MESSI & CR7 SKILLS YOU NEED TO LEARN | top 5 football skills

MESSI & CR7 SKILLS YOU NEED TO LEARN | top 5 football skills

today we’re going to teach you some wicked football skills from two of the absolute dots as we’re gonna teach you five more Messi and Ronaldo skills so you can spice up your game by getting some of the best tricks from both sides of the rivalry number five is the air scoop an easy but super effective move and you can do this in more or less every situation when the defender is rushing in just gently lift the ball over his foot and move away you’re not going to do this with a small lop or simply lift the ball with a scooping motion [Music] number four the body faint chip the classic messy move with a twist which you can do both running and standing still start off by doing the body feint but instead of taking a normal touch in the other direction you scoop the ball up in the air by lifting your foot remember to point those toes upwards everything all smooth [Music] number three the step over tap when you’re standing still do this step over the ball and straightaway do a jump tap with your other foot tap the ball to perform an air croqueta very misleading for the opponent and it looks advanced so what’s not to like [Music] in second place we have the messy mesmerizer a great move if you closed down on the opposite flank say I’m on the left with the defender in my back I take a touch backwards then step over the pole from the outside in turn and tap the ball away with my strong foot stop it with the outside of the same foot through a body feint and then cut inside to wreak havoc [Music] and number one the cr7 what this move is impossible to explain and we’re not a hundred percent sure it’s actually effective in any way but it just looked so sweet you basically just have to do a lot of step overs body feint soul rolls you name it it’s in there I mean all I can say is watch the footage I’m sorry there’s just no explaining this [Music] so there you go my friends five wicked skills that you need to learn from Messi and Ronaldo but which of the two is actually the best potentially the greatest of all time well as always is your let us know in the comment section right down below and don’t forget that if you want to rep either Messi or Ronaldo you can buy both of their shirts if you click the link and go to unisport or come right over there now of course also if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe with the notifications on to see all our latest videos the second they drop and finally go learn some wicked skills from El Clasico by clicking the video right down there oh that’s it guys I’m signing off cheerio

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  1. Christiano Ronaldo 7 is the greatest player of all time

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  2. The 1st cr7 skill was too good .
    I also get🤔🤔 confused🤔🤔 when I have done this first time……..🤭🤭🤭🤭😅😅😅😅

  3. #IF U ARE A CR7 FAN LEAVE A LIKE😉👍. CR7 IS THE BEST GOALSCORER OF ALL TIME. 9 Hat tricks in a Single LaLiga Season.He wins all kinds of cups. He has won the:
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    3.Golden Boot Multiple times😁✨

    4.Euro Nation's League with Portugal. What has Messi won with Argentina.?

    5. G.O.A.T 🐐

    ECT cetra

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