Joe Bachie | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Football

Joe Bachie | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Football

(heavy beat music) – Talk about it all the time, you know, effort and toughness, and it’s really what this program is based on. You give effort and you’re
tough mentally, physically, your knowledge is gonna grow. And that’s what this place is built on, understanding that you
gotta come in everyday with that lunch-pail
mentality, and you know, you gotta come to work. And that’s what I was raised on, and that’s what this program is built on, so it’s the perfect place for me. (upbeat rock music) Probably when I was four
years old, three years old, whatever it was, my dad
was coaching football at the high school at the time. I was the kid in the weight room hangin’ off stuff, runnin’
around with the bags, gettin’ yelled at by my
dad and the other coaches, you know, being that annoying kid that everyone kinda has. Just having fun with it. I enjoyed football from a young age, and actually baseball
and basketball as well. But my dad kept me busy with everything. Being a point guard, being
a receiver, running back, playing shortstop,
outfield, whatever it was, I think just the athletic standpoint really upped my game and made me more than just a line backer, it made me more of a little bit more of an athlete. That’s why I encourage
people to play three sports in high school, ’cause you never know what’s gonna happen to your body. I thought I was gonna
be a basketball player, but when you stop growing at
eighth, ninth grade at six one, you know basketball’s not
gonna work out for me. So I played baseball, I was
pretty good at baseball. My dad always pushed
football at a certain age, whether it was ninth or
10th grade, I really knew it was a sport that was made for me. And I thought I was an
offensive player too in high school, but that
didn’t work out either. So I ended up moving over to line backer, and now I’m here with it, and
I enjoy every second of it. – A lot of people don’t
know, but we actually went to high school together. He was at our high
school his freshman year. So and he was a great player then, he was the up and coming guy. Joe’s always been a great football player and a great leader and a great person. – When I committed to Michigan State I had about four other offers,
they’re all MAC schools. Me and my dad thought
highly of MAC schools, came down for a spring game. – [Andrew] Saw him on a
visit one time and he told me if they we’re gonna offer,
he’s gonna commit on the spot. – Coach Dantonio gave me that scholarship, I committed on the spot,
told my dad then afterwards, and he loved every second of it. Coach Bollman was a great
recruiter, I felt like they really wanted me up here. And there’s such a family,
you know, family atmosphere up here, and it made it special. My mom loved it up here when she came here the first time and so did my dad. (peaceful music) (upbeat music) – Joe Bachie is an outstanding competitor, he’s a great athlete. He played multiple sports in high school, was all conference in multiple
sports at skillful positions. He was their tailback,
punt returner, shortstop, point guard, so he played a
lot of different positions. Since coming to Michigan
State, he’s established himself as, I think, as a leader. – Who’s gonna make that play? Let’s go, someone’s gotta make that play. – First time I met Joe,
you could just tell he’s a natural born leader. He’s one of those guys
that’s gonna come in each and every day and give
you everything he’s got, whether he’s in the weight room, whether he’s in the film room. You can tell even as a
freshman, as a young guy, he was a leader, he was someone that people looked up to right away. He was someone that was
gonna put the time in, put the effort in, you know. He personally for me, he
drives me to be great. He doesn’t let me slack, he’s always been my liftin’ partner, he always makes sure I’m gettin’ in the watch films. So havin’ someone like
that to hold me accountable and make sure I’m doin’ the right things has always been big for me. – I can’t pick our leaders,
our players pick our leaders. And so you have to earn that leadership, and he was able to do that,
really as true sophomore almost. He was very well respected
as a true sophomore. Had an outstanding season as a sophomore, so he’s got a great foundation
of which to draw on, in terms of knowledge and performance for this season. – He’s a guy that everyone looks up to. When he speaks, everyone listens, whether, it doesn’t matter
who he’s speaking to, the offense, the defense,
the team as a whole, when Joe Bachie speaks,
everyone’s listenin’ and everyone’s tuned in. And that’s just because the
way he works around here and the stuff that he does,
the position that he’s put himself in over the years
through his hard work, through his play on the
field, and just, you know, the way he treats guys. He’s got a lot of respect
in the locker room. (crowd cheering)
– Who else? Joe Bachie. (fanfare playing)
(crowd clapping) – He’s a great person,
he’s a great student, great student of the game. There’s a lot of intangibles
that really have made our linebackers here,
whether it’s been Greg Jones, whether it’s been Max Bullough, whether it’s been Riley
Bullough, or Joe Bachie, our Mich linebackers have
been outstanding players here. And that would include Kaleb
Thornhill in 2007, too. They’ve been outstanding players here and inspirational leaders. (calming music) – It’s all love of the game I’d say but you make that turnover
that gets momentum going. And I feel like that one
against Michigan last year, that strip that I had,
kinda flipped the momentum to us for a little bit of that game. And when you get a play like
that, that game changing play, that’s something you
look back on and said, man, that was something
that I wanna do again, I wanna do that again. And I always try and do that
week, that’s one of my goals every week, get a
turnover, get a touchdown. And I came short of
that touchdown one yet, and hopefully it comes soon. – I’ve seen him make a
lot of amazing plays, he’s just a baller, someone
that always finds his way to the ball, and he’s gonna
make a big play no matter what, that’s just what he does. The one versus Utah State
was pretty incredible where he jumped up, hit
the ball to himself, and won the game on an interception. That was one of the craziest
plays I’ve ever seen. Just jumped up over the running back and knocked the ball down. – The one that got me was the one he did against Utah State when he tipped it and then got it himself. I forget who I was
standing next to, I’m like, this dude is gold, this dude is good. – I knew it was gonna be a quick pass. So, you know, just from film
and just what they were doing that game, and it was
gonna be a quick pass, so they’re like gonna come out early. And a lot of time in those
situations, the running back will cut you and they’re blocking you. So when that happened,
I just thought to jump right away and try and get my hands up. And the running back
ended up not cuttin’ me, so I kinda used him as a little
boost to get a little higher and I stuck my hand up, matched
hands like Coach Bullough says all the time, just
try to find the ball. I felt like that ball was
in the air for a minute. – Joe makes great
players, big time players, great leader, and we’re lucky to have him. (upbeat music) (heavy beat music)

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