How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Line Up as a Wide Receiver

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village,
what we want to talk about right now is the proper way to line up your wide receivers.
It’s very important that you put your wide receivers in the right places so that you
don’t get a penalty. And what I’m talking about there is you always have to have 7 men
on the line of scrimmage. You also have to make sure that your tackles are always covered.
And what I mean by that is this, if we got a man right here that is playing our guard
spot we normally have our center here, that’s where I’m going to put the ball, we have our
guard and our tackle. If this tackle is covered by our tight end in this spot right here,
our wide receivers have to line up outside one yard off the ball. Which means he’s
going to have to come up to the line of scrimmage and take a step back and then get into his
stance. When your wide receivers get into their stance, they want to have one foot forward,
they want to have good position and be ready to fire off the line. So you can see here
we got our tight end and we got our receiver back one yard off. Now, if we don’t use a
tight end on this side, if we take our tight end out of the play we now have a tackle that’s
uncovered. In that case we are going to take our wide receiver, step him up on the line
so that we maintain 7 men on the line of scrimmage. And that’s the proper way you line up your
wide receivers on the outside.

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