IMPOSTERS! The sports teams that don’t play in their own cities

IMPOSTERS! The sports teams that don’t play in their own cities

Ninh explains … Imposters! The sports teams
that don’t play in their city. It’s easy to assume that sports teams are
named after their city they play in, but sometimes that really isn’t the case. In a strange
twist of fate, some of the most famous sports teams in the world, are imposters. Because
they don’t play in the city (or sometimes even the state) that they’re named after. Take for example the New York Giants and the
New York Jets. It’s in their name, they play in New York right?! Wrong! Not only do
they not play in New York City, they don’t even play in New York state. They both famously
play their home games at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. False advertising,
totally. But one team that does play in New York is
the Buffalo Bills … but they don’t actually play in Buffalo. Rather, they play 14 miles
away in Orchard Park. They’ll argue that they do play in Buffalo …. but it’s something
that you can easily wind them up about. Another team that doesn’t play in their
own state is the Washington Redskins, who don’t actually play in DC, but 11.6 miles
away in Landover, Maryland. The Dallas Cowboys. They don’t play in Dallas
either and haven’t done for quite some time. Their previous stadium was in Irving, and
their new stadium is in Arlington, 18 miles from Downtown Dallas. And speaking of which,
their other football team, FC Dallas plays its home games 27 miles away in Frisco. The Atlanta Braves did play in Atlanta, but
have now moved to Cumberland, Georgia. 10 miles away from Atlanta. The Los Angeles Chargers play in Carson, CA
– 16 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. But eventually they and the LA Rams will play
their games in SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California – which is 13 miles from Downtown
and technically isn’t classed as part of the City of Los Angeles. And whilst we’re talking about technicalities,
the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium on the strip is technically located in Paradise, Nevada
… not Las Vegas. You too Golden Knights! But one thing that isn’t a technicality
is the San Francisco 49ers, who hilariously play their games at Levi’s stadium, some
43.6 miles away in Santa Clara. It’s closer to San Jose than it is to San Francisco, and
that’s like playing your home games in Northampton and being called Coventry City … oh wait,
that happened already. So, whilst we’re talking about the other
kind of football, how about some cases in England? Well … Liverpool don’t play in Liverpool, and Everton
don’t play in Everton. Instead, Everton plays its home games in Walton, just outside
the Everton boundary. And Liverpool plays it’s home games in the district of Anfield,
which is not classed as Liverpool City Centre. And before I get haters trying to correct
me, it’s even on their official postal addresses. So suck it. Rather perversely, even though Manchester
City and Manchester United are almost exactly the same distance from the centrepoint of
the City of Manchester, Manchester City plays in Manchester, whereas Manchester United doesn’t.
In a strange technicality, their stadium Old Trafford is situated in the Borough of Trafford,
in a district called Old Trafford, which is down the street from a Cricket stadium … also
called ‘Old Trafford’. So confusing! And when Manchester City fans taunt United by
saying that the “city is theirs”, it’s technically true in the most bizarre case
you can imagine. Brighton and Hove Albion, doesn’t play in
Brighton OR Hove. But quite some distance from either one. Tottenham fans with argue that Arsenal play
11 miles away from their actual home in Woolwich, but they’re technically not called ‘Woolwich
Arsenal’ anymore, so that doesn’t count. Bolton Wanderers hilariously doesn’t play
anywhere near Bolton, as their stadium is technically located in the town of Horwich
– 5.5 miles away. The reason why that’s funny is because they’re closer to the centre
of the town of arch-rivals Wigan than they are to the town that they actually represent. Barnet, doesn’t play in Barnet, that’s
7 miles away. And Grimsby doesn’t play technically in
Grimsby, but in nearby Cleethorpes. But the most extreme case, is Liverpool Football
Club. No, not the one that we already mentioned, but this one. This particularly football club was named
after the same city as this one, except that this team plays its home games at Estadio
Belvedere … 6,880 miles away, in Uruguay. Guys, just change the name already …! Is there any more that you’ve come across
that I didn’t mention here? Like the video, subscribe and let me know
if you like these kind of videos, I’m trying out a new line of material and I’d appreciate
it if you wrote your comments in the comments section below. Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Obviously, this is a bit of light-hearted fun based around some technicalities.
    But for all intents and purposes, these teams do represent the city or town that they're named after.
    For those of you that have left negative dislikes already, you guys should learn some humour and really get a life.

  2. In addition of Uruguayan Liverpool, there are also Chilean Everton and Ecuadorian Barcelona who also got their name from European club.

  3. I believe the Sporting Kansas City MLS team actually plays in the Kansas side of Kansas City and not the Missouri side.

  4. The Miami Dolphins play in Miami Gardens, Florida…though that one would have an asterisk, since Miami Gardens was part of Miami proper when the stadium was built.

  5. The San Francisco 49ers actually play in the San Francisco Bay Area in which it knida make sense. But true, they play in the same county with the San Jose Sharks. One weird thing is at one time, the 49ers played in the same city of Santa Clara with the San Jose Earthquakes. There are many MLS team that you left out of the list like the Chicago Fire (Bridgeview) and Inter Miami (Fort Lauradale).

  6. For rugby league, Swinton Lions come to mind. They haven't played in Swinton since the early 90s.

    There's also the sad case of Bradford Bulls, who are now playing in Dewsbury due to financial trouble.

  7. Sorry Ninh but Washington DC isn’t a state. Also MetLife stadium is 11.3 miles away from NYC. Also understand metropolitan areas surrounding cities please.

  8. For example Leeds United played in Beeston not Leeds just 2,3 miles from the City Centre and Oxford United played in Cowley not Oxford just 3,6 miles from the City Centre

  9. 4:40 NO. You didn't mention the Chilean soccer team Everton.
    TSV Hoffenheim doesn't play in Hoffenheim, its stadium is in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg.

  10. Well stadiums tend to take up quite a big area… Will probably be a common theme going forward with the growing density of cities.

  11. Rugby Union has London Irish who play in Reading but are returning to West London next season. London Wasps playing in High Wycombe before moving to Coventry and dropping the "London" and London Welsh playing in Oxford before they folded.

  12. U know as an Aussie it doesn’t matter if they don’t play in the city centre like if a sports team play like further away from the city centre but play in the City then I wouldn’t say that they are imposters cos they still play in there City or really close to it, if say LA played in Sacramento they wouldn’t be called the LA Rams then. But I do get what ur saying. I like to say that San Jose, Santa Clara and Oakland are just now Suburbs to me.

  13. err it may say Anfield the suburb, but it still says Liverpool the city on their address.

    Most of these teams do play in the city just not the city center suburb thingo.

  14. Well then, since you mentioned Uruguay's Liverpool, there's also Barcelona SC a.k.a. Barcelona de Guayaquil in Ecuador. 😆

    Anyhoo, nice video as well, keep up the great work! 👍

  15. The "San Francisco" 49'ers play not only outside the city of San Francisco but in fact technically the metropolitan area of San Jose, not SF.

  16. If you considered Uruguay’s Liverpool, how about Santos from Torreón, Mexico; Santos from Cape Town, South Africa and Santos from Yokohama, Japan? All those named after Santos FC from Brazil (club of Pelé, Robinho and Neymar).

  17. Anorthosis Famagusta in Cyprus play in Larnaca but that is due to the city being a ghost town for 46 years since the invasion of Cyprus.

  18. An Azerbaijani club Qarabağ FK, originating from Ağdam, is currently based in the capital city of Baku, since the former is a ghost town due to Nagorno-Karabakh war. In Poland we still call it Qarabağ Ağdam.

  19. The Seattle Thunderbirds don't play in Seattle, but rather in the suburb of Kent.

    The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, while they do play in Kansas City, actually play in Missouri, not Kansas. I didn't know this until recently, so I'll give President Trump a pass on this one.

    And while we're talking sports, I'll mention some from the world of motorsports. Atlanta Motor Speedway is in Hampton, Georgia.

    The San Marino Grand Prix was held (1981-2006) at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Italy, not San Marino.

    The German town of Nürburg is within the Nürburgring, not the other way around.

    Speaking of the Nürburgring, the Luxembourg Grand Prix (1997-1998) was held there, not in Luxembourg.

  20. Tbf the jets and giants started in NY and East Rutherford is right next to NYC. You can see the skyline from there.

  21. New York Red Bulls play in Harrison, There's another MCFC in Ghana iirc, LA Galaxy are also in Carson, etc. I really liked the video though

    Edit: It was NYRB, not Philly; Philadelphia Union play in Chester

  22. When I was in Europe, I told people I was from San Jose at first, but everyone kept saying where that is. So I started just saying I was from San Francisco or I said I was from California.

  23. There is a soccer team named Barcelona S.C in Ecuador and almost have the same exact crest as FC Barcelona and they play in Guayaquil.

  24. You wouldn't build a sports stadium in downtown cities, would you? It practically takes up much of the space in there so they have to build at the outskirts of the city. That might be the reason why sports teams don't play in cities they are meant to represent.

    Oh, and about the Liverpool Uruguay club part. The team named themselves after Liverpool England (obviously) because the city of Montevideo (where Liverpool Uruguay play in) used to import coal from Liverpool, English via ships. It is essentially a homage to a successful club (at the time of this writing).

    Not to burst the fun or anything, but I don't think Liverpool Uruguay would change their name to 'Montevideo FC' or something like that anytime soon, bucko.

  25. Do you mind if someone reacts to one of your videos? I'm pretty sure some already have reacted. What's your opinion on them?

  26. St. Louis FC of the USL Championship (United Soccer League—Championship is the second division on the U.S. association football pyramid) play their home games 20 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis in the suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

  27. As a Braves fan, the locals sometimes call them the Cobb Braves after the county the stadium is in. Also, due to USPS quirks, Cumberland and Atlanta both work for mailing addresses.

  28. In the NFC East, the Eagles are the only ones who play in actual Philadelphia. The other 3 teams don’t even play near their city of choice.

  29. The reason they don’t play in designated city probably because the city itself doesn’t have space or barren land for a stadium, also some cities like East Rutherford actually part of NYC metro area and several Melbourne based AFL team played in MCG, which is sounds no big problem to me and kinda reasonable🤷‍♂️

  30. Still wrong about Liverpool FC. Even when you put there postcode in. It literally says Liverpool! Which means it is in the City of Liverpool

  31. Some people derisively call the Atlanta Braves the Cobb County Braves after the move. The team claims the move puts them closer to the "geographic center" of their fanbase but really they wanted subsidies for a new stadium. Technically there was nothing wrong with Turner Field besides not having the greatest amenities around it but they've always felt like they had a hand-me-down stadium from the Olympics. It was barely twenty years old.

  32. As the AFL's been mentioned: the Fremantle Dockers play not in Fremantle but in Perth, and their head office is in Cockburn.

  33. AFL team the Hawthorn Hawks play some home games in Tasmania which is not even in the same state as Melbourne and sometimes Gold Coast play in etiher Cairns or Townsville

  34. I feel like it's cheating but there is (or was, I don't know if they're still active) a club at the western part of the city of Rio de Janeiro called Barcelona. There's a more famous case of a similar team in Guayaquil. There also used to be teams in Puerto Rico named after Fluminense (a term that specifically represents natives of the state of Rio de Janeiro) and Sevilla.

    I also recall Canadian team St. Catherines Roma Wolves who, for some reason, went as Roma Wolves for a bit too.

  35. Technically while Brighton don't play in Brighton. The town of Falmer is a parish town so most of the major decisions are made by the Brighton Council.

  36. And the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates don’t play in Pittsburgh, they play on the North Side. I mean, it’s not like there’s not a T train that get you from downtown to the stadiums that are literally located directly across the Allegheny River completely free of charge so, yeah I think I can live with a team that’s not located in the heart of the city as long as there’s reliable transportation that runs late and I don’t have to deal with the terrible driving in Pittsburgh.

  37. Not sure if this counts, but my AFL team the Fremantle Dockers, play at Optus Stadium (which is close to Perth City, 10.5 miles from Freo) but their training ground is in the Perth suburb Cockburn (7.5 miles away from Freo)

  38. Minnesota City is like 100 miles southeast of where the Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, and Wild play in Minneapolis-St. Paul!

  39. In defense of my cowboys and fc Dallas, there is simply nowhere to build new stadiums (especially not the size of Jerry world) in Dallas. We're one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and as much as I hate it, Arlington and Frisco just had a lot of space to build, mind you Frisco has also blown up over the past 10 years too. Also we just call it the Dallas metroplex area which is one of the largest metroplex's in the US

  40. Lots of major league soccer teams you missed. Inter Miami in fort Lauderdale and was their predecessors Miami fussion. Real salt Lake in sandy, Utah. Philly in chestser, pa. New York Reb Bulls in new Jersey. La galaxy in Carson.

  41. Anaheim Angels changed their names to Los Angeles Angels, but they still play in Anaheim. Even their baseball caps even have an A on it that could stand for Anaheim, just like with every other baseball team's hat.

  42. I'm a motorsports fan, and many tracks aren't located in the cities they claim to represent either. For example, this year's NASCAR Cup Series schedule:
    Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, AZ
    Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, AL
    Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA
    Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC

  43. I hate to point anything out because I enjoy your stuff but… Sofi stadium is located in Los Angeles County so not sure how you view that…

  44. But you do miss Aylesbury United because they don't play in Aylesbury Notley used to be the shell background with Chesham United

  45. Most of the melbourne based AFL teams don't play in their suburb anymore. They all play at either Marvel Stadium in Docklands or the MCG in Yarra Park. You could argue though that it's in Melbourne or Richmond, which would mean that those two teams might be able to claim that the do. A lot of teams play home games in different cities though. Hawthorn and North Melbourne both play games in tasmania, Melbourne play games in the Northern Territory, the western bulldogs play games in Ballarat and Port Adelaide plays a game in Shanghai! Speaking of Port, them and Fremantle are the only two teams that have NEVER played where they are named

  46. In American collegiate athletics, the University of South Florida is located in Tampa, which is over 100 miles from the area generally accepted as South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, etc.)

  47. So confusing hearing Grimsby because there is Grimsby Ontario Canada which is close to where I live and have been a couple times which the city is very nice!

  48. America is different. "Cities" in America aren't necessarily the city itself but also the suburban area too. Except for the 49ers. What the actual fuck?

  49. Feijenoord Rotterdam, doesn't play in either the centre of Rotterdam, nor in Feijenoord, but in IJsselmonde

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