How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Get Open as a Receiver in Football

How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Get Open as a Receiver in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
We’re working with our wide receiver and what we want to focus on is a good way to get open
and run a good route in order to make yourself available for the catch. What we’re going
to talk about are a few moves to get the wide receivers open. The first move is called the
plant and go. The plant and go move is to plant one direction, either to the outside
or the inside, and then go on the route. The plant and go looks like this (video demo).
He planted one foot to the inside and then he took off. The second move is called the
stutter step and go. He’s going to stutter step, he’s going to move his arms, he’s going
to make a lot of movements and then he’s going to go on his route (video demo). He stutter
steps to get the defensive back to try to bite on it and then he’s going to go. The
next route is when we fake the out route. You’re actually going to take a couple of
steps toward the out route and then change direction on the play. You can either do it
to the out route or you can fake the slant and go (video demo). He completely faked the
route and had me jump to the outside and then he’ll go up field. These are just a couple
of moves that you can use effectively to get yourself open and make yourself a better receiver.

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  1. This is terrible….I could make a home-made video better then this. What school is this WR from & why did they pick him of all people to demonstrate the routes???

  2. i hope this kid is runs faster than that in games …these moves wont work unless your fast and and actually sell them better than this kid … haha looks like he almost tripped on his stutter step ha

  3. hahaha your an idiot. he's going slow because its a demonstration! easier for people that don't know how to do this to see the steps.

  4. yea dude u got it right. i am actually a wide-reciever for my highscool team and i'm over 60 times more convincing on my routes than this guy

  5. why do you care what other people commented on this video you must not have much friends to be that self concious

  6. ouch but look at ur genetics (ur parents) get to some light wieght lifting if u want but for you since u have good hands u might want to try wide reciever ur too young to lift heavey weights so now do some speed drills or drills to get u quick and comfortable running a quick route, this will get u a lot ahead of the wide reciever competition because many wont be training at such a young age

  7. I am very fast, only know a few routes and forget about grade^^ I´m 18 and I live in Germany.
    thx for the help

  8. hey im about 6ft and my vert is about 30 inches and i have a great ability to catch the ball should i play wr

  9. 5'11, 140 lbs.
    Bench: 145 lbs
    Vertical: 31 inches
    40: 4.8
    if you want to get faster go to football speed training and get the how to get faster dvd

  10. That or a speed back… but the thing is it dont matter how fast tall and ur weight if u cant catch that ball or keep it in ur body when u get hit then ur worthless

  11. how about you just run… like faster than the DB like the receiver has the advantage! why waste time using terrible techniques?

  12. for all you poeple who talk crap why watch the video if your watching this that means you had some dout in your mind that you dident know how to do it

  13. i'm looking for a video that displays a corner that's right up in your face when you, the receiver, get up to the line. Does anybody have any videos that show that?

  14. I'm cracking the fuck up at all these negative comments. Do you folks realize that they are just walking through this drill simply to show you what to practice? If you think this dude would run these routes like this in a game please don't breed. The world does not need your stupid DNA being passed along. My gawd the world is dumb.

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