Inside Naples: Napoli vs Liverpool | Exclusive footage from the Stadio San Paolo

Inside Naples: Napoli vs Liverpool | Exclusive footage from the Stadio San Paolo

Good evening from Naples.
Here we go again then, gentlemen. Kiev, Madrid – Istanbul would be
a nice hat-trick, wouldn’t it? Let’s see where this season’s
adventure takes us. In terms of the team news here tonight, the big news for Liverpool
is Andy Robertson is fit to feature despite missing training yesterday. He’s part of the squad
and he’s part of the starting XI. He retains his place from the weekend
then but there are three changes to the side that lined up against
Newcastle United on Saturday. In come the skipper, Jordan Henderson,
James Milner and Roberto Firmino. JEERING AND WHISTLING No. 7, James Milner. AWAY FANS CHEER No. 9, Roberto Firmino. CHEERING No. 10, Sadio Mane. CHEERING CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ANTHEM PLAYS THEY ROAR: The champions! WHISTLING ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool ♫ Liiiiverpool, Liiiiverpool… ♫ ♫ Our No. 9, give him the ball
and he’ll score every time ♫ Si senor… ♫ WHISTLING So we had a lot of good moments, I think we controlled the game
in a lot of moments, we had a lot of wonderful interceptions,
could win the ball, had counter-attacks. Both teams obviously showed
a lot of respect for each other, they were very compact, defended well,
that’s how you play against a strong side. It was really hard work for both teams
and we have to accept the result. We do that, we are
really critical with ourselves but it was not a really, really bad performance.

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  1. Penalty decision is scandalous, but Robbo should know better than to throw a leg out like that in the box, especially away from home! C'mon you Reds!

  2. Gotta take this loss, Koulibaly was just a beast, and our front 3 had an off-day but advantage Anfield! Let's top this group! Lets see Ox start

  3. This is what happens when u start Milner, Fab and hendo in the starting XI. We have lost every away game in the champions league in the group stages from last year when we had this midfield. All 3 contribute nothing to the attack. The only ones who were attacking where Sadio and Salah, Firmino was a bit back for the playmaking so thats 2 players attacking. No chances created from the midfield. Dont want to see Hendo and Milner starting together from now on. My man of the match from Liverpool was Adrian.

  4. Napoli and Liverpool will both go through… 2 strongest teams in the group… Liverpool can win both home and away versus Red Bull Salzburg and FC Genk.

  5. Now we start !
    world knows Liverpool will top the group, is nothing for Liverpool. Let's se, who will top the group.❤👏

  6. Liverpool losing the touch…all because Mane and Salah are at odd. Someone better advise Mane to behave and to manage his fame and fortune properly. Do not go overboard or he'll die penniless like many celebrities before him….

  7. Losing to Napoli in group stage means we will again win UCL this season too. And I'm sure we will revenge them at Anfield like last season…
    Edited— No hard feelings all our fans, it's just starting we have a lot of games more to play 😊

  8. ทางบอลแย่มาก เชื่อมเกมไม่ได้ นาโปลีแพ้บอลกลางอากาศชัดเจน แต่เล่นลูกเลียดตลอดเกมเลย ไม่มีบอลครอสเลย เล่นแบบกลัวนาโปลีมาก

  9. แยกส่วนปฏิบัตการเลย กัปตันแฮนเดอร์สันใช้ระบบ4-3-3 ให้กองหน้าใช้ความสามารถเฉพาะตัว กัปตันมิลเนอร์ใช้ระบบ4-2-3-1กัปตันฟานได ใช้ระบบ4-4-2ใช้ทั้วบอลริมเส้น กลางอากาศ และยิงไกลมากขึ้น กัปตันฟีมิโนใช้ระบบ4-4-2แบบไดมอนด์

  10. ไม่ได้จะกดดันนะ ถ้าชุดนี้ไม่ดีขึ้น ให้โล๊ะทิ้งทั้งหมด ดันเด็กๆขึ้นมาแทน แบบอาแจกซ์..555+++ล้อเล่นมืออาชีพ ต้องไม่ให้ใครมากดดันได้..รับแรงกดันและความคาดหวังของแฟนบอลให้ได้ แค่คุยกันให้มากขึ้นเข้าใจกันมากขึ้น…

  11. He did sod all but hey lets put him in the thumbnail because he's the face of the club for God knows whatever reason. Makes perfect sense in the modern world of football followers (not fans cause most are glory hunters or only following players)

  12. Adrian saves several times, Salah does not pass, Mane does not pass, Virgil passes wrongly, Referee makes mistake and the result is obvious.

  13. I hate the fact that we played so well but we still lost! Disregarding the error, Adrian was immense with the double save and that one hand save 🤩🤩 Salah was irresistible 🔥 Fabinho was something else ❄️

  14. Losing a match makes us humble. Napoli 2-0 Liverpool and Salzburg 6-2 Genk at matchday 1 of UCL group E. Salzburg just won with a player scoring a hat trick but next match, Liverpool will host Salzburg.

  15. I really want to meet u all I’ve supported u since the day I was born I love every single one of u all of ur fans love u I love u I play football myself u inspire me to play football

  16. 2nd half 53"
    Mane wasted a goal by not passing on time , that was a very needed goal in a big game not 3-0 already at last 5 minutes Like against Burnley!

  17. The English teams give their best in the direct elimination. Even last year, Liverpool had not convinced at the beginning.

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