‘Kincade Fire’ rages in Sonoma County, California

even with asti utility shutting off
electricity to avert wildfires California is still burning for more on
this and other news around the world let’s go over to our Kim dummy now tell
me how serious are these wildfires conn-young wildfires named as a Kinkaid
fire swept across a Sonoma County in California on Wednesday night local time
you told it is including Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California had
previously cut off electricity as a preventive measure but the fast growing
fire which is being a fan by a powerful winds a flared up early Thursday burning
down around a forty square kilometres as of that morning according to CNN that’s
destroying one American football field every three seconds almost two hundred
thousand homes and businesses without power and more than half a million homes
and businesses in California could lose power this week lower casualties have
been reported yet California’s are dry conditions and
strong winds that previously led to some of the deadliest and the most
destructive wildfires in the US

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