Jomo Sono Short Documentary || South African Football Legend

Jomo Sono Short Documentary || South African Football Legend

you Jorma Sano is a South African soccer
club owner and coach and was also a star soccer player
Sano was born in the township of Orlando East in Soweto near Johannesburg when he
was eight years old his father Eric’s car osorno who was a midfielder for the
Orlando Pirates in the early 1960s unfortunately died as a result of a car
crash soon after his mother abandoned him consequently
Shana was left in the care of his ailing grandparents as they were very poor he
had to resort to selling apples and peanuts at soccer games and train
stations to close himself buy food for his grandparents and pay school fees for
NAS soccer Korea had an unusual beginning during a match that he
attended one of the laniel Paris’s auricular players was absent and sano
was requested to stand in for him he soon gained fame from his all-round
ability dribbling and accurate passing skills it was during this time that he
was given the nickname Domo which means Burning Spear by an
Orlando Pirates fans who saw in him the same leadership qualities as those of
Jomo Kenyatta the then president of Kenya after I had
accomplished everything that he set out to do at Orlando Pirates Sano went to
the United States of America where in 1977 he played for the New York puzzles
where one of his teammates was the legendary player Billy in 1978 he moved
to the Colorado Carabas at the end of the season the Charybdis moved to become
the Atlanta Chiefs where sono played with Anantha South
African soccer star of the time Patrick aids zalem for Sano completed his stint
in North America played for the Toronto blizzard after his soccer career in the
USA ended Sano returned to South Africa where he purchased the Highland Park
Club in Johannesburg in 1982 renaming it jomo cosmos in honor of his old team
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