How to Talk About Sports in English – Spoken English Lesson

How to Talk About Sports in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hi, I’m Niamh. Welcome to Oxford Online English. In this lesson, you can learn to talk about
sports in English. Are you a sport fan? What sports do you like playing? Sport is a common topic in English conversation,
so whether you like sport or not, it’s good to have something to say and be able to to
ask some questions about sport. First question: do you like sport? Think about how you could answer. You could say something like: I’ve always been really sporty. I enjoy some sports, though I’m not a fanatic. I’m not that into sport, to be honest. Do you know what the words sporty and fanatic
mean? Sporty describes someone who’s really interested
in sport, and who often plays sport. A fanatic literally means someone who only
cares about one thing. You can use it with an indirect meaning to
describe someone who’s really interested in something. So if you say, I enjoy some sports, though
I’m not a fanatic, you mean that you like sport, but it’s not the most important thing
for you. Okay, you have three sentences. Which is closest to your opinion? These are good sentences to start talking,
but remember that you should always add more detail if possible! Let’s add some reasons or details to the
three sentences you saw: I’ve always been really sporty. I loved sport when I was a kid, and I still
play most weeks. I enjoy some sports, though I’m not a fanatic. Playing football or something like that can
be fun, but I don’t want to take it too seriously. I’m not that into sport, to be honest. I’m not very athletic and I find watching
sport quite boring. These are already much better. If you can add reasons or details when you
speak, your speaking will sound better, too! Let’s look at some useful words here: Athletic describes someone who’s in good
shape and who enjoys exercise and sport. If you say I’m not very athletic you mean
that you aren’t very good at sport, and probably you don’t really enjoy it, either. Another very useful phrase is I find…, as
in I find watching sport quite boring. This is a very good way to give your opinion
about something. For example: I find watching snooker weirdly fascinating. I find swimming very relaxing. I found volleyball much more difficult to
play than I was expecting. So, what about you? Do you like sport? Pause the video and make at least two sentences. Remember to add reasons and details. Okay? Next, we’re going to look at how to talk
about different kinds of sport in more detail. How many team sports can you name in English? What did you think of? Maybe you thought of team sports like football,
basketball, hockey, volleyball or cricket. Do you play any team sports? Usually with team sports, we use the verb
play. You could say something like: I play football. I like playing basketball. I really enjoy playing cricket. But, of course, these answers are much too
short and lacking in detail! So, think about these questions: where do
you play, how often and who with? By answering these simple questions, you can
make your answer much more detailed and interesting, like this: I play 5-a-side football with some friends
every Sunday. We rent a sports hall and play a 60-minute
match. Or, I like playing basketball. I play for a local team. We train three times a week and have matches
once or twice a week, sometimes in our town, and sometimes in other cities. Do you get the idea? Let’s do one more example, just to make
sure: I really enjoy playing cricket. I joined an online group and we meet in the
park once a week for a game. Different people play every week, which keeps
things interesting! These examples give you some useful language
you can use when you speak. For example: I play for a local team. We play a 60-minute match once a week. I joined an online group. You can change these to make them true for
you, like this: I play for my school team. We play a friendly match a couple of times
a month. I joined a club near my home. So, what about you? Use the language with this section and talk
about team sports you like. If you don’t play team sports now, or if
you don’t like team sports, try to talk about a friend or relative. Pause the video and make your answer. You can also write down your answer if you
want extra practice! How was that? Next, a question: what’s the opposite of
a team sport? There’s the answer: individual sports. Can you name five different individual sports
in English? Maybe you said things like tennis, badminton,
swimming, boxing, running or gymnastics. Of course, some of these can be team sports
as well, like tennis or badminton. With individual sports, you may need to use
different verbs. You play tennis and play badminton, but you
go swimming, go running, do boxing and do gymnastics. A good general rule is: play plus ball sports
go plus an activity ending -ing do plus other activities And yes, you say do boxing even though boxing
ends with -ing. Remember: it’s a general rule! It will work most of the time, but not every
time. So, think about the same questions you answered
in the last section. What sports do you like doing? Where do you do them, how often, and who with? Look at one possible answer: I go running by myself or with my husband. I go once a week or so. I like going running in the park or just around
the streets. What do you think—is this a good answer? It’s not bad, but it’s a bit repetitive
and simple. Every sentence starts with the same word (‘I’),
which sounds unnatural. How could you improve it? Here’s one suggestion: I like going running once a week or so, sometimes
in the park or just around the streets. Sometimes I run with my husband, or sometimes
I just go by myself. What do you think? Does that sound better? Hopefully, it does. This answer uses slightly longer sentences
and more varied language. This sounds more natural, is more interesting
to listen to, and will also help you if you’re taking an English exam such as IELTS. Let’s look at another example: I do boxing at my local gym. I go to classes two or three times a week. I don’t know the other people in the class. What do you think? Could you make this answer better? Again, it’s quite repetitive, because every
sentence is a simple sentence starting with ‘I’. Think about how you could make this answer
more natural-sounding. Pause the video and think about your answer
if you want. Any ideas? Here’s one suggestion: I go to boxing classes at my local gym two
or three times a week. There are several other people who go to the
same classes, although I don’t know them well. Sound better? Again, you can see that using slightly longer
sentences and using varied sentence structures can make your spoken English sound more natural
and interesting. Okay, so now you can talk about different
sports you like, and say a little about them. Next question: why do you like the sports
you like? Why do people do sport? How many different reasons can you think of? Some people do sport to socialize. Others love to compete. For some people, sport is just a way to get
fit and stay healthy. What about you? Why do you do sport? Let’s look at two sample answers: I play 5-a-side football with some friends
every Sunday. For me, the most important thing is the social
side. I don’t really care about the game, or who
wins. I just like having a laugh with some good
friends and getting a beer afterwards. Here’s another: I play basketball for a local team. Personally, I love the competition. There’s no better feeling than winning a
difficult match, or beating a team who beat you last time. I know some people say that sport’s about
taking part, not winning, but that’s not true for me. If you don’t play to win, what’s the point? What do you think? Are these good answers? Hopefully, you can see that these are good! Talking about your personal feelings and opinions
is your chance to really go into detail and use some interesting language. Let’s look at some key words and phrases
from the examples you’ve seen: For me, the most important thing is… I just like… Personally, …
There’s no better feeling than… You can use these phrases to give your opinion
about many different things. For example: For me, the most important thing is just getting
outdoors and being active. I just like the feeling of overcoming a challenge. Personally, I’ve always loved being in the
water. There’s no better feeling than when you’re
tired after a good game. What about you? Can you describe why you do sport, and why
you like the sports you like? Pause the video, and try to make two or three
sentences. Use the language from this section if you
can. Alright, so now you can say quite a lot about
sport. Let’s put everything together. To make a longer answer, you need to: Talk about your general attitude towards sport. Talk about which sports you like. Say where and how often you do sport, and
who you do them with. Talk about why you do sport. Here’s one example: I enjoy some sports, though I’m not a fanatic. Playing football or something like that can
be fun, but I don’t want to take it too seriously. I play 5-a-side football with some friends
every Sunday. We rent a sports hall and play a 60-minute
match. For me, the most important thing is the social
side. I don’t really care about the game, or who
wins. I just like having a laugh with some good
friends and getting a beer afterwards. This example only uses language from the lesson. You can see how you can build an interesting,
detailed answer using simple ideas. Let’s do one more example, using original
language and ideas: I don’t really like sport that much, but
fitness and staying healthy are important to me. That’s why I go swimming and do some weight
training regularly. I mostly just exercise by myself at the sports
centre. Personally, I just do it because I feel I
have to. I don’t really enjoy it, although I don’t
mind it, either. I do like feeling healthy and fit, but exercising
always feels more like work than something fun. Okay, now it’s your turn. Make a longer answer like the two you’ve
just seen. Follow the same structure, and use the language
from the lesson if you can. Don’t forget that you can write your answer
down if you want extra practice. Also, it’s a good idea to practise your
answer several times, until it’s really fluent and comfortable. Then, if you’re really serious, don’t
just make one answer! Make several answers, talking about different
sports. Even better, make an answer from someone else’s
point of view. If you practise like this, your English will
get better very fast! If you want more free English lessons like
this, check out our website: Oxford Online English dot com. Thanks for watching! See you next time!

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  1. Hello teachers. Just a few words to thank you because I feel very grateful for your lessons. I find them pretty interesting, everything is very well explained, you are clear, and all of your advice is very useful. I'm subscribing to your channel when I just finished writing this comment. See you soon!

  2. Hello. I am not young any more so not much into sports. But I used to be really sporty, I enjoyed cycling and skiing. I even went hiking and climbing. I am very glad that my son took after me. He s not a fanatic, of course, but he does a lot of sports. He plays basketball and tennis, goes skiing in winter and skuba diving in summer. As for me, sometimes I go swimming to the nearest pool, and at some weekends a friend of mine succeds in dragging me out to go skiing.

  3. I enjoy some sports, but I'm not a fanatic. I do yoga at a fitness center near my house fifth a week because it can help me keep in shape and healthier. Sometimes, I go to the center with my friend and sometimes I go by myself. There are several people in the course but I don't know them well. The center has some Indian trainers, who are very nice and funny. Therefore, I find it's interesting and inspiringly when I join in the yoga course.

  4. Help others learn and share a translation in your own language:

  5. Thanks so much for your lessons!! This is my practice : i'm not that into sport, to be honest. I'm not very athletic. Playing volleyball is just for fun. I started playing when i was in grade ten. I spend twice a week on it with my best friends at school after classes. Sometimes, i play with ny elder brother at my house. For me, the most important thing is playing with my best friends together. I don't really care about the game, or who wins. I just like having a laugh with them!!

  6. Am nt a fun of sports, and I find sports games quite boring, I enjoy a comfortzone and that's sittings doing my homework or studying

  7. I’m not that into sport, to be honest. I know it’s healthy but I’m not very athletic.

    I go walking on the beach very often, because I enjoy the fresh air and the sea smell. For me, the most important thing is getting outdoors and being active.

    Sometimes I go by myself, but I prefer going with my boyfriend. It´s more fun!

  8. I m very sorry to say this, but a have to say, I m not good at listening, so it's difficult to understand the girl's English, she talks not so clear

  9. I am not sporty person but fitnesses and staying healthy are important for me. That’s why I go swimming once a week with my daughter. It feels me relaxing too. It makes fun to my child. But I don’t go to swimming in winter season because there is not heated swimming pool around my area. I used to skipping rope in winter. It helps to fit and healthy for me.

  10. I wonder once against why British english is more clearly and more easy to understand than USA english??? Greetings from Costa Rica

  11. firstly i want to thank you for all of your attractive lessons. then i have a question . what is a (5-a-side) football?
    thank you once again!

  12. i've always been sporty, individual sports are really my cup of tea, i'm not into a specific sport because i love changing and explore all the sports, last year i was into running, i've been runnig twice a week or so, sometimes in the morning in the park or just around the streets at night, this year i'm intersted in calisthenics, and i really enjoy it, you can do it anytime anywhere and no equipement required, before that i tried kick-boxing, karat, jeet kune do( created by bruce lee) and musculation. for me sport is something for living, it gives you many things that you cant find them anywhere but sport.

  13. I can play volleyball very well. I attend a club to improve my talent. Last week we had a volleyball match and we win first dream is that,I want to be a famous player in. Volleyball👍🏻

  14. I like olay voleyball and I Palau well I have volleyball course after school I play volleyball hardly ever 👑🤽🏻‍♀️🥇

  15. It annoys me that commentators uses Leveler in stead of equaliser, level has more to do with data capturing and surfaces being level. Numbers are equal when it matches the other number… please explain

  16. I strongly feel that doing sport should be in every people s lifestyle. Because of that beneficial like social side, staying healthy and fitness. I am not coach potato and also no sporty but I enjoy it and I do it from my childhood. I found swimming appeals me and it is such a good way for relieves stress. Also I played volleyball for school team couple of time a week and I took part in friendly match with other schools .actually after that I find team sports much more difficult and boring because I hate competing I do sport just for social side and keep in shape and being active so I go on swimming and add more exercise in my routine. Personally, doing weight training charges my batteries and lifts my spirit. There’s no better feeling than when you are tired after a heavy exercise.

  17. I enjoy some sports like badminton , though I'm not a fanatic. Playing badminton can be fun, but I don't want to take it quite seriously. I play badminton very occasionally with my friends in the outdoors when we have a lot of time to fool around. My friends and myself are not very athletic , so sport is our last resort to while away the time. Though I'm not really into sport, I do like feeling healthy and active. I don't really care about the game, or who wins. I just like having good laugh and fun while playing with friends.

  18. I enjoy some sprorts , though i am not fanatic. Personally, swimming is my cup of tea. It is indeed relaxing and make you feel calm. I go swimming once a week by myself.

  19. I like playing soccer with my friends. We play two or three times in a week and enjoy a lot . After that we get tired and take some energetic drinks .

  20. Personally I love sports because they keeps me healthy and fit .after playing sports my mind feel relaxed

  21. Although I found out your channel yesterday but but really useful and interesting thank you so much

  22. I enjoy sports , but to be honest i am not fanatic on it . I like do runing somtimes do it by my self .I like runing because i am feeling healthy and fit .

  23. Hello, teachers. I am so glad after seeing the video, because it taught me a lot of the common used vocabulary. You are all kindness teachers. Hope you can make more videos for people who really wanted to learn good English.🤗The following is my comment to this video.
    Actually, I am not fanatic to do sports, but I will do it also, because the healthy and fitness are important for me. I like running and go swimming, because I can do these sport by myself, I do not like doing sports with others. In the other way, running and swimming also can loss my fat. The sporty center and swimming pool are the places where I always go on Sunday. The reasons of I do sport not just one, keep fit is one of the reason, the important reason is that I can reduce my pressure, to male me feel better!

  24. Hello
    Many thanks for both of you teachers. actually the video is very interesting and helpful as well so my comment about sport is
    I'm not really into sport right now but when I was a kid I love playing football so me and my friend used to play in a small yard nearby to my house so at that time we didn't care about fitness or any other healthy benefit of doing sport we had just interested in competition
    Please let me know my mistake and your advice as well

  25. Even though I love some sports but I m.not a fanatic ,being a student ,I always prefer to concentrate on my study for my bright future .

  26. When i was a kid practiced basketball at the school team 3 times a week because i had more time than now , in this moment i don't have time to practice any sport . the same way I like sports very much and would like to have more time to practice them as when I was a child since I not only practice the sport of basketball i played futball volleyball swiming and other sports were very fun

  27. When I was a child I practiced skating every weekend, I only studied at school and had a lot of fun with my friends, sometimes I practiced swimming, on December holidays, when I was traveling with my family. Some weekends I played soccer with my brothers and sisters. Now I don't have much time to exercise, just on weekends, now I only practice bowling, it's a lot of fun.

  28. I had a horse which i blanketed every weekend and i went horse back rioling at every fair in the villages. And i liked it o lot.

  29. When I was a kid I practiced all time soccer and runnig . I still play soccer on sunday, because I work and study in the week. I Sometimes practice tennis, swimming and chess with my son.

  30. In this moment I enjoy some sports, thougth i am not a fanatic, when I was a kid, I did played soccer, belonged to the school team. But now I usually play basketball every sunday on parks the city near at my house. This sport help me for my body and stronger the socialships whit news peoples… Alfonso Segura

  31. 1. When I was a kid, I was practice skateboarding with my friends, this sport is very extreme, though was dangerous, I could hit me.
    2. In this moment I practice go running, this sports is very healthy. I almost always go alone. I like to go running in the park one day on weekends.

  32. When I was a child I played soccer in a sports school, I loved it because it was fun.

    Now I only play soccer in the neighborhood with my friends

  33. Since childhood I have practiced football, it is the sport that has always fascinated me, I had the opportunity to play in several places and meet many places, this sport has also led me to high performance leagues and I will always live grateful, football has given me given many joys and in my present Life still practice it on weekends in tournaments at Bogotá level, I will stop playing when my legs are missing.

  34. When i was a girl i practiced soccer and swimming. I am great i practice cycling, on weekends after leaving class, on sunday i go to the Nacional Park with some friends, i never learned to swim in all the time practiced it today i donot like anything related i to swimming.

  35. When i was a kid, i played basketball, because the school had a team. Usually, played ten hours a week, two hours a day. Right now, i really not very play, but sometimes i play volleyball in holiday.

  36. When I Was a kid i practiced soccer every days in the aftermoon.
    I really enjoy play soccer, but I dont have time. Only can play soccer in the weekend.

  37. When a was a kid, i práctice taekwondo near mi house, my friend leidy also prácticed. We went every friday afternoon. I liked going to competitions. and, I liked to level up to change the color of the belt. In this moment, I not practice sports. But, I go out every morning to run whit my dog

  38. When I was little and I was at school. Every day I played trench warfare, this game consisted of pulling from one trench to another what you had on hand to eliminate the opposing team. Today I practice mountaineering in my vacations.

  39. when i was a kid i playing soccer with my friends all fridays, i was a nine years old,few years later i went at the secondary and i played in the soccer team of the school, after graduation i chose playing the guitar and make songs, in the actuality i usually play soccer one hour the saturdays with my new friends, because i have many ocupations in the week

  40. When i was a kid, i play the running and volleyball because they are healtly and fun. I played with my sisters or friends.
    Now, i enjoy some sports like cycling when i have a time or weekends.

  41. When I was a child trained football three days a week and played in the school team, whit the school team I participated three times in intercollegiate and we almost represented Cundinamarca. Today I play football only on weekends because I am in a championship.

  42. I was a child, I practiced dance, it was sport fun, I usually practiced six hours to week, but now I play soccer on weekends 60 minutes the day with my son.

  43. When i was a kind practice volleyball because i payed it in the school with my friends also run in physical education but i didn't like it very much.
    I now practice swimming and basketball the are sports relaxing and fun i also like it a lot.

  44. I practiced soccer, volleyball and basketball when I was a kid, because I loved to play sports all week. I liked to play all day with my friends and I enjoyed it a lot. In this moment I practice soccer three days at week, because I'm in an important team in the city.

  45. When I was a child I played basketball on weekends. I was in a team where there were several people and sometimes participated in championships, over time the group disintegrated. Now I don't practice any sport because I don't have much time during the week and work on weekends.

  46. When, I was a kid, I found soccer so funny and competitive. Also, I practice many sports but y ever prefered playing soccer. Sometimes, I played with my friends in the street and Sometimes, we played in the park.
    Now, I play soccer in the university at weekend and Sometimes, I play soccer with my family. My un les and my cousins play soccer so good. Further, they went champions of "banquitas" to Bogotá level in the year 2004. In conclusion, I love so much play soccer with my friends but more with my family because they are so competitive.

  47. I like playing and watching football, i'm big fan of Real Madrid, I often play With my colleagues at the weekend, we are the best time of the competition that we joined. I also like watching basketball, I tried to play when I was a child but I found much more difficult that I was thinking

  48. I enjoy doing some sports, though I am not a fanatic. Playing tennis or something like that can be fun, but I do not want to take it too seriously. I really love playing badminton with my father on the weekends. We just play it in the front yard because there are not many badminton courts near my house. Actually, I am really into this kind of sport because it can help me improve my height, flexibility and muscle tone. It is really enjoyable, and there is no better feeling than when I beat my father after a 40- minute match. It gives me a sense of victory. Fitness and staying healthy are of great importance to me, so I usually my spare time going to sport centres to do exercise. I love working out on a treadmill because this activity is an effective way for me to lose weight.

  49. Hello teachers My name is MUHAMMAD ISHAQUAE I love to play cricket since my childhood when I was young I play cricket with my friends at my house street because cricket is my heard every sunday my friends and I play cricket together in different street of my area and then I went to play cricket in ground near my house cricket become me more fit and phsically and mentally also fit
    This is my small point of view of about sport activity

  50. Thanks for this lesson!
    I have an English exam tomorrow but the sport topic isn't the easiest for me because I'm not into sports really and I never know what to tell about it.
    It's funny how I answered all of your questions like:
    – So, where do you do sports?
    – Ergh, nowhere?
    – Why do you like sport?
    – Uhm, I… don't

    Anyway, the lesson is quite helpful ❤️

  51. I've always been really sporty.i loved sport when I was child and I still play four times in a weeks.
    I like playing volleyball for a local team .we train once time in a day .and have matchs particulartly at festival such as Dashain ,thair etc .sometimes in our village .sometimes others village.personally for me active and staying health in order to maintain fitness as well as popular in my village .

  52. I like swimming because it is fun entertains me and I can spend time with my friends, I like sports with great agility and practice like swimming, athletics and basketball. I like to swim because I am good and disciplined with sports.

  53. I like to practice swimming. because it seems to me a very complete sport
    I like strength and endurance sports
    In sports I am characterized by putting effort and perseverance in training in order to obtain the best results.

  54. I don't like sports very much, to be honest. I'm not very athletic or very good, but sometimes I go to the gym with my boyfriend to be fit. I like to play volleyball and basketball, but I always find it difficult due to my short stature, sometimes I play volleyball with some friends on Mondays and Wednesdays, some days I go running with my dog ​​for an hour or two, but I get tired very fast When I go to the gym, I usually exercise on the treadmill for half an hour, then I do legs or arms on the machines for 40 minutes and finally I go to a 1-hour aerobics class.

  55. Yes i like sports because they help heart's performance and physical condition, i like contact sports and physical agility,i like javelin and rygby,I do athletims two to three times a week for four years ,where i practice javelin throw, ballet throw and 100 flat meters,I go to class the tuesdays ,thursdays and saturdays at santander general school.

  56. If I like sports because I help you with health, my favorite sport is speed skating because of its adrenaline, difficulty and competition, I am committed to doing a sport that I like to practice

  57. I like sports as they are very entertaining and i relax a lot when it comes to seeing them and I like to see several of them since each has a characteristic that I could feel in the fans
    There are two sports that I like as is f1 and football  for the effort so you have to be very dedicated and demonstrate all the strength that an athlete should have
    Practical football since I am good at goalkeeper's stay I am very adept at jumping run be attentive and have the strength so that they do not score goals the other team

  58. Do you like sports?. No, I don't practice any sport because I don't like excercise my self.
    Whant kind of sports do you like. I don't any sports yo be honest, because I am not very attletic, but I like will go to swimming pool with my friends.
    How doy you describe yourself practising a sports.
    I liked to run, once a week or sometimes in the park just arround to my home, ir was fin. But I will liked to running now, but I dont have time

  59. 1)I like soports, because I find Volleyball verte relaxing and fun.
    2)I like they soccer, tennis, basketball and Volleyball. I enjoy some soports, tought I'm not fanatic. Playing Volleyball or something like that can be fun. We go to the courts near the house, we put together two teams and we play about two hours.
    3) My self is a good person for Volleyball, because I'm fast, I'm strong and I'm concentrate.

  60. I like sports, my favorite sports is the soccer, because it is funny and creative, i would be very happy player soccer, because help my life and fit with my friends.

  61. 1). Yes, I like sports because these are healthy and entertaining.
    2). I like esther sports because these sports exercise allá the body and hice calm.
    3). I consider myself ordinary to practice swimming since i don't have much breathing resistance.

  62. 1- I like practice sports because is healthy and improvement the eathing habits.
    2- I like practice cycling because helps me clean the lung and I can breathe fresh air.
    3- I consider myself good to ride a bike, because I have much resistence and strength in the legs

  63. Yes, because it Is important for have good had can't fanny.
    I like cycling, because is sport individual, it can be practiced in city and only need a bicycle.
    Sometimes I play sports because I don't have time to go in "ciclovía" on Sundays

  64. Hi, thanks you teacher, good class.
    Yes, I like sports because interesting and help to have help to have a good physical conditon, it also helps fight diseases such as diabetes. I like sports that are practiced un open places, I like running, I like soccer and volleyball, because it's more fun and healtly. I practice atlhetism but un different modalities, running and strenght such a javelin and 200 flat meters, they help me to Focus and not have a sedentary life.

  65. Hi, I like kick boxing, because always I have been really sporty and the kick boxing is a demanding sport it’s for people strong and like that. About the sport, a like the contact sports, because it’s practice is difficult and I found the kick boxing much more interesting than others. I am in the kick boxing a person ágil and very fast, the kick boxing is dangerous sport but it isn’t problem for me I always give everything.

  66. I like Roller Derby, 4 years ago, because it is for strong girls, in Colombia it is not knowm. It is a sport oficial physical contacto no skaters. it is sports fast and difficult.

  67. Yes, I like to play sports, I feel good practicing it, it keeps me in shape, it entertains me, it is also good for health, I like basketball because it is beautiful, you can interact with more people, always judicious, strong, dedicated and accomplished

  68. Well actually I have been always really sporty.I really enjoy playing football with my friends once or twice a week usually we go out from the city to a small suburb and rent a hall sport for 2 hours to play a 60 minutes match. Personally I am an athletic and I find doing exercises can keep me fit and healthy. For me the most important is the social side of sport competition. This is because I can make friends and make me overcoming my fear.

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