Let’s Play! Dirty Pigskin Football Atomiswave Arcade

Let’s Play! Dirty Pigskin Football Atomiswave Arcade

Sunday Funday NFL week 1 and I thought
it’d be a great opportunity to go ahead and showcase a very obscure arcade game
that you’ll probably all love. This is going to be dirty pigskin football for
the Sammy atomiswave released in 2004 now I have some very distinct memories
about stumbling upon this arcade cabinet and in dying arcade in my youth well it
stood out to me the most was a very unique joystick setup that a head it
actually had joystick footballs that you would control the game with very unique
it was almost like holding a can of soda in your hand while trying to play the
game very odd but it has a lot of similarities with NFL Blitz and I think
you’re all gonna enjoy this game so without further ado let’s go ahead and
play some of this dirty picks can football and oh by the way let me know
in the comments down below who your favorite football team is as long as
it’s not the Patriots anyways go chiefs let’s play all right get the stretches
going get ready to play some football let’s go ahead and do this playing with
PlayStation 4 controller not ideal but we’re gonna make the best of it side the
field we won our no it’s which side we want to play is on ok that’s different
left anis we’re gonna go left side what a weird thing like who cares what side
the place alright alright players to choose from we got the alien abductor
team ring Kings bunch of wrestling knockoffs prototypical jocks and the
all-stars mafia looking hitmen some adult bad girls gridiron ghouls setting
up there with their old school attire I like it
the wolf clan a bunch of Viking pillaging plundering looking dudes and a
bunch of con men with the those guys all right we’re gonna ring King’s I’m a
wrestling fan so we’re going ring kings we’ve got this Dollar General of
knockoffs looking hold coconut here buck wild I think his name is cellblock 5
that’s who we’re going against so right out of gate it’s gonna be brutal and
we’re playing in a prison of course because why not
oh okay they’ve got a guy and a quasi straightjacket look at things with the
Hannibal Lecter mask prison yard a barbed wire this is an interesting field
interesting field for sure I like the double basketball hoops seven points for
passing touchdown six points for a rushing touchdown two points for safety
no first downs more chances to get in the end zone otherwise you turn over the
ball I get the ball first let’s see if I can do anything positive on offense all
right I’m trying I don’t know what I’m doing okay then do a quarterback boot
wide open get some speed buck while you were slow you were incredibly slow now I
know why you’re the quarterback hit him in deep in the end zone
TP terror that’s seven seven points on the board let’s go all right defense
don’t disappoint hold him to something or nothing
get him good good el fuego with nice tackle I like what I see
somebody get on it oh my god why is their quarterback so much pestered my
quarterback what does that dance obviously that guy hasn’t seen daylight
in a long time he’s a little out of date with his dance moves going deep
Tiki chair again over the top yes as you can see how quickly this game like goes
back and forth back and forth so you can imagine at an arcade you’d be pumping
quarters in this because if you’re not up top
you’re losing really quickly these three minute games are just over in a flash
send them into the wall el fuego obviously the best person on my defense
buck well just stand there looking like an idiot even though you’re my team
captain again el fuego shut down former something said super sunset soup and he
walks into the end zone again doing the churn butter a little hip swivel
mastermind all right see if I cannot lose this game yes el fuego death row
Joe that’s catchy like that I don’t know how to switch the receiver I don’t have
to switch the receiver all right I got one second all I have to do it’s not
lose the game and I did it nurse el fuego riding the
horse touchdown the end 21 to 12 Thank You cellblock 5 thanks for coming
ring Kings win the game throwing my initials here real quick I don’t know
why is that like this is gonna be a leaderboard or anything but we’ll do it
anyway because the computer asks us to do it all right who’s next
the short seasons like four games in a season fourth place all right going to
alien abductors yes see what they bring to the table Gorka music door x row deaq i didn’t see
the other name it’s nice playing on a spaceship in the I don’t
know what galaxy we’re in seeing some some purple space dust clouds I don’t
know we got a Milky Way galaxy in the corner ooh got her like translucent
visible green playing field here that’s nice you gotta get the ball SIF endure
any positive yards on the poor court oh my god he’s so fast he is so fast Rodya
oh okay those bootlegs are not gonna work
against that dude no no no get the ball super-sized means Jebus hit him there open
yes No so much stress I’m trying I don’t know what I want to do get in the end
zone get in the end zone squit bumbling it moonshine you got
moonshine your hands come on you you just got kicked in No okay ladies got
kicked in the mummy daddy button there aliens are playing dirty
moonshine thank you redeem yourself oh oh oh supersize me get him or just
stand there let somebody else do the work not ideal get him get him or shine get him or not
or not let’s all stand around how does that happen
I went from like negative 40 yards to get the man zone all right defense not my strong suit
oh the ball yes yes cheeky terror hit him with a sidestep I
like it I don’t know if those noises are but I like it
oh he’s going Peter Gerald zo that’s right
tie game there’s ties well tie it’s better than a loss as you can see this
is very similar like NFL Blitz and maybe that’s it mutant league football I mean
it’s just crazy over the top and obviously if you got my own initials
can’t talk a play but yeah super crazy fast paced back and forth action and
since it came out towards the end of the arcade era in 2004 probably a lot of
people never got to experience this game so I’m gonna be great time to showcase
this who’s up all-stars Oh so we get some actual football
players let’s see if I do any good against you or football players I’ve had
mixed success so far bunch of wookie that’s a great name
alright cut some standard football field they’re all kind of doing the Harlem
shuffle there I don’t know what’s going on all right
definitely looks like we’re playing in Foxboro of all places that’s what this
looks like this red white and blue okay let’s get some started let’s go nope
nope that was nothing couldn’t even a guy
open the club Nick interesting choice oh my goodness
No thank you TD chair saved my bacon oh oh he was he was on me he was on me like
white on rice all right give me a get an Enzo get
rhythm yeah it was like two yards away and there’s
just two sacks in a row yes no somebody Tyrael way to go Tyrell to that I
couldn’t recover the fumble buckwild you’re you’re making poses but you
didn’t do anything chief the carriage at the jump for you I always ran by him
again buck wild what are you doing oh yeah I
know there are other boards so not what I wanted at all get it get it get it or
not let’s just stand there take a sack what
is going on with my buttons it’s going deep throw in the ball girls Tiki tear
you are my team captain I don’t care you’re voted you’re in you’re the only
person is performing on this team get him get it get it yes again
TD terror one-man show out here like people up getting el fuego thank you ah yes
celebrate oh he’s open he’s open he’s put some
hands in the air come on guys was the play that won the game of course it was
now of course it was cuz why wouldn’t it be
that’s the thing about these three mini-games they’re over and a heartbeat
it’s not anything over three minutes so I think three minutes assumes that the
clock stops oh no think it ever does it it’s a it’s a quick quick quick luck for
sure cuz it’s over over splash 10 place record for most points in a single game
well yeah thanks template so I’m last place that’s what you’re telling me
that’s gonna breed all right we’re one 101 let’s see if we can get get
something going get a a positive win record let’s finish
oops gotta went through the cinematics there but it looks like we’re playing on
top of a skyscraper here alright that’s the ball first play the game and I got a
safety on myself big Paulie taking me in my own endzone not good not
good at all fumble data values mr. foots that is
said silent pee it’s get it yes good job fuck well first time you’ve done
anything all day keep those no keep them keep them T all
T key terror what were you doing you dropped your man-to-man coverage there’s like one play on here that I
know how to run other than that it’s garbage
get rid of it oh my goodness he wouldn’t throw the ball that was terrible I mean
I’m glad it worked out but why were we not releasing the football of course
it’s inner 70 you threw it to the wrong guy my guys are trying where’s the cone
of shame I need the cone of shame because I’m my
own worst enemy in this game ain’t nobody beat me anybody super tak what is
this what is this I don’t know what happened you just gave me the business
I got another safety on myself I’m gonna get I’m gonna get shut out in this game hurry up it’s a place I need time to
discourse up some points no don’t let he’s the slowest person in the world
thank you thank you moonshine big Pauly’s 72 yard run
how is that how does that even allowed oh and the trick play they’re running 25
nothing though guys doing backflips in the end zone of course he is oh I get to play Hall of Fame okay hang
on play a four season game throw the championship for free okay all right
Hall of Fame so this is like a mix of everybody players from yeah so we got
players from all all the different teams oh he’s in my face coming in with all of
course it’s their version of buck wild who’s actually good at football
oh my God he’s on me go I thought I was gonna safety then he was in me in my
face so quickly get rid of it why is there buck wild so much better than
money like what has happened look I got a whole time in the day all of sudden oh you couldn’t get in there you
couldn’t get in there alright let’s see if my defense does anything no I’d see
that right litigate el fuego thank you you sit them all just blitz blitz blitz
blitz blitz book Wow thank you for showing up today but time Oh TV chair
thank you hit him with a sec yes let’s hold him let’s stop him the show we
could beat the all-stars yes girls turnover on downs
thank you yes no I was like a gain of four
I need long-distance I was amazing that I was not intercepted that was heavy
traffic where that was their answer go get rid of it
Raven just came in quick I’m trying to choose the play I don’t know what I’m
doing hey hey no no stop him stop him No I was doing so good and then I was
empowered my how the tables have turned alright I got 12 seconds I gotta get it
out no I said who I want to throw it to that’s the ballgame losing record thanks
for showing up even though I couldn’t pull it off I’m so disappointed in
myself I really thought I could win some of these games but I’m my own worst
enemy I thought it all over the field reckless quarterback look wild you
should be cut from the team somebody let him go let him know he’s no longer on
the team because this is abysmal yeah I get it
lost rubbing it in final record one three and one that’s a losing record
couldn’t win anything save my life and that wraps it up for this butt-kicking
yeah I got absolutely trounced but I did have a blast playing this game
definitely a hard game to play especially with an Orthodox controlling
setup but I definitely recommend you check it out dirty pics in football
awesome game highly recommend it hey and if you’re new to this channel please
consider subscribing make sure you hit the notification bells so you’d be the
first know every time I upload more great content like this and as always
thanks for watching guys

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  1. CoolToy,

    Come on man, Patriots for life! …Just Kidding 🙂 Actually, my favorite Football Team is… The Rock!!! Oh, wait a minute… That's a Wrestler. That's riiiight. The only sport I watch is Wrestling 🙂

    What can I say? I need my sports predetermined 🙂


  2. Bro! Your killing me, Chief's! I wont hold it against ya. Send me your address I'll send you a Jersey…Raider Nation! Haha

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