Inside Harvard Football: Season 2, Episode 3

Inside Harvard Football: Season 2, Episode 3

Well against Brown we came out and
played fast physical Harvard football and once we got settled we played really
well in all phases. Also got a great boost from our Friday Night Lights crowd
and certainly great to be on ESPN again. Howard’s a great fit for us that our
great national institution, outstanding division one football, great football on
the MEAC and that it happens to be in DC where we have a great recruiting base
and a great an alumni base. Just made it a really great fit. I think when you
factor in that it’s a historic black college and also a great national
institution really just a great fit for us. [Upbeat music] What’s up Crimzone? Eric Wilson here, junior, offensive line-man from Minnetrista, Minnesota. We’re going to let you get to know the teammates a little better today. So follow me along for some interview questions. First off, very important question here for appearances. Who on the team, in your opinion, has had or has the worst facial hair on the team? It’s you, I’m sorry. There’s Hunt Sparks. Harvard O lineman coming at his roommate right here. Thank you Hunt. Alright we’re here again. Sophomore linebacker Solomon Egbe, from Grayson, Georgia. The question we are going to ask him is…. Who is the funniest guy on the team? Funniest guy on the team? I’d have to give that one to Coach Murphy actually. Coach Murphy, why? You know how he breaks it down. Who’s got it better than us? Nobody. The answer is nobody. Nobody has it better than us. Truman Jones, sophomore D-line from Atlanta, Georgia. Right? Atlanta? What’s your go to karaoke song? Sing it! Yeah, yeah, yeah They don’t want to see us together. [Inaudible] Nobody wants to see us together but it don’t matter no cause I got you! There it is! Thank you. Inside Harvard Football!

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