Los Angeles FC: A pro football team is born

Los Angeles FC: A pro football team is born

From the beginning it was very clear that things were going to be done the right way. It’s quite an experience. I think it’s different than anything
i’ve been a part of before. In this sense, everybody’s new. The coaches are new, the players are new. It feels like a big family, a big LAFC family. We’re going to be a part of the fabric of the
community right here… in the heart of Los Angeles. Maybe people that didn’t become galaxy fans now feel like they
can be part of something from the beginning. When there’s a club that has that kind of vision
and that kind of commitment, then you feel like this is a place where we can make
some special things happen. Three road wins already for this group. The time is here. I think it’s great having Bob back in the league. I think he’s a quality coach and when you
have quality coaches, which I think there are quite a few in the league. I think that
makes the league better as well as the players being better. Perform, excite, compete, win. Now we get the chance, the opportunity to do it
at Banc Of California stadium. For everyone who’s been a part of it, it’s our house and together… we’re LAFC. Thank you. To have the location that we have, to have
the feel of the stadium, and then once the supporters, the fans come in, they kind of complete the picture in terms of what
we’re trying to build here. A 350 million dollar facility built in the heart of Los Angeles, Banc Of California stadium gives LAFC a dream home
that is one of the best stadiums in MLS, a venue that will help LAFC stand out in one of the
great sports cities in America. LAFC plays its first match at the stadium on
Sunday, April 29th, and the 22,000 seat stadium has already made a big impression
even before its inaugural match. My feelings watching it being built… sometimes I got emotional because I knew how much this stadium
would mean for everybody who lives in Los Angeles There hasn’t been a lot of new development in the
community for years and years. First of all it’s incredible and for me, It kind of brings me back to the beginning. It brings me back to – believe it or not the 1970’s,
when I first started playing. The game was much smaller and the fanbase was much smaller. I don’t think I had any friends that really cared about the game, watching on TV etc forever. Now, to see the stadium and the number of people that are coming out, We’ve come a long way. You see the culmination of the hard work to just build the place. You have an idea, you can see the renderings and then
you can see the renderings come to life. You mentioned the supporters, what do you expect it will be
like when they walk in for that first time? I hope they’re proud. I hope that the emotion
that they feel is that… their club cares about them because I know they were a part of a lot of the decisions. We brought members in to say, what do you want [not only]
your stadium, your club, your section to look like? They got a chance to participate when they were
on the construction site, or now working at the stadium. It’s just truly amazing. The excitement is here [I think] because they now can feel it and touch it and come to the stadium. And that when they step in they say, ‘Oh my gosh,
they took what we said and ran with it and are making our experience what we all had
hoped and dreamed it would be.’ This exceeded expectations. It exceeded expectations. When you go in, you walk
through it and you look at it, you can’t help but say ‘Wow, I want to be here’ That’s the very purpose of this building, for the city to be here. At the ground-breaking right here, when we saw the great legacy
of an arena that had outlived it’s days come down. The workers who put this up, the architects who designed it,
a league that believed in coming here a second time. What is the brand of this club? There is no mascot. This is Los Angeles. We are Los Angeles Three, two, one! Before the stadium was built, LAFC’s roster had to be built. The team turned to former U.S. national team coach
and MLS cup winner Bob Bradley to lead the job of building a squad from scratch. 20 years ago, Bradley won an MLS cup title with the Chicago Fire
in their very first season. LAFC is only six matches into their first season, but early signs suggest Bob Bradley is well on his way
to building another winner. You sit there at first and you look at the blank whiteboard, and you’re not sure where it’s all going but somewhere in your head,
you’ve got a picture of… what kind of team you want to have and what kind of players
that are needed in order to build that kind of team. You start to think through the possibilities. Then as you work, as players come on the radar, and maybe
in some cases you move them into the team, that picture starts to get clear but every player
changes the picture slightly. It takes quite a while to really understand how we want to play,
what Bob wants from us… what our identity is going to be. I remember the first day that I came out here, I couldn’t tell. Are we going to be good? Are we not going to be good?
Are we going to struggle? So it’s hard and I’ve been in the MLS for eight seasons now. You would think that it would be easier than it is to figure that out but it’s tough and I think it’s all about finding your
identity and getting that chemistry so, it’s been a great experience. The opportunity to take your ideas, your vision and turn it into something, the best part is having a football picture in your head
of what kind of team you want to have, how you want to play and then trying to find the right
guys to make that happen. Obviously it helps with a guy like Bob who knows the league really well, knows how to manage players, has good ideas and so… I have a good relationship with him as well.
He’s helped me so, It’s been a good experience and I think we’ve
done well with it so far. You need those first pieces to make sense, so you need guys that you can build a team around, leaders, winners. The plus is… that there is money to go and find some… some young talent. That part is different than years ago. The day that we had the announcement and
the gathering for Carlos Vela, was just a special day where you got a real sense of… What we could do here so that part has been beyond exciting. Right off the bat, your sort of saying something to your fans, that this is the kind of player we want to have. He’s first and then that gives you a little idea
of what kind of football we want to play LAFC isn’t the only soccer team in town. the LA Galaxy, a star-studded club with a history of championships
and marquee players serves as a formidable rival for LAFC, setting a standard that the
first-year team has already shown it can compete with. The first match between the LA teams produced an unforgettable
4-3 thriller won by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Galaxy. It gave us an exciting first look at a rivalry with the potential to be special. The battle for the city wherever it takes place, is special. Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan, I saw Zamalek and Ahli. These kind of rivalries, these derbies,
they carry special weight in the football world. Los Angeles is an amazing sport city with all sorts of success. It’s all about who’s the best team at the time and
I think that’s a huge goal of both ours and Galaxy right now. I think it’s special for the fans and it builds everything, so it’s great for the city, it’s great for the sport and
it’s great for both teams. Chivas never probably achieved that full status of a rival, but this is definitely something that’s there. I think the front offices
are competing against each other. I think the academy teams are already competing against each other, and now it’s a chance for the first teams to go after it as well. We’re here to stay and I think it’s going to be a fun
beginning of the rivalry but, at the same time I think it’s going to escalate each and every year. It’s fantastic to have this here. I didn’t see it coming this quickly, but it’s awesome to have this in place now
and be part of it and I’m really excited about it. With a beautiful new stadium, a state of the art training facility, and one of the most dangerous attacking team in MLS, LAFC has hit the ground running, establishing itself as a favourite to make the playoffs, whilst also being a dark-horse title contender. boasting a stacked ownership with the financial muscle
and ambition to build a powerhouse, LAFC has the look of a team that will be competing
for championships in the very near future. In this next stretch and when we finally get some home games, we’re going to learn more and more about our team. In these tough games you see what your all about. Of course we’re still waiting on some players. André Horta’s going to be a really important
addition to our midfield. Bob’s teams are always going to be fit.
They’re always going to be dynamic and they’re always going to try and go at you quickly. Our message from the beginning is to take our football, go out and go for it. Play for three points and
be bold in the way we want to play. When you talk about identity a lot of it a lot of it
is the confidence in the way you play. sure we will understand some of the details with the Galaxy
but it’s about our football and our opportunity. Then if things come together, at some point we’ll know
that we’re a team that can compete. We know its a process and I hope everybody doesn’t
get too ahead of themselves but I think we’re on a good way here. People now have already been talking about
the supporters that we have. It’s amazing and we haven’t even played our
first game – a home game. And it’s our supporters, that yes we are here in the heart
of Los Angeles but you guys are the heartbeat. That is what I cannot wait to feel, to hear, to experience on the day of our first match. Before kick-off you look around and you take it all in. At kick-off you represent all of them. At kick-off it’s time to show that passion, to show that love. That’s exactly what LA’s about. LAFC, we will be champions one day. Yes we can!

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  1. Lmao keep talking about the location and stadium cause that’s all you got. Galaxy has 5 mls cups and one of the most decorated clubs in MLS. LAFC will always be second fiddle to the galaxy, they can join the ranks like clippers and the chargers. #lagalaxy

  2. building a winner looool ur teams are bought u have no competition no relegation u got carlos villa i wish i had the money to make a pro rel league i wud litterally spend every penny i had to right tbis wrong .

  3. why a so small stadium? why they did not to built a stadium a litlle bit biggest? i just think that LA deserve a big team whit big soccer stadium.

  4. I’m an Arsenal fan since 97. Still a huge Arsenal fan until now, but I think I’m adding LAFC to the club that I idiolize. I love LAFC’s jersey, the black and gold is beautiful. I love the stadium. It’s small, it has a huge gap on the sides and the distance between the court and the fans is really close, which reminds me a lot of Highbury. Also, Carlos Vela is one of my favorite player, and he plays for LAFC. So, those are the reason why now I’m a new fan of LAFC, and I’m going to follow every LAFC’s match from now. Love from Bali, Indonesia. 😉

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