JUGGER: Was ist das? Der Sport mit Kette, Läufer und Pompfen

JUGGER: Was ist das?  Der Sport mit Kette, Läufer und Pompfen

Thirty years ago, a new sports was invented by David Webb Peoples, screenwriter of Blade Runner, Twelve Monekys and Unforgiven, for the post-apocalyptic movie Blood of Heroes. And it was called Jugger. Jugger was soon adapted by people of Hamburg, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe as well as indipendently by Berlin, as a real-world, unique combination of team sport and fencing, fast, competitive and dramatic. Five players challange the opposing team in the battle for an artificial dog’s skull, also called: The Jugg. Only one of them is allowed to carry the ball (Jugg) and score points, the Qwik. The others take one of six different spars combinations the shield. Two short Swords. The Staff. The Q-Tip. The famous Longsword, or the chain. Touching an opponent counts as a valid hit, except for the head, and for all players except the Qwik and the chain, the hand. Anyone hit by a spar has to go down for five stones, if hit by a chain, for eight. Time is measured by sounding a drum, every 1.5 seconds. Jugger features many aspects many aspects of different sports. To prepare for a tournament, a team might use different training techniques, both from teamsports like football, handball, Rugby, and from individual sports like sports fencing, Aikido and other martial arts. A match lasts for two hundred stones with a half-time after one hundred stones. Or you play in sets like Best of 3 or Best of 5. Matches are at full speed, and winning a match depends both on team play and on individual fencing skills. Jugger is not soccer. Fair play is built-in and teams love to party with each other after the hard matches. Jugger is played in mixed teams, where all players are equally important. Curious? Check out whether there are Jugger teams in your vicinity, the Jugger rules online at juggerblog.net and have a look at the YouTube Uhus Jugger Tutorials videos. See you on the field. https://jugger.uhusnest.de

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