Learn 5 cool & easy flick ups | we teach you impressive football skills

Learn 5 cool & easy flick ups | we teach you impressive football skills

today we’re gonna teach you five very cool and pretty easy flick ups so you can add them to your locker and hopefully impress your friends now me I’m not necessarily very good at flick up so you teach it today it’s gonna be the man with more beautiful hair that intense and Cavani himself it’s name so let’s have some fun [Music] number five they jump around the world start with a bowl lock between your feet now jump while holding on to the ball and at the right height release it doing inside around the world the higher you jump the more impressive it will look [Music] [Music] number four this been magic lift start off by placing your weak foot slightly in front of the ball not too close but not too far kick the ball with your other foot but who only grace the ball to create the spin this will make it go up and spin like a fat kid on a carousel [Music] number three is the butterfly lift across the ball with a good amount of speed to create some power place your weak foot in front of the ball and twist your body while rolling the ball up to your calf using your strong foot a good tip here is to use a small jump when releasing the ball second place goes to the hamstring catch this move is so cool and you’re probably all thinking about Ronaldinho when you see this do a soul roll with his strong foot and roll it into your standing leg when the ball then goes up catch it with your hamstring now try to turn your body slightly as this will make the catch a lot easier [Music] and finally number one the roll-up toe bounce roll the ball back into your wig fit while leaning back to lift it up then move your wig foot back while revolving around the pole with a strong foot and you had this move I lifting your heels slightly to do the toe bounce if you ask me this is a very very cool [Music] so there you go my friends five very cool Flickr moose brought to by adenosine come No brought to you by Nate and hopefully you learned a trick or two but what you would do next what if you let us know as always in the comment section right down below and we’ll try to do our best also don’t forget that you can pick up all the latest football gear your new porsche new kit even a new football if you go to the link you can exposed or come right over there and also cause you want to do yourself a favor don’t subscribe to our channel join the unisport life family and turn on the notifications to see all our wicked videos the moment they drop finally if you want to learn some more cool skill moves well you should click the playlist in the bottom of your screen so do that and we’ll see you next time signing off cheery

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  2. in this monday we will have friendly match with spain girl and i will be captain gain i will use this skills wowowo

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    Ronaldinho: best skiller ever

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  5. My kick up record is 638 but i lost motivation and quit soccer,now i can do 100 but i dont know should i start soccer again?i feel like i should

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