Max Hall on BYUSN 12.12.19

Max Hall on BYUSN 12.12.19

stuff. All the best group of five teams are now in power fives. Here’s max now, and congratulations on another championship. Thanks man, it’s great to pull it off with the kids, those years are special and you wanna celebrate them right? What’s your max bench right now, just wondering? What’s yours? Probably a lot less than you. I’ve been doing a lot of shoulder stuff lifting the trophies. So you’re not going to tell me. No I’m not. Dang we got Dennis Pitta in the house, so here we are with Zach Wilson adn the injuries with the others, what would your depth chart be? Yeah that sdsu game was tough and I was saying that to get eight wins would be great. I didn’t have access to the game at the time but I saw the highlights and going into the bowl game and as long as everyone is healthy, I would stick with Zach and I think that game experience is great and Jaren would be my backup. Certainly a sensitive situation with Jaren’s concussions, would you play again? The concussions are part of why I stopped playing and it really affected me and my play, you gotta be careful with that, and I think that you gotta be careful with that and I wouldn’t let him play in the bowl game, hall is awesome though, he’s a great athlete and it’s just too bad with what happened. Max hall is here on the show, what’s your favorite bowl game memory here at BYU? My favorite was my sophomore year against Arizona and we made a huge comeback. They were blitzing like crazy and it was like a welcome to college football thing for me and we won with a blocked field goal and I was running on the field celebrating and it was cool. So max there’s this idea that here would be a bigger playoff, would you rather BYU join a group of five or stay independent? That’s a good question, and I’m always a believer of being in a conference and getting a championship and I would love staying in a conference and getting one of those bids. I look at the possibility of staying in there and getting that. I’m with you max, the money is great with Independence and we don’t know what they would have to do, but the chance there is awfully enticing isn’t it? Yeah and I think that the times that are outside of the top four should be in there and be competing. I think that eight teams is the perfect amount, and I think that the top guys are going to go to those teams that are going to compete. Currently they are independent and have had some struggles and do you think that BYU can win 10 games or more with the scheduling? They have a tough schedule next year, Minnesota is on there and they are in the top four, so once again we are going to start the season off with some brutal games and can we win some of those tough games? We’d be happy with an eight game winning season and once you’re getting the ten or eleven wins you’re going to be getting the playoff talk. BYU at ASU, can you pencil it in, can we have you on countdown to kickoff? Yes absolutely, they are at a good point and I’ll be there on the sideline adn give me the headset and I’ll be there. Max good to talk to you. Just text me what your benchpress, it’ll stay

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