How to Tie Rope Bends : How to Tie a Carrick Bend

How to Tie Rope Bends : How to Tie a Carrick Bend

Now the Carrick Bend with ends adjacent is
actually an old knot, it is actually a family knot belonging to Harfod the Wake and his
family. Knots we will find out usually have family ranks that denote royalty, hierarchy
and what not, especially when we get into the Saxon and Keltic races or religions, however
you want to look at them. They are very special knots to these people, they spend a lot time
actually coming up with “family knots” as you can tell with Keltic knots, Keltic designs
and what not like that. What we are going to look at right now is these two ropes I
have got coming in here together, I am going to actually remove one of these for the moment.
I am just going to go ahead and take this, I am going to put a bend in it, like so, now
I am going to take my other rope and it is actually going to go underneath this one from
the opposite end, it is going to come over this one, over my working end, under my standing
end, back through and over my working end here, for my blue rope, under the standing
end of my red rope and over once again. I did this wrong, what we will do is we will
take, this is how it should be, we are going to take this one back over. What we are going
to do is create a pretzel shape more or less. This is how this knot should look, when you
get it tied. Start pulling it together, this knot is a knot that should lay flat because
it is a “show knot”. This know was actually in Herrod’s family tree, it was actually printed
on their armor.

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  1. I dunno about the armor stuff, but this Is not a correct Carrick bend. The working ends should not exit on the same side of the knot.

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