How To Roll Lift The Ball In Hurling

Hey guys, I’m David from Play Hurling and this is how you roll lift a ball. You want to get your stance correct. So, I have my feet shoulder width apart and my non-dominant leg beside the ball.
I’m going to bend down over with the hurl horizontal to the ground, with the thinner side of the hurl, I’m going to roll over and scoop up, while doing that, protect my hand from opposing players coming in. So, you see with the hurl that it gets thinner as it goes up to here. The ideal point is to pick it up from here, so you can get under the ball and scoop it up. So, it’s with the thinner side, you roll it over, scoop it up, and protect your hand. And when done fast… Two things you don’t want to do when doing the roll lift. You don’t want to be coming in from this angle because you’re just going to be flicking the ball forward and not protecting your hand. And the second thing, you don’t want to be going in with one hand and trying to catch the ball. You want to have more stability so you use two hands and get down as low as you can. And that’s how you roll lift a ball in hurling.

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