Learn about Battery life of the Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro | AT&T Wireless

Battery Tips. Charge the device: Use the original charger to
maintain optimal battery performance over the life
of your device. The battery comes partially
charged. You can use the device
while charging. Battery life and charge cycles
vary by use and settings While charging, the charging icon will be displayed
in the Notification bar. View battery usage: To view the device’s battery
usage, from the Home screen swipe down from
the Notification bar, then select the
Settings icon. Select “Device maintenance”. Select “Battery”. Select “BATTERY USAGE”. The apps
and features that are consuming battery
will be displayed under RECENT BATTERY
USAGE. Conserve battery life: To turn on
Power Saving Mode, from the Battery,
screen select “MID” or “MAX” power saving. Adjust settings as desired, then select “APPLY”. To access more display
options from the Settings screen,
select “Display”. To reduce screen brightness
select and drag the Brightness slider
to the desired brightness setting. To enable auto brightness select the
auto brightness switch. To set a shorter
screen time-out, scroll to and select
“Screen timeout” then select the desired
option. To turn off Infinity wallpapers From the Settings screen select
“Wallpaper” then navigate to and select
the desired option that is not an
Infinity wallpaper. Disable features when
not in use to help conserve battery life. From the Home screen, swipe down from the
Notification bar twice. If enabled,
select Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location
to turn them off. Swipe left to the second
page of Quick Settings then select NFC
to turn it off. To disable apps from
auto-updating, from the Home screen select the Play store app. Select the Menu icon. Then select “Settings”. Select “auto-update apps”. Then select, “Don’t auto update apps”. Then select “DONE”. To turn off auto sync from the Settings screen, scroll to and select
“Cloud and accounts”. Select “Accounts”. Select the Auto Sync Data switch to disable
auto sync. Select “OK” to confirm. If disabling auto sync, remember to turn
it back on to allow apps to
download new emails or social
media posts. If you are traveling, and do not have access to
mobile or Wi-Fi networks, switch to Airplane mode. Swipe down from the
Notification bar, then select the Airplane
Mode icon. Select “TURN ON”.

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