MICHIGAN STATE FOOTBALL ///: East Lansing, Michigan

This week
we totally caved we took Jonah to a football game. We learned a lot so
hopefully you can learn from some of our epic fails. We started preparing for
today’s game I think 11:30 last night I checked the weather and it called for
all-day showers, so I had to go to the store at midnight and go and find some
ponchos and rain boots and oh wait and then we found out you’re not allowed to take diaper bags in so with a nine-month-old that was unpleasant. So we also had to buy a clear tote. As parents we for sure know how to
pregame… We left around 11:15 and the game started at noon. And we were like, we will just drive there we’ll figure out a
parking spot. Bad idea…We did find a parking spot and it was only about a mile and a half away from the stadium (music) (music) So we get there and we are ready to go, we packed smart (strategic)we have some snacks when we have our
clear tote and we get that and they say “you cannot come in with that clear tote” “hold on that tote is too big.” Jonah was super patient so that was really cool we
actually we packed a little lunch and we thought that we’d have a little bit more
time to eat it and we didn’t and obviously you can’t take food into the
stadium so Jonah just decided hey there’s no better time than now to enjoy my Lunchables. On our way up Jonah got noticed so he
made a little friend and I’m pretty sure he’s pretty smitten with her. A
really cute girl said “can I get some video of you” and she held Jonah and
it was super, super cute and you could just tell he was like smiling ear-to-ear
he just loves being adored. Some other people- it was funny, we were taking some family pictures and some random fans joined us for a family picture So we finally get up there we got to our spots and I think that was cool when we got we walked out and
you saw the stadium which we’ve seen a few times now, but John had never seen it
before and he was kind of taken back and to end the day we went outside and
we threw around the football please subscribe

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