Koby Quansah from Ghana to Duke football

Koby Quansah from Ghana to Duke football

What do you remember about your years in
Ghana, up till you were four years old? What do you have from being there? First of all, answer that.>>So pretty much I remember a lot, pretty
much everything from my time in Ghana, from I think when I was little
playing with my sister. I remember one time one of our
uncles took us to get water guns. Kinda just shooting at each other in
the car on the ride back to the house. Everything from dinners at my grandma’s
house, hanging out with my mom, really pretty much everything.>>When you knew you were moving from
there to the States, were you sad, were you scared,
what feelings did you have?>>I think I was too young to the point
to really have an emotional attachment at that time. I think I just knew we’d get on a plane
and travel with my mom, that’s about it. [LAUGH]
>>Was that the first time you’d been on a plane?>>Yeah, that was my first time. I wasn’t scared,
I kinda just, this is fun. I think my first time seeing a plane, we were right next to it,
It’s just a big kinda machine. It was surprising, and shocking, and
kinda exciting a little bit, but nothing really scary to me.>>Yeah, education’s obviously very
important in your family from what we know about your uncle who’s
a professor at Georgia State. And that was important to
the recruiting process. Where did that come from? Who pushed that in your family?>>I think it’s always kinda
like a generational thing, I knew my mom always kinda pushed on me,
my grandma always pushed on me. Pretty much everyone in my family
said there are kinda three options you’re always given, also and that’s
being a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Even though no one really in the family
else was a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. So they always kinda harp on education
really knowing that they didn’t have the opportunity. But now that you’re in the States,
they brought you to the States for this opportunity to better yourself,
get better education, to provide for your family in the end.

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