Minecraft Football Stadium (American) – Work In Progress

Minecraft Football Stadium (American) – Work In Progress

[Music] today’s video will be of my football field that I’ve been working on lately it’s not finished yet but it will be finished eventually I don’t know what it’ll take a while but so it’s over here I think it’s coming along pretty well though it looks pretty nice actually right back here that’s it it’s pretty big there you can see I have box seats and this is pretty much done right here it still got a lot to do though I pretty much finished all the seating arrangements in here let’s go inside of one of these they’re all the same all the box seats here we’ve got all these seats down there that’s a football field over here we have chests and like table things countertops over here okay no got the field it’s pretty big and then down here we have the tunnel it’s not close to being done yet oh that’s all I started right there that’s everything you see right there that’s it gee is it and these are what the seats look like up close let me just go around the whole thing so you can see it see this is all done right here except I still gotta make the sides here make like glass probably glass right here so it’s um stairs to get up and yeah this is other side this still got to has to get worked on put fences in here yet over here this is like last thing I’ve done I haven’t finished it yet I’ve been working on that right here and then I gotta do something with this now I’m gonna make locker rooms and cafeterias for each team I just started my visitors on down here dolls right there take a look in there so I’ll do it let’s build of this if I got enough likes so here this is gonna be the exit down here is the locker room take a look at that no loggers then we got showers down here back here as you can see they’re working as a flip that simple showers they won’t go back out there’s one last thing I want to show you the cafeteria not much to it but let’s still show it here’s a cafeteria I haven’t started anything so where they can get their food and then here also be like the news conference remnants and stuff that’s very much it this is the football field I’ve been working on now the real fun should be done I’ll make another video of that but make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss it oh I’m using the sort X texture back right now again I will make a let’s build if I get enough likes or comments and that’s my football field please like this video or also subscribe thank you [Music] you [Music]

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  1. I have my own server that i host on my computer. i use hamachi because of my router. i can send u the info for the hamachi if u want to join.

    i am using the soartex texture pack, i just put the link in the description


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