How to Return a Kick in Football : How to Accelerate Through a Kick Return

How to Return a Kick in Football : How to Accelerate Through a Kick Return

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about now is something we call accelerating through the return. There
are a couple of different times when you’ll accelerate through the return. One is when
the guy catches the ball. Once he catches the ball, he’ll catch it in a good balanced
position, he’s going to accelerate out, he’s going to get up field as quickly as possible.
There’s another time when you’re going to accelerate and that is if you’re running off
a blocker. If he’s running the ball and has a blocker in front of him and gets a good
push off the guy, then he wants to accelerate up through the return and get as much positive
yardage as possible. (Video demo) He catches the ball and when he gets ready to accelerate
out of here he wants to have good balance, good push and good forward lean. You don’t
want to catch the ball and come out of there standing upright or you won’t be able to accelerate
out as much. You also see that he’s up on his toes. He’s not running on his heels or
flat footed. Instead, he wants to explode out on his toes and get up field as quickly
as possible. We’ll show you what it means to accelerate out on the return (video demo).
He’s low, he catches the ball, he gets out of there as quick as possible and he’s going
to pick up a lot of yardage.

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