Lil Adventures of the Bobblehead Boys Pt. 2 | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

Lil Adventures of the Bobblehead Boys Pt. 2 | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

MERO: Psst, yo, Desus. Coast is clear, y’all.
Everybody is out. Now’s our chance. DESUS: Let’s get out. First, we’ve got to live
our best bobblehead life. We’ve got to find the
real Desus and Mero and then take over the show. Bong, bing, got it. MERO: Wow. DESUS: That’s using your head. [HONK] Woo, baby, Mero, you see that? Madison Square Garden. MERO: Man, we’ve got to head
to the studio right now. DESUS: But we’re 20 feet from
glory and I’ve got a way for us into the arena. MERO: Hell no. I can’t trust you with
your crazy-ass plans, man. DESUS: Time to go to work. Hey, two tickets to
the game tonight. Who got the hook up?
No nosebleeds. MERO: Yeah.
You know what I’m saying? DESUS: Courtside only,
come on, hook your boys up. MERO: That fly shit. DESUS: It’s the Knicks,
baby, we’re at the mecca. It must be bobblehead night. Who are those guys? DESUS: Yo, I’m a bobblehead.
What are you looking at? You’ve got six as an IQ? Move it, big man. Is that Reggie
Bullock and Taj Gibson? MERO: Taj Gibson? Man, get the fuck out of here. My beard is way fluffier. DESUS: Yo, if you ain’t got a
ticket, keep it walking, man. Also, you like hip hop? You got– yo, big
man, come back here. MERO: Yo, yo, big man.
DESUS: You like hip hop? MERO: Yo, I got one more idea. DESUS: To the right.
MERO: –at the same time. DESUS: You don’t know
what you’re doing. MERO: So just turn
left, no like left. DESUS: Get out the way. Come on, man, you were
going the right direction. MERO: But we’ve got to be like
stepping shit at the same time. DESUS: Let’s go. How you going to DUI
driving a foam finger? MERO: I mean, dawg,
we all make mistakes. DESUS: Yo, move, we walking
here, big bobbles over here. MERO: Oh, excuse me. DESUS: Triple B’s, Big
Bobbles Boss, baby. MERO: Yo, come on, stop playing. DESUS: Yo, if my
calculations serve me right, it should be right here. MERO: Wow, that means– oh. DESUS: Oh god, we’re
in Times Square. MERO: Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. DESUS: So maybe it was
two rights and a left. MERO: Yeah.
DESUS: Shit. MERO: Oh! DESUS: Oh! There’s naked women here
with paint on their– [MUSIC PLAYING]

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Its wild that the random man said "must be bobblehead night", because i was thinking it'd be fun if it was an actual day. Where we're literal bobbleheads, shit would make for a good time any time.

  2. '…But we gotta be like stepping at the same time'


  3. Lmaoo this slot should be a part of their show. Like a lil 3 min segment short. Lmaoo. Or they should have shorts and just upload them to YouTube. Took bodega. I know your assistant is reading this . So yeah pass this to them ma am or sir. Assistant. It's about the brand all day . The ART BABY

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