Meals from The Field – Time for Football Tailgating

Meals from The Field – Time for Football Tailgating

[Upbeat Music]
[College Fight Song Music] [Ray D’Alessio]
Well, mark it on your calendar now. November 16th, Georgia at Auburn. Yes, the showdown has been set. And of course, if you can’t wait before then,
you can always check out Eastern Illinois at UT Chattanooga for the Panthers season
opener. Little plug in there for my alma mater. [Marcia Crowley]
Why not? [Ray]
Absolutely. [Ray]
Hey, good to see you Marcia. [Marcia]
You too. [Ray]
Welcome back to The Farm Monitor and, yes, to another edition of Meals from the Field. Our annual tailgating edition, football season
is underway. Our favorite time of the year. We’re sporting the alma mater, we’re supporting
them. And we’ve got some pretty good recipes. [Marcia]
I hope so. [Ray]
And a little bit of a twist to a former recipe. [Marcia]
That’s exactly right. [Ray]
So what do we have? [Marcia]
These are, we’re going to be making taco cups, and this is a pound of lean ground beef that
I’ve drained. [Ray]
You might remember the chicken cups. [Marcia]
I know. [Ray]
Those were very, very popular so today we’re doing
[Marcia] Still are. [Ray]
Yeah, they are. So today we’re going to do taco cups. [Marcia}
And I’m going to add a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles. And three tablespoons of packaged taco seasoning. Of course, you can make your own if you feel
inclined. And you’re just going to let that simmer a
little bit. And for the sake of time, we’re not going
to do that. You’re going to stuff this in wonton wrappers
that you’ve placed in the bottom of a muffin tin, and they look like a little cup when
you get them out. Put that in there, some cheese on top, and
you can garnish it any way you like. And they are so good, they’re good cold. Obviously, they’re better hot but if you don’t
have a way to keep things warm. [Ray]
Right. [Marcia]
They’re just as good cold. [Ray]
And of course, as always, we’re using fresh Georgia-grown beef? [Marcia]
Of course, fresh. [Ray]
Absolutely. [Marcia]
Fresh, fresh. Okay, the next thing we’re going to do, I’m
going to get right to the dessert because this is still warm. These are peanut butter squares. You’re going to die when you taste these. They are so good. And they’re so
[Ray] And where are those peanuts from, again? [Marcia]
Those are from Georgia, of course. [Ray]
Those are Georgia peanuts. [Marcia]
This I’ve got in here; I’ve already melted this. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
This is a 10-ounce bag of peanut butter chips that you buy in the baking section. Two tablespoons of butter and a can of sweetened
condensed milk. What can go wrong with that? [Ray]
Nothing. [Marcia]
You’re going to add to that two cups of mini marshmallows. Stir that up really good. This is two cups of peanuts and I lined this
dish with parchment paper because it’s easy to pull it out and you can slice them, cut
them more evenly. So this is two cups of lightly salted Georgia
peanuts. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
I’m going to put this over the top of it. If I can do that because it’s a really heavy
pan. And of course, it will be a little more melty
than this when you do it. But this is the only part that you cook. Okay, we’re going to pretend that that’s all
on there. Spread it out evenly. Then you’re going to add another cup and a
half of peanuts to the top of it. And like I said, this will be a little… [Ray]
So a double layer of peanuts? [Marcia]
Double layer of peanuts. Like I said, when you do this at home, this
is going to be hotter and it will smooth more evenly and easier. Gently press some peanuts on the top and you
can refrigerate them until you’re ready to eat them. And I don’t know that you could substitute
peanut butter. I think it would be almost too creamy for
this. [Ray]
Right. [Marcia]
So that’s why the chips are in there. [Ray]
Okay. [Marcia]
Okay, got that. Now, the last thing, and this is a Southern
staple, really. The stuffed celery. And this is just cream cheese, softened, about
a teaspoon of seasoned salt and garlic powder, and about three teaspoons of chopped pecans. You stir that up, and you simply stuff it
in the celery. And I did this the other night. [Ray]
What about chopped peanuts in the celery? [Marcia]
You could do chopped peanuts in there. We got to be equal opportunity here. I did this, this weekend for some neighbors. Along with some of these other things we were
trying. The stuffed celery went first, believe it
or not. [Ray]
Did it? Okay. [Marcia]
And there’s always sliders that’s really good for a tailgate. That is….. [Ray]
Let’s take a look at those. [Marcia]
That is turkey tenderloin, you could do pork, you could use beef. And the reason it’s turkey is they had the
turkey tenderloin in the same refrigerated section. [Ray]
Right. [Marcia]
As the pork, and I didn’t look closely so I got turkey. So that’s why we’re having turkey sliders
today. [Ray]
Well there you go, can’t go wrong with that, though. [Marcia]
I serve it with barbecue sauce, honey mustard, whatever you like, pickles. [Ray]
And as always, this stuff is pretty simple to make. You can make it the night before, and, I guess,
then take it to your tailgating parties? [Marcia]
I don’t know that I would make, if you were going to take these taco things, I wouldn’t
stuff them until you got there. [Ray]
Until you got there. [Marcia]
Yeah. But you could ahead and make the mixture ahead
of time. But everything else you can do ahead. [
[Ray] Right. And I’m sure you’re probably wondering at
home, “well, how can I make all these without rewinding the TV and trying to write everything
down?” You don’t have to do that. All you’ve got to do is go onto All the recipes are there for you, Marcia
sends them to us every single month. They are in great detail. Folks, let me tell you, if I can do it, you
can do it. [College Fight Song Music}
[Ray] What music is that, do I hear? Is that the Eastern Illinois fight song playing
again? [Marcia]
I bet you it is. [Ray]
That is our cue to say so long, for now. And so long until next month. Marcia, good to see you again. [Marcia]
Thank you Ray, see you next month. [Ray]
Good luck to your Tigers this year. Good luck, Bulldogs. And of course, good luck Panthers. We’ll see you next month.

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