Learn the best WORLD CUP football skills

Learn the best WORLD CUP football skills

guys today we’re gonna teach you five of the most wicked football skills that has ever been done at a World Cup now some of the tricks that a lot of people associate with the World Cup for instance Detroit turns only stun those a lot so we’ve engaged them for another cool trick so without further ado let’s jump straight into it number five Thomas Rodriguez this is cheeky little move that is very effective go to the outside fake a shot and step back in and go back where you came from this is total confusion you will have an open shot [Music] number four jayjay Okocha Jaidev did this move against Denmark in 1998 but Denmark still won 4-1 anyway facing the defender you do a soul roll to your legs and shipped your entire body weight to sell the move when the defender bikes you go the other way [Music] number three I’m healthy Maria de Maria actually did this move against two defenders but hey I’m the only one damn you budget cuts if you find yourself being closed down do this move do a small step over and quickly do the croqueta your path is now clear [Applause] [Music] number two and cr7 step holders step Hovis oh okay guys be careful hit 1 2 or 2 defendants star just get pulled the madness outside inside inside outside inside and away you want me to repeat this okay outside inside inside outside inside [Music] and number one Ilhan man says this is a brilliant move done in 2002 against Brazil take a small touch your sole role and step on the ball and now to the rainbow flick luckily finaid I’m not the tallest guy in the world so guys hit the right opponent and good luck [Music] so there you go my friends five of the coolest tricks we’ve ever seen done at a World Cup for which should we do next let us know in the comment section right down below and while you’re at it you can also go and check out five cool skills done by potato which we might see at the current World Cup you can also go and gear up for the World Cup itself with all the latest shirts and all the latest boots by clicking the link goin to unisport or don’t come right over then finally don’t forget to join the u.s. ball by family subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course to see all our latest work of videos the moment they drop and that’s a guy’s I’m signing off to here

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  1. The 2nd skill the jj one I used to say it reverse stepovers., I am using it for a long time and I practice daily or weekly.
    I love it thanks for adding is in your skill.

  2. Inside outside inside outside inside out and then guess what you have a cr7 free kick coming on its way😝😝

  3. Great player don't do moves by thinking or remembering it's their muscle memory. Let's be like them to by training over and over

  4. Next challenge freekickerz vs unisport from speed detector. Free-kick….challenge.most speed wins.i want to know the sppeeed

  5. hey the defenders aren't like the defender in the video, the defenders are greedy to get the football from you, they mistakely do the same that the guy is doing. the defender are not fool, the not allow to do this skills easily. but yaa if we master this skills then no one steal the football from us.👌 hope you make more useful videos unisports⚽ bye. i like your video anyway.

  6. unisports make a video on 'how to handle the player who is using this moves in match and how to steal the football from them'. like that guy who trying to get the ftball.

  7. Hi Jay Mike…. You know most of the skill best of all time…Right! But are they very much helpful to you in matches or you most probably use your own skills? PLEASE Answer!❤️

  8. Your channel was very usefull and awesome… I subscribe and share your videos… You are continued a new skills and tricks… Thank u unispports your channel is a world number 1 sports youtube channel.. we are loved unisports… Im from india, kerala we are like your channel. 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💛💛💛Unisports

  9. Unisport, CR7 stepovers are kinda complicated and frustrating for the defenders… normally they kick my leg instead of kicking the ball.

  10. Make a video in the tips are to be fully Cristiano Ronaldo. Like dribbling, skills, running, shooting, curve, knuckleball etc etc

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