Introducing PublicViewing in Osaka Hanazono Stadium, over 10,000 people watching TV together! #205

Introducing PublicViewing in Osaka Hanazono Stadium, over 10,000 people watching TV together! #205

fried chicken is only 600 Japanese yen seems
like we can’t use it Yes finally! This is the highest place!
Nooo! they made another Try…. so I came here for
the public viewing and waiting in line not sure if I can get into or not because
they already handed the ticket well still hour before the kickoff
hopefully I can get into the stadium You see the people in line those are the
people who don’t have the ticket and you see the people who are going into the
stadium those are the people who has a ticket at this time we were not sure if
we can get into the stadium however still many people were coming to this
place even now though, as you guys know last time I went to the tennouji
public viewing but I couldn’t get in I came here before an hour so that I
could get in that’s what I thought but seems like, so many people it’s a
huge stadium so I believe should be fine but not sure hopefully I can get in seems like the lines moving I guess we can get in.
Sweet! I could get in! Hey Guys welcome to Rion’s TV,
I am Rion “Seeeeno” Gaooo! so today, actually you know what that’s the day we have Japan against
South Africa this is our first time to go to the final tournament so so many
Japanese people excited and today I came to the Hanazono rugby stadium
where the public viewing going on some of you who watches my last video when I
was in Tennoji public viewing I couldn’t get in and I couldn’t watch the
game however this time yes I’m in here you know the last time I went to the
public viewing several minutes before the kickoff
however this time finally! sweet right? And also this place much bigger so anyway so
let me show you around first, you see so many people I don’t think I can get the
good seat but still you know I can get in here and I can see the atmosphere
inside the place look at that, seems like that’s the mascot of the rugby Hanazono
stadium you can take a photo However,,, To be honest, it’s not that cute anyway so this is
the entrance of the stadium when you entered the stadium firstly you will
see the some really artistic object yeah artistic I don’t know what it is
though I’m really bad at art so, anyway artistic in front of the entrance there is Hanazono rugby
museum inside the stadium you can learn Japan rugby history and also Japan
professional rugby league rugby is still not so popular in Japan therefore it is
really good place to know about the rugby history so that’s the museum where
you can learn Rugby history it’s cool huh okay so let me explore more well can you guess what kind of line it is yes that’s the line for the restroom
it’s much longer than Disneyland I guess there are food stalls as well so many
people in front of the stalls before the game starts so I will come back here
after the game starts all right so let’s check inside the stadium it’s a real
rugby stadium must be huge actually this is my first time to come over here Wow Look at that
it’s huge pretty much anywhere we can sit as long
as we find a seat so let me find a seat to sit down almost the time for kick-off
I think five minutes to go, anyway so let me find a seat so we can watch the game
by that vision over there really nice right the great point
is that this is the free show, of course I wish I could be into the real game
though, but you know the ticket it’s really expensive for me this is great it’s
really entertaining and fun sweet hopefully Japan do good job and beat the South Africa Sweet ! Look at that!! now, it’s
time for national anthem “Kimi ga yo” speaking of the people as you see since
this is the local Osaka rugby stadium even its rugby game most of them
are Japanese however if you go to the real game stadium in Tokyo many of them
will be foreigner because rugby is not really popular for Asian And the game has started Oh my goodness, they got touchdown,
Look at the people in the stadium, no one is happy sorry to South Africa, but yes here in Japan
especially local place, oh they missed it After Japan lost the score Japan got the chance to make a score, and people are getting so excited and finally Japan scored Yes finally, they made a goal!
1st one, 3 points! Good job Japan, we got 3 points!
Now it’s 3-5, so it’s not bad! keep doing good job! And the first half is over all right so they finish the first half the score is still
3-5 I think Japan is doing great job because South Africa really strong
but still there are only two points differences yes if Japan made the try
or conversion kick, that would be great all right so the first half is over this
place is kind of cold maybe I should wear something more
this place is that is like great view however I want to show you guys the
different view as well so that you can enjoy more right so let me move to some
other place and also let me explain the how the Japanese rugby stadium looks
like as well alright so let’s move There were local comedians came to make a halftime show
for the stadium oh my goodness look at that, that’s
a line for the restroom well I totally understand that you know people are
going to the bathroom in the halftime however it I’ve never seen such a long
line for the men’s bathroom Wow yes this is the only section they sell
Speaking of the price the price is not that expensive it’s because
this place is only for public viewing so they don’t really rip-off, for example you can
buy Takoyaki for 500 Japanese yeah that’s like Dotonbori, so it’s fine
you know and also fried chickens only 600
Japanese yells and the beer is 500 Japanese yen so I think it’s not the bad
right especially this place you can bring the
food from outside so just grab the beer from the convenience store and then
bring it in you know if they made it the high price they can’t sell them
hum, it’s not bad right however I believe if you go to the real
games ah beer price super expensive so some of
you who are going to the real game Don’t expect that price you can have those
are much cheaper compared to other places I believe, and look at that there is a vending machine as
well however it seems like we can’t use it
do not put money no return oh let me see maybe some other vending machine we can
use it let me find some other place man I wish I can drink beer however I came
here by motorbike so that’s why I can’t drink beer but of course if you wanna
watch the rugby games the beer always perfect match and it you eat “Karaage”
which is a fried chicken, that would be the best but it’s ok you know as long as we
can watch the game and as long as I can show you guys how the rugby stadium
looks like total worth right well I found an another vending machine over
here but this one is not working neither so I guess all vending machine we can’t
use it, I think it is pretty understandable as I told you this place is middle of
pretty much nowhere therefore sometimes they only use it for
the practice place so I think in that kind of regular moment they can use the
vending machine I don’t think today since there are so many people so that
we can’t use it so I came back to the stadium, oh my goodness they lost the
score now the score is 3 to 11 Japan’s losing Oh seems like this place
has a better view you see over there I was over there and
watching the monitors oh my goodness so the score is 8 point difference, at
least we need 1 conversion kick and the 1 Try, the situation it’s pretty
bad however I know that Japan can make it let’s keep going to watch, for some of
you who don’t have an interest in Rugby but watching my video
let me show you the view from the highest place, oh my goodness you know
what they just lost the score and then now almost impossible to win however
still I believe they can do it,, it’s sad.. So seems like this is the highest place
It’s beautiful well even Japan’s losing, still I love this place, I am glad
that I could be here still they have 20 minutes more and I know you guys can do it! No, they made an another try! wow the situation is totally desperate, you see
some people are already ready to get home even the game hasn’t ended yet but
many people are going home already But look at this view!
I love this view though And sadly they lost however they did a
really good job though so Japan world cup for Japanese
people it’s over but still there are many good games left so….it’s okay it’s pretty sad however I think they did
pretty good job okay hopefully you guys could see the Japanese rugby stadium’s atmosphere and how the public viewing looks like thanks for
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  1. Sadly Japan lost in final tournament, but they did really good job! Hope you felt like you were there in Japan with me!😊 
    There are many other Osaka and Tokyo hidden spots, plus Japanese foods videosπŸ˜‹
    So please subscribe [] and check other videos too!🀩
    Have a wonderful night, Arigato for your support!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  2. So many people even though it was just a viewing… It always amazes me how much support the Japanese show for their teams.

    Thank you for showing us another piece of your world Rion πŸ™πŸ‘

  3. Yes Japan lost their tournament, but and I do say but, they never lost their spirit ! They gave it a good try. And next time they will win for sure. Great job Japan πŸ‘ I was there with you πŸ˜‰

  4. Hey rion mate how's the weather going there is jeans and jacket enough? Will be in Tokyo in a few days then Osaka for beers are you showing up ? Lol

  5. Rion the lion, Sorry because I have late watch your vlogs because I am so busy in these days at amazing because Japan have rugby stadium, Hanazono rugby stadium in Osaka.Even have muzium for rugby history in Japan.My country don't have rugby stadium..πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ because rugby is not popular game in Asean.Looks like you have a good time at rugby game although have lost in their final game with Africa team.Its okay, still got another year.Food stall in stadium is so expensive in our currency money compare us dollar.

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