How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Run the Hitch & Go in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
We’re working with our wide receivers to get them to run some patterns to get them open
and hopefully score for your football team. What we’re talking about now is called the
hitch and go. This is a real effective pattern to run especially at the lower levels because
when the defensive back sees that wide receiver stop his pattern he will come back and start
reading the quarterback and try to jump the route. We’re going to try to fake it so it
looks like he’s running a short come back route and then he’s going to go long. A lot
of times this will be set up by our quarterback, three step drop and making a pump fake to
draw the defense in and then he’ll throw it up long. It will look something like this
as we walk through it (video demo). We’ll have him come out about 5 yards and fake the
come back route. That will get me to come up and bite and then he’ll go long and the
quarterback will throw it up over the top of him. This is what it will look like at
full speed (video demo). This is called the hitch and go. The hitch is where he comes
back and then he’s going to go long.
This is good because the defense will break up and then the quarterback doesn’t have to
worry about throwing a precision pass because this guy got beat so bad. It’s a very effective
play to run, called the hitch and go.

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