Ivanka Trump seen chatting with Macron, Trudeau, Lagarde and May

Ivanka Trump seen chatting with Macron, Trudeau, Lagarde and May

[EM] ….but social justice. [IT] – It’s all, yeah. [TM] – As soon as you talk about
the economic aspect though, a lot of people start listening
who wouldn’t otherwise listen. [IT] – And the same with
the defence side in terms of the whole sort of [unclear: business?]
being very male dominated.

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  1. Ms Nepotism actually thought they respect her LOL, those people earn their way onto the world stage unlike this spoiled brat.

  2. -Some body call the police please! We have a lost baby out there!
    -Ivanka : yes!take me home please,my daddy flow to Korea and left me alone!
    Lagarde seems to look like Abby the spoon lady!

  3. Does Ivanka add something relevant to that conversation?! I seriously have my doubts! what a cretin!

  4. The sad thing is that she's just like her dad, thinking she came away from this making a great contribution to the conversation…no self awareness.

  5. Remind me again about the nepotism clause …when did being daddy's 'favourite little girl' become a job qualification ?

  6. She Has The opportunity To powering Women Rights in A World Stage Why Not She Doing A Great Job Ivanka trump 2024!!

  7. It’s like the time the stupid kid in class thinks they know something and desperately wants to share it with his peers.

  8. La petite Ivanka a une foli de grandeur.Nous sommes ds quel monde.L'argent du papa delire cette arriviste fille.

  9. You are not invited in this conversation!Thanks! Why are u all over the place? This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Not trump world!

  10. Didnt they tell the other world leaders it was bring your stupid daughter to work day? Was it as awkward as when donald said he was sexually attracted to with his daughter? Kinda explains the 13 daughter grinding on his leg in public… what happens in private

  11. Utterly embarrassing! Another airhead merican bleach blonde bimbo, totally out of her depth and utterly unaware. Cringe worthy

  12. Finally, America would also have one family trying to gain control over the politics. It's not uncommon all over the world to just have one family trying to gain power but the results have been disastrous.


  14. This wasn't Ivanka chatting with world leaders, this was world leaders being annoyed with and ignoring a feckless tart who knows nothing of what she is trying to speak of.

  15. Poor Barbie. She should have had Ken by her side to help her navigate the discussion. More talk about the airports of the 1700s and less about economics.

  16. put aside the fact that she knows nothing about politics or economics, i dont wanna be represented by her simply what she wears every time challenges people's aesthetic standard.

  17. I keep looking for that extended video clip that captured more than 20+ seconds. I want to see more gtfoh reactions…. priceless lol 😂😂

  18. She just butts in to conversations that she has no business being involved in!!! That would be like me taking my dog to work!! Like well WTF is he doing here?? LOL

  19. Poor ivanka forgot to bring her phone,otherwise we would’ve seen her playing candy crush 🤣🤣🤣 or tweeting non sense

  20. I cringe everytime I hear Theresa May speak. What an awful mess she made of Brexit. She will go down in history as the worst Prime Minister Britain ever had. TRUMP 2020 KAG

  21. "…very male dominanted blabla"
    Seriously WTF ? thats the issues they care about ? BAN women from politics, they ruin entire nations with their solipsistic mind of a selfish child.

  22. We've all seen "that girl/woman" in this scenario at some point–the snotty, uncomely one who is so pathetically bitter and jealous of the gorgeous woman close by that she can't even bear the pain of looking at her.

  23. I wish that I could be like the cool kids, cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in … Curb your meme song. LOL

  24. Yeah start listening… Male dominant, so… actually she did better than the Stable Genius would have!

  25. The Trump name is a joke on the planet!!! When will the 26% of Americans realize this? How the Mighty [US] have fallen! Sarc.

  26. I wonder , doe she know how unfit she is for this or did she actually think she did well here? the thing with the Trumps you never know the depth of their stupidity…

  27. This is so embarrassing. It's worse than your coworkers ignoring you because these are world leaders and Ivanka just keeps inserting herself into these higher ranks where she looks stupid like this.

  28. I think it's the way people break into a group they're interested in. There is no other way. You target a group and approach it and wait for the result. You just have to persevere and the group will gradually accept your presence.

  29. Low IQ haters in the comments! Hate on because you are programmed to hate. You are not your own, you were bought with a price!

  30. 3 heads of state, 1 international economic institution leader & that girl that sells shoes? Or make up or shady real state business talking of politics like equals ? 😂🤣

  31. Like I said on another video. Christine Lagarde was more than courteous to have simply glanced at her. If that was me I would NOT have acknowledged that Barbie's presence AT ALL–as soon as I heard her voice.

  32. Ivanka Trump has more knowledge of dior and chanel. what is she doing there? Just like Maxima from the Netherlands, she knows nothing.

  33. ahhahahhahahahahaahahhahaaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahabahahahahaahahahahaaaahahhahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahaha

  34. So liberals are mainly feminists fighting for women equality yet you bash this woman. Wow! Talk about hypocrites and you have no clue what you stand for haha, just hate

    And you praise AOC!

  35. Donkey T May, are you responsible for the recession in UK (documents state you don't know what tax means) and what is the chance the current UK recession will be followed by depression and maybe even Great depression which might be the second biggest great depression after the 1929 depression? How will you or Boris Johnson sort it out?

  36. I think Ivanka's behaviour was perfectly reasonable. After all, this was a social occasion and plus ones were also invited. There's nothing wrong with mixing socially. I think the group's reaction to her says more about how they feel about Donald Trump.

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