Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Tackle Home Repairs

– [Female On TV] Tell me who killed her. Tell me who killed her right now, or I will take your crawfish farm. – [Male On TV] You will not.
(TV static) (TV clicks off) (scary noise) – [Jared] Uh the TV cut-out. Oh, and we were just
about to figure out was going to murder that crawfish farmer. – Okay, Jared. If I don’t find out what
happens at the end of that episode of NCIS Shreveport,
then you’re not going to sniff any of the roses this spring
in the White House Garden. – No, but you promised. You know the things I
most love in life are newspapers, real estate
deals, sniffing flowers, and my beautiful wife. And your dad. I love your dad. – Well if you want to sniff those roses, then you better fix that TV. – Me? Fix it? Fix a TV? – [Ivanka] Yes. – But I’m not a mechanic or a nanny. – Jared, you’re hardly a man, but I still you need to fix the TV. Daddy would have had it
fixed five minutes ago. – It only got broken one minute ago. – Oh my God. Jared, your voice is so grating. You honestly should see a doctor. – Okay. (clears throat) I will fix you. – Jared, don’t talk to the TV. Fix the TV. Jared, no. You’re just slapping at it with open palms – And, there we go. – No it’s still off. – Is it? (making yawning noises) Look at me, yawning like crazy. I’m going to go to bed right now. I’ll save my dinner for
breakfast in the morning. Just you can give it to me then. – Jared don’t walk away
from me, weasel boy. (gasps) Oh my god. – [Television] (indistinguishable) – I fixed it, of course. (sighs) Oh my God. Jared it was the maid. The maid killed the farmer. Cannot trust the help.

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