Liverpool vs Arsenal Highlights Carabao Cup 6-5 pen | (10/30/2019)

Liverpool vs Arsenal Highlights Carabao Cup 6-5 pen | (10/30/2019)

Brewster come with it maintain those
crosses too deep his Harvey Elliot cutting inside towards
Alex oxlade-chamberlain it’s in yep Nikko Williams with the fall forward to
Alex oxlade-chamberlain run of oxlade-chamberlain to Nials in behind
Millner and Martinelli arriving in the middle come back to Bellerin he’s Willick
he takes it up Gomes is with him Martinelli is held up by Gomez but finds
Carrera whose little flick didn’t quite find the back of the net or indeed Mesut Ozil matron Niles now very good composure by
Maitland Niles özil square Kellehan has saved and Torreira
carted it with a very good ball in Torreira era retrieved by özil Ozil to Maitland
Niles beautiful composure there to feed it back into medicine özil sackers shot
Wow to say that had that been put in the curry be here to Brewster adjusted it’s
a good ball well cut out by Milner make the Niles again though into a really
good position cannot ice age he get was quickly taken Liverpool asleep really
too much room for Maitland Niles cut out by Milner it was Vandenberg time he started a game
for the club Elliot’s mistake turning an inside
straight to a Zil sucker to an unmarked it’s one of those who get all they need
this to go in and he does it’s going to be terraria it’s the
charge finds Martinelli Martinelli oh go to in front again it’s Carrera it’s deflected its martinet everything’s right about it it was way
too short make the nails nicked in and as up
intimated the Niles path great little touch rumors Oh – Elliot – curls scored a couple of
great goals in the Champions League in Belgium against King and that’s an
absolutely fun Alex oxlade-chamberlain nicked in front of Maitland Niles here
beautifully played into Martinelli and then Berg just away from Marta tied his
daybook Arrighi love meter it’s for Curtis Jones here into a rig he’s got
loads to do brilliant turned heriot-watt 15 meters
and then curled it beyond keller into the top corner watch it go what a game and Arsenal are in front one small doubt Brewster here had three around him and
nowhere to go Williams has done really well to get to
the byline sucka let him go to either Iggy did he volleyed it Hector burglary
for Arsenal and it’s one and it’s one more faces the cop
that’s Tina’s good penalty let’s go say bye camera
scores for level into the net Jones Scott Liverpool are

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  1. I feel sorry for arsenal 4-2 up but then again thats arsenal to let a 2 goal slip away well done Liverpool you never given up david in Leicester ps talk about game of the season ps good pens

  2. you have no idea how long it took me to find an english highlight for this game. it was either Arabic or something else. thank you

  3. Being a arsenal fan first of all congrats to Liverpool… And emery I just don't understand when ozil is performing and u take him out…. But not see of the game….

  4. "What a goal, what a game". That's damn right. This is how you enjoy watching football. Goal and goal and goal, til the end. Though fight, and though to loose in the pen. That's football man.

  5. Liverpool were trying their best to lose this game but Arsenal were "naaah we also trying to lose this game." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. This game has almost everything! … Many Goals, Own Goal, Misjudge without VAR, Huge mistake, Lots of Screamers, Penalty, Comeback, Penalty shoot-out

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