Kauwa Biryani – Run Movie Spoof – Reloaders Tv

Kauwa Biryani – Run Movie Spoof – Reloaders Tv

Is there a 5-star hotel around?
– What for, sir? I wanted to have a cup of tea.
– Have it at my shop, sir no one in India serves a better cup Is this a tea shop?
– Of course So make one for me Mister, I’m going to urinate.
Will you please watch it? Amazing! You’re going to urinate
and you want me to watch? Do you dance when you urinate..?
Strange city! I was talking about the suitcase, mister I see.
You fought to have said as much! You’ve just arrived in the city?
– From Bihar Oh! One second You’re giving me the suitcase in an alien city… what if I run away with it? But you look like a rich man Thank you, thank you.
– It doesn’t look like you’ll steal Don’t take me or granded now.
Go and go back immediately Thank you mister
– And don’t break into a song in there I asked for a cup of tea.
Is it coming from Parliament? I asked for tea, not water Strange city… Thank you mister
– You think I was here to hear you say thank you? Listen My turn to urinate now.
And you watch… The Suitcase Sure
– I’ll be back That’s a newspaper, sir.
– I thought it was a tissue-paper ( Shock ) Where’s he gone…?
Where’s the man who was here? Where has he gone…?
– What happened, sir? There was this idiot who took away my bag
and left his own here by mistake Open the bag and see.
We’ll know who’s the idiot no, one mustn’t ever touch another
man’s suitcase or his wife But he has taken away your suitcase, hasn’t he? Open it! Go on! Wow! You’ve set the suitcase on your belly!
Wonderful! Bricks and stones! How much money did your suitcase have? There wasn’t a penny It had the telephone number and
address of my friend Sidhu I want to go there Chicken biryani for 5 rupees.
This is amazing! You get aid 5 rupees for raising slogans in Delhi! Excuse me…
– Yes. where am I supposed to sit?
Where is a chair? Chair?
– You won’t even answer me! Excuse me,
I’m feeling like puking Thank you Listen, give me the menu-card.
– What? Just give me a plate of biryani.
Make sure you give me the leg piece Everyone wants a leg piece.
Where will I bring from? A chicken has just two legs.
– And we have four legs Four? ( Confuse )
– Two borrowed from the chicken Give that to me.
Take this. Thank You What a weak leg!
Did the chicken have polio? You want an elephent’s leg at 5 Rupees?
Eat it u quietly! All right, don’t lose your marbles.
Just start the fan, it’s very hot ( Shock ) Weak, no doubt, but it’s delicious Listen!
– Yes! Do you have a Bisleri? ( Mineral water )
– No Aquafina?
– What’s that supposed to be? This moron knows nothing! Give me some water to wash my hands Take You’re making fun of me
because I’m dark-skinned…? Why hit me? I only asked
what time it was! What Happened?
– Everytime I burp… I sound like a crow.
– What did you eat? Hey! What are you saying? Actually, I had a chicken biryani worth 5 rupees A chicken biryani worth 5 rupees!
They fed you crow biryani! When you eat crow… aren’t you going to sound like justin bieber?
– A biryani made out of crow?

About the Author: Garret Beatty


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