He couldn’t catch it over the top. He had to bring his hands down under. He didn’t
let the ball hit him in the chest first and then catch it. Instead, he let it come into
his hands nice and soft. He cradled it and then he’s looking to get the ball up field
and score. So, make sure if the ball is thrown below your chest you get underneath the ball
and catch it tight.

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  1. The throw should have been lower. Sometimes i end up diving at knee height, especially in shitty conditions when we're sliding all over the place.

  2. If that is what the guy considers low, then I have been catching shit that is below the earth because I have had footballs thrown by my knees and I have either slid to make the catch or had to expose my self to a hit to try to essentially pick it up

  3. haha yah that was only straight to the chest good low catch!
    maybe you should learn how to be a couch before you make videos
    its called attacking the ball

  4. catching is'nt thay hard i learned to by my self and now i can catch any ball thrown at me although it is harder with pads on

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