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  1. People come for sings and wonders, and not the truth. "SUN DEVIL" stadium was selected for a reason of course. People at the "awaken" need to WAKE UP!

  2. The encyclical of Pope Laudato Si is the true Sunday law for all the states of this world, but it is directed against Bible Saturday and Seventh-day Adventists, the papacy is the Antichrist and the first beast from Revelation 13, the second beast is the United States and these two beasts will force the whole world to observe(
    celebrate)Sunday instead of Saturday.

  3. Sun Devil stadium – Gives the Term – Devil is in the Details – True & Obviose meaning
    Jealous – mm mm mmm

  4. Of course he did, he's helping to bring in the popes one world religion. Come on people is Kanye teaching the one true Jesus? Jesus wasn't famous, he was killed for the truth if he was hated we will be to. Only Jesus is the way not buddah or Allah not Mary & we must repent of our sins and turn from there wicked ways. Believe in what Jesus did on the cross and we must be born again. Kanye is making money off Jesus that's not what Jesus would do.

  5. First of all… God said in the last days he will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh, Kanye is part of the "ALL" and out of most rappers talking about killing people drugs and sex and killing, he is just 1 of the few rappers that desire to change his life around, why is Kanye not able to find God, oh God doesn't love him?-like you are the only one that God can love? Jesus died so ALL men would be saved, yes he died for Kanye West too! we are not to judge, or we too will be judged by God, and yes there is no better place to worship God than a stadium that is called Sun Devil stadium, where people normally go there to worship their sports idols, Jesus went to places no one would go and casting out DEVILS- where else would God be at? the church? where all the perfect people are? like you? YEAH….. he was ridiculed and talked about even KILLED by his own people, the very people he came to save, the same thing you are doing to Kanye sounds exactly the same words they did to Jesus, Jesus could not even preach in his own home town- If you have something to say…why don't you start your own ministry, where is your ministry, how many people have you reached today????…God can make the rocks cry out, so trust me he can use Kanye, even our "own" righteousness is but filthy rags to God, so let God be God, and in the end, everything anyway will be revealed, not all that say LORD LORD will be saved- does he know you? Jesus that is?

  6. I was there for the whole event and up close during kanye, people weren’t shouting for kanye we were all praising God together it was awesome

  7. Can’t even give the guy proper respect. You’re only channel 12, must you be as inept and bias as your parent MSM? Please, for the love of god, literally, be better people.

  8. I am a black man from Brooklyn New York. I live in the biggest sea of hypocrisy in the country. "Black Power" means leaving church and doing what the Park Ave. rich elitists tell us to do. Seeing a news report like this is unheard of where I live. The NYC media, with help of the national media (who are based out of the same offices,) would have worked overtime to twist and manipulate any event like this into: "Token Black Performer Denigrates Himself by Performing Minstrel-like Show for a Small Group of Privileged White Christian Sexist Racists who Refuse to Admit that Orange Man Bad."
    Seriously, that's how trapped in their own bubble the media is up here.

  9. Really sad to see that half the crowed left after his performance .. before the other key note speakers came on. Not speaking badly of him, glad he got to be there to lead some praise and worship.. just very sad to see this happened..

  10. The guy is false prophet!. On his song (jesus walks ) he mentions and sings the words hell yeah! That came out of his own mouth!.. think about it for a minute do you think a true Christian would say ( hell yeah?.) In his song (jesus walks?) No!…… why would Joel osten have this dude on his show?.

  11. So you tell me that ALLLLLL of a sudden everybody going to church b/c its kanye west…worship that IDOL god if you want….if I'm going to church it's for the word not a freaking celebrity

  12. I thought that theses false teachers would of drawn a bigger crowd. Please pray for all involved. Pray God convict them and they repent of there heresy. I am exposing them on my YouTube. Bless you all. Br. john

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