Matthew Nicks Feature Interview

Matthew Nicks Feature Interview

Look, from my point of view it’s been a big 24 hours, but it’s been a big month going through the process and speaking to the club and getting a better understanding of where the clubs at. You know, I’m really looking forward to, to what I know will be a good chance for us to turn things around. I know they’re hungry. That was the one message that was coming through loud and clear over the phone was, ‘look we’re really keen to get back involved, get back on board and start training’. I know a number of them are out running on the streets already and out doing their work. So that’s a good sign. It shows that our group are keen to get back into it. We’ve got some really experienced players, obviously the Crouch brothers and Sloaney in and around that football. Whether we now get the opportunity to have a look at a few other young guys through there, you know, McHenry, whether we have a look at Jones in and around the footy. We’re talking some leg speed now and some run. So that’s adding something that we haven’t seen over the last 12 months. I love our backline. I think we’re rock solid down there. Lairdy and Smithy, but whether we have a look there as well and we might have a look at some of those in slightly different positions. I’ve always put people first. I’m all about good people. So, my version of a good person is someone who puts others first, you know, prioritises others. That’s been my philosophy as a coach right throughout. Right from when I was a development coach at the start. If we can get our group to that I have no doubt that it’s a quick turnaround. Players will play for each other. It’s amazing how you can find that little bit extra when the guy alongside you, you know he’s got your back and there’s a mutual respect there. You watch a lot of the best teams in the world at the moment, not just in our sport but across the world, what you see is the common theme with all of these is that the players just have the utmost respect for each other. You know, their relationships are strong, they work together, and they prioritise each other. As a player, I was part of the, the Sydney Bloods culture and we had huge respect for each other. So that’s why we performed at the level consistently. We went through a stay at process of getting to that, it wasn’t something that happened overnight. From my from my experience you need to empower people. I find if we can get that into our players and they’ll start to run the show themselves and you don’t want to make yourself, you don’t want to get yourself out of a job. But what you do want to get to is you can’t run on the ground at crucial times in games. And we want our players to get to a point where they can read scenarios, they understand the game and they also understand how their teammate works. So by empowering them, and again I’ll go back to experiences I’ve had, the best teams I’ve seen and the teams that have performed at their best were simple game plan, plenty of empowerment for players where the players had a voice. And then, complete support from a coaching group. Look, a lot of it’s going to be around embracing contest. The game is made up of just one contest after the other. We’ll actually try and seek out a contest rather than embrace. I think we’ve got a group that enjoy it already. Talking to a number of the players, we’ve got some guys that like putting their head in the hole and enjoy that physical side of the game so we’ll embrace that and we’ll and we’ll take it to the opposition. It’s a game of errors. It’s a game of turnovers. The team that can capitalise on those the most when the opposition make a mistake are often the ones that come through and are right up there in the four come the end of the year. If you mention the word defence, people think it’s vanilla and boring. Some of your best offence comes off your best defence is one of my mottos. And I’ve seen football played at its best and we’ve watched it this year. A lot of people will talk about some of the best teams in the comp. While they play exciting football, a lot of it comes off elite defence. We’ll have a focus on that, we’ll have that as one of our priorities, but that’ll allow us to play some really fast, exciting footy. And again, that’s about inflicting damage and we’ll come back to that. But for our supporters I can guarantee and what you will see, you’ll go away from our games proud of the way the guys have gone about it.
It’s not so much about the win-loss initially. It’ll be more about, look guys, ‘how are we playing our footy?’ And we’ll come off after the game and the result will look after itself if our guys are getting some of that right. it’s important for me to be here and meet as many people as I can and I’ll do whatever I can to get around, meet supporters, meet some of our staff in the administration, get around our whole football department and just get an idea and get an understanding and build relationships with people. I’m going to ask the players to do that as well. I’m really keen for us to get the family back together and get everyone on board so we all feel a part of it.

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  1. This guy is the real MVP. I’m glad that we’re gonna rebuild and “get the band back together”. High hopes 🙌🏻

  2. Lets be realistic a team full of first year players will take three years to bond together. 12 players gone in 18 months is going to take some time to rebuild. Rocky road ahead. Thanks to a reactive board of directors who have failed to do their job for two years.

  3. Similar message that was delivered by Richardson, Voss, Goodwin, Bolton, Knights, McCarthy, Neile. All going to unite the supporters, win back their trust, get players motivated to play with purpose. Blaablaablaa. Hope he succeeds for the sake of the club but sorry I prefer the talking to be done on the field not hyped up dribble of what we are gunna do more what we have done after we have actually done it.
    Time to focus Adelaide you have taken over the handbag mantel from Geelong now start to shed it and send it back across the border.

  4. All the best Matty with the Crows I hope you do really well.As a Carlton fan I've always like the Crows still have a pretty good list of experience and some youth coming through& also good early draft picks should still be pretty competitive to me:)

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