today we’re gonna teach you five wicked football skills that are done on the pitch by players playing for Lily French players all the way from Anthony Marshall to Lynn and poppy zinedine zidane and of course Paul Pogba and a lot of other players and now that France no longer officially in Denmark’s group in the World Cup I have no qualms getting up and what is in my opinion one of the best looking shirts in the entire tournament so what do you say we get the show on the road learn some tricks [Music] trick number five is the one and a half step over body friend which is a great news the use anywhere in the pitch if you’re running directly at your opponent what you do is you start by doing a step over off the pole using your strong foot while doing a body feint and after that you initiate doing another step forward with your weak foot only then to stop halfway and then you use your strong foot to go past your opponent in the direction we’re gonna do the step or work with your weak foot now speed is essential here so practice it below speed before you can do it at a deadly pace like Anthony Masha [Music] number four is something I call the roll back panel which is a great move if you’re trapped in the corner with the defendant breathing down your neck and with the defendant straight behind you you basically use the sole of your foot to drag the ball backwards and as the defender stretches out his leg to block you you gently tap the ball through his legs to go for the Panna with the toe box off your foot system anything [Music] number three is Lissa Dan croqueta which is a great move if you’ve got a defender rushing in to stop you from behind and if he’s coming from behind it’s probably gonna try and stretch how this light to block your path and once he does you tap the pool behind this leg and then use the other foot to tap it around him and of course you go after the pool now if your true boss you can also use the first move to tap the pole through his legs instead of behind it but it’s probably a little bit too much humiliation unless you’re French be French [Music] number two then is the Imbaba madness and here we’re talking a rule that’s really good if you’ve got a bit of acceleration or more importantly if you want to show off now what you do is from a standing position you do a step forward with one foot and then you use the other foot to touch the ball into a step holder after that you take a touch to the side you do a fake shot and then you do two body frames jumping from one foot to the other after that is your blinding pace to go past the defendant and if you pull it off donatello inch Dolph would be very very proud [Music] Nimmo are the three-piece the push Papa prank turn which is a terrible name and I know it but that’s the way the game is now this is another brilliant move with the defender coming from behind and once it does you do a small fake shot you step on the ball with your strong foot then you drag it back and you tap it with the inside of your weak foot and if you boy sit well it should give you enough space to really do some damage pop the style just promise me [Music] so there you go my friends v and mani thick football skills done by French players on the pitch and hopefully you can add one or two or three of them to your repertoire at least that was our intention but whom should we do next just let us know in the comment section right down below now if you want to go gear up like the French get one of the most beautiful looking World Cup shirts out there at the moment you can go and grab it by clicking the link go to unisport order come right over there of course also don’t forget to do yourself a favor subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course see all our latest videos the moment they drop and finally go learn some local skills by clicking the playlist all right down there with outside guys I’m signing off for have wha

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  1. Ppppppp!!! Awsome in one day only i know the all skills awsome man good luck i subscribe and liked and shared and i said my all friends to subscribe good luck !!

  2. Your 1st skill is not comming to you naturally.
    It should come off at the speed with which R9 did this skill to make it effective.

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