Monday, November 11

Monday, November 11

Live from New York City, it’s “The Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! Hi! (audience cheers) Thank you for watching our show. Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. (audience cheers) Okay. (laughs) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m glad I survived the weekend. Let’s get started, it’s time for. Hot Topics! Come on. (upbeat rhythmic music)
(audience cheers) Woo. It’s louder than usual. Wow. Well–
Wendy, Wendy! Thank you, thank you. Well, it’s louder than usual in here. (audience laughs) Today is Veteran’s Day. (audience cheers) A day where we respect and honor and are thankful for our military families and the military people who serve themselves. (audience cheers) I would suspect that there are a lot of school teachers and people who work in banking, people who have the day off. The big parade is here in New York. I can’t believe that in a hundred years or something like that of this parade being around, a president has never attended until today. So Donald Trump, President Trump is in the city. The traffic is mayhem. Anyway, enjoy your day, veterans. (audience cheers) Oh. Oh. Don’t forget tomorrow, Whitney’s long-time friend, Robyn Crawford will be here. (audience cheers) It’s gonna be good conversation, I’ll tell ya. We learned that Madonna is being sued by a man-fan. (audience exclaims) Well, he’s suing her, ’cause I’m like, all right, sell me this story, what is he suing for, what’d she do now, really? Well apparently Madonna changed the performance of her concert in Miami. Previously it was supposed to be 7:30. Now why is this Miami? I thought it was here in New York. Well, she’s traveling, it’s a tour. She’s traveling from city to city. But this guy’s tickets are December in Miami. Okay, why is he suing already? Right.
Okay. (Norman and audience laugh) Well, the show was supposed to start at 7:30, but now everyone’s been informed, allegedly, that it’s not gonna start until 10:30. (audience exclaims) Big deal! (audience laughs) She’s a rockstar. Which one of those people ever show up on time for anything? It’s kinda like the anticipated, glamorous, you know. You show up when you show up, the crowd is ready, and then everyone dances. But he bought his tickets, three of them, for $1,000 and now he can’t attend the show. (audience exclaims) Why can’t you attend? You’ve already been informed, the show is still gonna happen on that night, sir. And (laughs) it won’t be at 7:30, sir, it’ll be at 10:30. To me, there are certain events that when you plan on going to them, you definitely clear your next day to recover and recoup. Now maybe he works– (audience applauds) Man. Maybe he works an early job where he can’t afford to take off. Maybe he goes in 8:30 in the morning. So a 7:30 that evening, yeah, that worked into his schedule. But, so then you sleep real well for the days leading up to. You know you sometimes, there– (audience laughs) You know how sometimes there are events in your life that you have to sleep a lot for? Because you know what’s about to happen? We just got off the weekend, but already, today, I’m planning on getting more sleep all week, ’cause next weekend is gonna be on tilt. (audience exclaims) And I don’t know what time I will ever come in the house, if I make it at all, have the bail money ready. (audience exclaims and laughs) (audience applauds) I’m going out with one of my favorite cut buddies. And we are gonna get in trouble. (audience exclaims) As a woman of a particular age, you start planning for that. Like tonight, I’ll go to bed maybe two hours, every night I’ll sleep a little bit more. (audience laughs) So I don’t think that this is Madonna’s fault. Norman went to the show here in New York. I did.
And now, Norman said that his tickets were 7:30 too, 7;30 also, I mean. Yeah.
(all laugh) But Madonna didn’t get on stage until 10:30. Until 10:30, but–
But you said you got an email. Yeah, they informed me the day before. A letter from the kingdom of Madonna. Saying, you know she’s not gonna be on ’til 10:30, so don’t show up ’til then. And I did. And you have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to be here.
5:30, right. But you plan your sleep.
Uh-huh. You informed your friends.
Yup. Now how was the show? Excellent. Excellent. (audience applauds) Just sayin’.
(Norman laughs) But Michael Lee, who’s a bit more older than you. Uh-huh. He’s my age.
Not by much, yeah. Yeah, he’s my age.
(Norman laughs) Michael Lee here at the show for 11 years, okay. Michael Lee did not get the email. Correct. He showed up at the show–
so he showed up at 7:30. At 7:30.
And sat there. (audience exclaims) Well, Michael Lee, why didn’t you bring snacks? (audience laughs) Or why didn’t you leave with the ticket in hand and go across the street and have a dinner or something like that, or mingle in the lobby? Seeing Madonna is not like seeing some people. That is an event. I just have to say, that’s all. Anyway. (audience applauds) Yeah. So did you watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta” last night? (audience cheers) Okay good, okay good. So you did you homework, good cohost, good for you. All right, I was watching also. Porsche broke up with her fiance, Dennis after he cheated on her. (audience exclaims) And then he asked her for the engagement ring back. (audience exclaims) It’s one of those big rings too. Take a look. I said, if he give me the ring back and we get back together–
Wait a minute. You gettin’ back?
You gave the ring back? No, he asked for it back. Hold on now, hold this, hold the hell on. Oh, time out.
He did. (woman in tan shirt laughs)
I didn’t think he was gonna ask, who does that? Let me get this straight, so there’s all these rumors of cheating and drugs and animals and Dennis gets to take the ring back? (audience exclaims)
(Wendy laughs) You know what? I had no idea that Porsche had this type of maturity. You know I’m a ring-giver-backer. You’re engaged and the engagement’s not going down, you know what, you throw that thing at him. (audience applauds) Even though he asked for it back, I was shocked that she gave it back. Porsche, she’s turned into such a woman, in terms of the way she deals with things. We’ve known her since she was a dopey girl. (audience laughs)
But no, she turned that all the way around right in front of our eyes. Even if he didn’t ask for the ring back, if I were Porsche, I would’ve given it back to him anyway. You know what I’m saying? (audience applauds) She could’ve always turned it into a brooch. Or had it crushed up and made a tennis bracelet out of it or something. But she did the right thing. Now, as to whether they’re back together or not, I bet you they are. As the plot thickens. Still no NeNe last night. But I was telling you, NeNe said to me that she isn’t coming in ’til like, the third episode. So last night was the second episode of the new season. So then I guess she’ll be there next week. Did you see Cynthia’s daughter came out of the closet? (audience exclaims) Oh, Cynthia’s minding her own business, driving down the street, she’s with Noelle, the beautiful Noelle. They are really a beautiful mother and daughter, right? (audience applauds) They’re driving down the street and then Noelle starts talking about her how you doin’ fluid life. Well here’s kinda what she said. She was like, Cynthia was like, how are the boys? And she’s just driving along like a mom. How are the boys? And so Noelle says, well, Mom, you know I like boys and girls. Well, Cynthia still kept the car on the road. (audience laughs)
Okay? (laughs) She didn’t hit a speed bump or anything, Cynthia just kep driving along, looking gorge. And Noelle was so comfortable with it, that you couldn’t help but love them as mother and daughter more. Cynthia embraced it, she didn’t pull over. There was no fight that started. And so Cynthia’s like, so who are you currently involved with? And Noelle said, well, currently I like girls. But who knows what’ll happen? So, hey Noelle, how you doin’? (audience applauds) “Real Housewives” airs every Sunday night on Bravo. Speaking of housewives, over at the “Real Housewives of Potomac”. (Norman laughs)
Potomac. Do you know the girl, Monique Samuels? Well she was charged with assault. (audience exclaims) Honey, these people are too old to be getting charged with assault at this point in life. What kinda school yard mess is going on? (audience laughs) All right, so Monique allegedly fought with her costar, Candiace Dillard during a taping last month. Now we haven’t seen that, but I have got the inside scoop for you, and then we’ll probably see it on the show, ’cause the cameras are there. These are two women just thumpin’. (audience laughs) Monique, up top, allegedly grabbed Candiace’s hair, down at the bottom, and pulled her all the way down. (audience exclaims) Reportedly, people had to jump on Monique to pull her off of Candiace. (audience exclaims) Now, Candiace threatened to beat Monique’s behind, like, last season, but Candiace was pregnant. So she said, if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d jump all over you. (audience exclaims) Well the jump-ation happened. (audience laughs) Monique is married, Monique up here, top, married with three kids, okay? And the husband who used to play basketball, football. (audience laughs) She’s got a six-year-old, a three-year-old, an 11-year-old. 11 months old. How’s mom fightin’? And why are we fighting? I don’t even know the origin of the fight. A plot line? I don’t know. You know you all like a good fight, though. (audience laughs) That seems to keep people on the show. This makes me wanna watch. You know that’s one of my favorite franchises anyway, so I watch anyway. And I’m not really that familiar with these girls. I’m more familiar with the girls who started out, you know, Ashley and them. But I like their franchise. No, I was thinking, no, because the Jets play the Redskins this coming weekend. And so I might go down there and maybe one of these girls has an extra ticket. I don’t have my tickets yet. (audience laughs) No, but I know some of the executives at the Redskins so I can sit in the box, but I don’t wanna root for the Redskins, I wanna root for the J-E-T-S. (audience cheers) Yeah. So good. (audience cheers) (Wendy laughs) This weekend, big football weekend here in New York. Jets versus Giants. There is no loser in this ’cause we all love both of the teams, but I’m a Jet. And so I was gonna sit in the Johnson, they own the team, I was gonna sit in the Johnson’s boof, booth, I mean, sorry, Boof. (audience laughs) Boof, and eat firm shrimp with the cocktail sauce and stuff. And have a good ol’ time. I was gonna wear green. And then they ended up winning. But I was so worn out from the night before. Now the game wasn’t until one o’clock over at MetLife in Jersey, right? And I was so worn out when I woke up, I said, I can’t move. About last night. (audience exclaims and laughs) Okay, so Saturday night was the party that me and Dr. Oz hosted together at his compound. (audience cheers) Oh, wait, no, no, no, no, no, show it by itself so you don’t cut off Bernie, there you go, uh-huh. Oz and I have been planning this party for like, a month and a week, all right? Who was gonna be invited, we wanted to curate people with interesting conversation. Doesn’t matter whether we all know each other or not. It’s gonna be grown fun. He has a dining room table at his compound. Doesn’t it look like we’re in the Oval Office or something? Yes, yes.
(audience murmurs) Let me tell you something about that Dr. Oz. He is living, okay? (audience applauds) We’re back and forth over who to invite. Now, mind you, he’s having it, this whole party was my idea. I insinuated myself on him, but Dr. Oz likes to entertain. So we’re both doing really well, we’re both in our eleventh season. I said, “Oz, let’s have a good ol’ adult party “before the holidays come in and everybody leaves town”. He’s like, “Wendy, great idea”. He said, “Look, Lisa and Daphne,” his wife and his daughter, “will get all the food together”. “All right, who do we invite?” So we’re back and forth texting in between doing our shows for the last month and five weeks. Back and forth texting, all right, who are we gonna have? So this is our final cut. All right, now let me show you exactly who’s there. (audience laughs)
Okay. Okay. Right here is local newscaster on PIX11 in New York, Tamsen Fadal, who’s a friend of mine. Tamsen arrives at my apartment so we ca go together. Right here is radio superstar at iHeartRadio, Elvis Duran. (audience cheers)
Uh-huh, uh-huh. All right. And there’s Elvis’ husband, Alex. Okay, okay, okay. Then there’s John. John is married to local newswoman here in New York, Rosanna Scotto, who’s right there. (audience cheers)
Uh-huh, uh-huh, mm-hmm. Okay, then there’s Steve. Steve is married to Joy Behar. (audience applauds)
Uh-huh, uh-huh. Believe me, you, this was one of the best times of my life. And I’m not talking about new life, I’m talking about all 55 years. It was a wonderful, six hours that I’ll never get back. I could’ve stayed for another three. All right, all right, then there’s Lisa Oz and me, Wendy. (audience applauds)
Uh-huh, and then, okay, wait. Okay, and then there’s, of course, Dr. Oz, there’s Daphne Oz and her wonderful husband, John. They live on the same property. There are two mansions on one property. Let me tell you something about this Oz family, honey. The dogs are running around, but they weren’t bothersome. They were civilized, they weren’t bothering anyone. (audience laughs) I don’t recall who this is. I apologize, I know you had a jumpsuit on in green that I really, really liked. But once we sat down, you disappeared. Anyway, and there’s Rosanna Scotto and of course Joy and my manager, Bernie. (audience cheers) Oh, oh, wait, oh, hold on. Okay, do you see the table right there? Okay, so it was appetizers and libations from six to seven. The appetizer, let me tell you something about this food right here, okay? I had my doggy, I went with a doggy bag. (audience laughs) And inside the doggy bag, it was big enough to hold my hot sauce, uh-huh. I like the Lowry’s garlic, the California blend. And I also had, uh-huh some A1 sauce. (audience laughs) I put it on the table and I shared it with everybody, people were stunned. I’m like, (scoffs) are you serious with this? Look, the good crackers, there was all kinds of salami and grapes and spicy peppers. I could’ve just eaten this and gone home, all right. (audience laughs) So then, we go into the dining room, and we had, from seven o’clock to 12:15, we laughed and joked. I can’t tell you about what went on there, but let’s just say new life is good life. (audience cheers) Yeah, really good. Really good. By the time I got home from there, I was like, oh, J-E-T-S, I can’t go. And I was supposed to be going with Bernie, me and Bernie were gonna go. And I said, “Hello, Bernie”, he said, “Huh?” (audience laughs) I said, “You don’t wanna move either?” He said, “Nah”. (audience laughs) I said, “Okay, we’ll just watch on TV “and root for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets”. And then they won, so then, all right, that was one event this weekend. But on the last show of the day, the studio’s quiet, only James is outside my dressing room, and there are a few people working around in the edit bay and stuff like that. And I get a knock at my door. Now after we finish a double-show Thursday, I sit in my office like, (exhales deeply). I was sitting there in a bra and panty. (audience laughs) I mean, it’s my office. (audience laughs)
You know what I’m saying? I’d taken off my costume, took off the show wig, I’m sitting there with natural hair, watching TV, trying to gather myself to go home only to tumble back in bed. It’s great about Kevin being away at school now, ’cause I don’t have to rush home to make dinner or whatever. I know that I can leave whenever I want and get home how I want and do what I want. So I’m sitting there like, (sighs), and I’m watching TV and James knocks at the door. I’m like, what? (audience laughs) I don’t ask for a lot around here, I just ask for punctuality and if I’m in my office at a particular time, and James, you and I spend a lot of time together, you know there’s certain times that I don’t like to be disturbed. Like, after a two-show Thursday. (audience laughs)
Absolutely. He’s knocking. I was like, “What James?” He says, “You’ve got company”. I said, “I don’t want company, who’s, like, what?” I looked at my phone, nobody had called me. I look at the phone in my office, nobody called that phone. I’m like, who called? Nobody, somebody’s just popping by. So he says, “You’re gonna like this company”. I said, “Oh, wait, oh, hold on now”. (audience laughs) “Let me put on a negligee.” (audience laughs) But I was so comfortable, I forgot to put a wig on. (audience laughs) You know, sometimes if you’re a wiggy, then you know, sometimes you’re so comfortable you might even get to your front door about to go someplace and said, ooh, I forgot my wig. (audience laughs) James opens the door, and who is it? Tiffany Haddish. (audience cheers) Oh. Yeah. We sat and cackled like two college girls for like, an hour and a half. It wasn’t about me putting on a wig. She’s doing her movie with Billy Crystal here in New York. She was on the block, she saw my picture up there. She’s like, this is where Wendy, well I’m going in. (audience laughs) And she didn’t call me, she’s got my number, she didn’t call, she wanted to surprise. And I just sat there and we just laughed. You know what I like, cool friends? It wasn’t about taking a selfie to put on social media. This was taken a while ago. No current picture in there, anything like that. But shout out to Tiff. And you know what, she’s part of my weekend programming too. Do you watch that “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? Yes. So funny. Anyway, oh, oh, you know what I found out over the weekend? (audience applauds) Yeah, shout out to Darius in Virginia, the 11-year-old who loves to dance like Michael Jackson, but act like me. He made me this bracelet, I still been wearing it. So I found out over the weekend that Darius’ grandmother passed. And we, all of us, cheering about him and everything like that, we’re the light of his life. His mother emailed my chief to say, tell Wendy thank you. Darius is going through a hard time right now, but this little bracelet and us saying, “Aw” to him. Darius. (audience applauds)
Darius, hang in there, kiddo. All right, look, that’s it for Hot Topics. But we got more great show for you. The Inside Scoop is coming up with Sharon Carpenter. She’s talking about rap beef. So grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) All right. Well it is time for the Inside Scoop and here with all the dish is our entertainment journalist friend, Sharon Carpenter. (audience cheers)
Hi. Welcome back. Great to see you, Wendy. In all velvet. Thank you, yeah, I’m trying to keep warm, it’s cold out there.
Beautiful, I know, tell me. All right, so what’s going on with Sharon Stone? Okay, so new rap feud alert. We had Drake versus Pusha T. We had Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj. Now we have Sharon Stone versus Chanel West Coast. And of course, yeah, you’re wondering, who is that, right? No, not me. Not you.
I watch “Ridiculousness”. I heard, yeah, yeah.
I like that on MTV. You like her, so Sharon Stone, of course, from “Basic Instinct”, we know her from the iconic scene, the leg-crossing situation, and other Hollywood movies as well. Chanel West Coast is the cohost of “Ridiculousness” on MTV, and yeah, you’re a fan. And she was also on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” for one season.
I don’t recall that. Yeah, yeah, just for one season though. So she put out a song over a year ago called “Sharon Stoned”. Sharon Stone herself has caught wind of it, she is not happy about it. In fact, she’s suing Chanel West Coast. Why, ’cause stoned implies getting high? That is certainly part of it, yeah. She’s not happy about this song and she wants the song and the music video pulled forever. Sharon is basically saying that Chanel is profiting from her extraordinary fame and popularity. Come on, Sharon.
And using her name without her consent, yeah. Now listen to this, according to the lawsuit, she says Sharon Stone’s name 99 times in the song. When you add it up, it equals to one minute and 12 seconds of a less than five minute song. You look at the music video, she’s certainly channeling Sharon Stone there, spoofing the–
Ah, she looks great. She looks pretty good. Is that Redman, by the way, and Michael– Rapaport.
Rapaport right there, yup. So there’s that “Basic Instinct” moment. There’s a “Casino” moment in there as well. But Sharon is most pissed about the fact, she feels that this song, like you said, implies that she supports weed-smoking. I didn’t think that.
Sharon Stoned. I think that Sharon is a woman of a particular age and when these young people say her name, it brings her into relevance to certain people who don’t know her. Now I know Sharon Stone. Yeah, well, you know I just saw her. She’s 61 years old now, she was just at the GQ Awards.
She looks great. She looks amazing.
Yeah, yeah. (audience cheers) She looks absolutely amazing. So she wants no part of it. And I don’t know if you’ve heard the song, but the song sucks. And I actually don’t blame her, it’s pretty bad. I’ve never heard it before, I only know the girl from “Ridiculousness”. Yeah, yeah, most of us haven’t heard the song, but if you listen to it, you’ll understand why Sharon isn’t too happy about it. Now Chanel has a completely different version of events. She says that Sharon knew about the song for a year leading up to the release of the song and the video as well, wanted to be in the video. They had meetings, their reps were involved. And even went to two dance rehearsals where they took a photo behind the scenes that she’s using as evidence to say Sharon knew about this all along. Where’s the photo, why don’t we see it? Yeah, we don’t have the photo in our hands. Unfortunately, we need to see it, yeah. She’s also saying that she went ahead with the music video shoot, Sharon came down there, and then changed her mind for no reason at all, no explanation. They continued to shoot the music video anyway. And now this has occurred. Sharon said nothing about this, by the way.
So TMZ though, caught up with Chanel. TMZ, yes, they did, they recently caught up with her after saying, she says that she’s really hurt by this whole situation, but take a look at this. I think she’s throwing a little shade at Sharon. There’s so many songs where people have made the title of the song about a famous person from the past. I don’t think that there’s any reason to be suing me. I think that all I did was something nice for her in a way. I have young friends, who, when I made the song, didn’t even know who Sharon was. So in a way, I’ve kind of made her relevant to some young people again. (audience exclaims)
Ouch. What do you think, Wendy?
I didn’t see that as shade. I saw that as her talking. And I think that Sharon Stone needs to be quiet with this. Because there are people Chanel’s age who don’t know who Sharon Stone is. I mean, even when they watch “Casino”, one of my favorite movies– Yeah, I love it.
They still don’t know who Sharon Stone is. There’s this soon-to-be washed-up rapper who can’t keep my name out of its mouth. I love it, I sit here like, okay, keep talking. Ooh.
(audience exclaims) (Sharon laughs)
Say some more. (audience cheers)
Nice, Wendy, yeah. But I will say this, I didn’t know who Chanel was until Sharon Stone sued her, and I think a lot of us didn’t. So I think it works both ways at the end of the day.
Okay, clap if you knew who Chanel was. (audience applauds) And I’m old–
And what about if you know who Sharon is, Sharon Stone. (audience applauds)
Yeah. All right, look, let’s move on to the cheating scandal in the OC.
Oh, this is a juicy one. Your former OC Housewife, Meghan King Edmonds, she is going through a divorce right now from her former baseball star husband, Jim Edmonds, and it is getting really nasty, it sounds like it. He wants the divorce.
Yeah. It is getting nastier and nastier by the day. They have been married for five years, looking like the picture-perfect couple, by the way. They have three kids. They have a three-year-old daughter, they have twin boys who are both one. Now the drama first began last summer. She says that she sat down with him during the summer and he admitted to sexting another woman, exchanging nude photos, and sending a video of him pleasuring himself, let’s just say. (audience exclaims) And all while she was pregnant with the twins. (Wendy laughs)
A difficult pregnancy at that. (audience laughs)
(Wendy laughs) And it gets even worse. Apparently he sent that video on the day that she gave birth. (audience exclaims) To me that’s just unforgivable. Now he says that there was no physical cheating involved, it was purely the sexting. She says, well, that’s cheating anyway. It was going on for months. And he also says that he only met this woman on one occasion, and that was to pay her off, because she was threatening to expose the story to the press, which is what happened anyway. She’s been exposed herself as the baseball madame, that’s what she’s known as, because apparently she’s involved, yeah. With baseball players.
She’s done this a few times, apparently.
Now what about him being at the hockey game with their 23-year-old nanny? Oh, can you believe it? Yes, so Meghan stuck around just to find out two weeks ago that he went to a hockey game with their 22-year-old nanny. Okay.
Yeah. And there they are.
And he’s making every excuse, he’s saying, oh, no, well her boyfriend just dumped her so I was just looking out for her, showing her a good time. But apparently, according to Meghan, they were in the bar ’til 1:30 a.m. and deleted a bunch of text messages between them. So she’s like, okay, what’s up with this? This is totally inappropriate. My thing is that if you’re gonna go to a hockey game with your 22-year-old nanny, then you tell your wife. She’s not in a good place, I got the tickets for the hockey game.
Exactly. So I’m going, but didn’t he bring along some other friends too?
He took a friend. I don’t see any friends in there, ’cause he could’ve said to the wife, look babe, get a babysitter that night. We’ll both take her to the hockey game to cheer her up.
Exactly. (audience applauds)
In fact, he lied to Meghan about it, so she’s like, what is really going on here? He says that this young woman is like a daughter to him, but if that’s the case, I mean, he has seven kids. If that’s the case, why did he lie about it? Because he was looking for a way out of his marriage. Good luck with you all’s divorce. Thank you for being here, Sharon Carpenter, everybody.
Thanks, Wendy. Check out “The Royal Report” Thursdays at 5:30 on PeopleTV. Up next, the hottest celebrity makeup trends. Mally is here, don’t go far. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Yeah. Shoulder pad action.
A little should pad and the shoes. Thank you.
It’s good. Thank you so much.
Hi. Here to show us the hottest celebrity makeup trends is our friend, Mally Roncal. Welcome back. (audience cheers) I love you, I love you, I love you. Hi.
Teach us what to do. Oh, honey, it is time. Well first of all, let’s talk about a little lips. You wanna do a little lip party?
Let’s go. Let’s go!
(audience cheers) All right, hi Jessica. Hi.
Jessica is here. Okay, we’ve got our gorgeous Miss Priyanka Chopra up in the house.
(audience cheers) So do you know what a lip topper is? No. Okay, honey.
A lip topper? Yeah, get ready. This is an iridescent lip topper. And what this is, it’s a secret little trick, that not only is gonna make your lips look big and juicy and gorge, what? But you see that gorgeous sort of holographic– Yeah.
Right? So it’s like–
It’s like an opal. Yes!
Opally. Exactly, a little mother of pearl action, giving you that gorgeous look. So the great thing about it is, guys, no matter what lipstick you wear, whether you like a nude or a red or whatever– Just top your lips. Top it on, girl! Right? Perfect. (audience applauds)
And look how pretty. And holiday-esque. Here, take that. Is this your brand? Yeah, it might be. Oh, wait, you do good stuff too. (Mally laughs) Thanks Jessica. Hey, girl, hey.
We’ll get you some, Jess. Okay. Now, you know Miss Wendy loves a strong brow. I do. Right, everybody should do a little strong brow. I’m gonna tell you why. Miss Solange is showing us a strong brow. (audience cheers)
Who likes eyebrows up in here? Yeah.
Yes, thank you. Why, because not only does–
It’s youthful. It is, thank you. Remember when we did the real skinny ones?
I had the real skinny too. So did I, I know.
Thank God they grew back. Exactly, thank you, and sometimes they don’t. But if they don’t. Janeel.
Exactly. Do you like a strong brow, is this your first time? It’s my first time. Ooh, a strong brow virgin in the house! (audience cheers)
Here we go. So here’s the trick. You wanna make sure that you brush the brow up, because you wanna work with everything you got. You know what I’m saying? Brush it up and then take a brow pencil, short feathery strokes, but fill that brow in, guys.
I like a tail too. Do you like a tail?
Oh, honey, I like a nice, long one.
I like a tail. Yeah.
Yeah, exactly. And take it all the way out to the end of the eye. And not only, doesn’t it make your, not only your eyes look bigger, but your face looks skinnier. Yeah, an eyebrow, I never discovered it until years ago, then I was like, wait, now hold on. And also, if you use an almost-done mascara in a dark color, you can just mascara up, yeah. Hello.
Yeah, uh-huh. Makeup hacks from Wendy.
Thank you, Janeel. Yes, and then you’re getting every brow that you have.
Hey, Kristen. Exactly, okay, so, here we go. Ooh.
Emma Stone. Oh, you wanna see some eyeshadow? Yeah, a palette. Ooh, with a mirror attached. (Mally laughs) So you can your face.
That’s pretty. So here’s the trick, let’s talk about a little glitter eyeliner. Oh, boy, here we go. You knew I had to give it to her at the end. I’m nervous, go ahead.
All right, here’s the thing. Let’s just say, glitter is not just for teeny boppers or drag queens anymore.
That’s what I think. Listen, I tell you, it’s also a trick to add a little brightness to the eye to make you look like maybe you’ve had eight hours of sleep, to really brighten. But if you are afraid of a little glitter, you know what you can do. You can just wet an eyeshadow, wet a shimmery eyeshadow and just tap it on on top of your liner, you see that?
Oh, that’s easy. So it adds a little bit of brightness and lightness, but it’s not full-on glitter. But don’t be afraid of glitter, y’all, it’s holiday time. I know. How do you celebrate? Wendy. With this. This is good enough for me. We like to get a little festive, but adding that brightness, but the trick is this too. If you do wanna go with glitter, don’t go to the craft store like mama’s done in the past. And you wake up with pink eye. Yeah!
And scratched cornea. You know, you did it too. I’ve done it. I knew it, I knew it. Mally, thank you so much for the tips.
Thank you. For more information on these trends, go to Ask Wendy is next. Let me look. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! The whole situation. Oh my God. And I’m a Cancer too. Really? The 18th.
June 16th. Okay. Oh, it’s time for Ask Wendy, come on over. First of all, I love your fashion. Best $35 I ever spent at the mall. (audience cheers) And yours too, can you sit down, madam? (audience laughs) He’s telling me that he watched our show from the very, the first day.
Six week sneak peek, yup. (audience applauds) He’s from Queens but he never heard of me at all. But he’s like, what is this mess? But I like it.
Okay. (audience laughs) So who are you? My name is Brendan Isiah. Okay.
Como estas? Como estas? So I’m in a bit of sticky situation. So my ex from six years ago reached out to me. He wants to be friends, strictly platonic, I have no problem with that. However, I’m currently talking to a guy. And I love how things go, boyfriend is the goal. Friday night my ex and his boyfriend broke up. Now I’m a Cancer, we’re very intuitive. He’s kinda hunching on getting back together. Now I am currently happy with the guy I’m with. Leave him alone.
No friendship, no nothing, nada?
No, no. No, you’ve got a goal, you wanna be booed up. Booed up.
Husband. Right, all right. (Brendan laughs)
Good luck, Brendan. Thank you.
And thank you for watching. (audience applauds)
(Wendy laughs) Come on over. Oh. How you doin’? How you doin’? So who are you? I’m Karen from Washington DC. Okay, welcome Karen. (audience cheers)
Thank you. What do you do? I’m a financial manager. Okay, now how can I help you, Karen? Oh, Wendy, okay, oh dear. (audience laughs)
Oh, God. So I have a friend who was engaged. She was planning a very huge wedding. I went out, caught her man with another woman, lips locked. I went back and I said something to her. She called off the wedding, canceled our friendship. (audience exclaims)
Yeah. He ended up marrying someone else. So I got kicked to the curb. I got exiled of all social media. I haven’t talked to her in two years. So my question to you is, I miss my friend, should I call her? (audience exclaims) Well now, just relax. (audience laughs) Here’s my thought. How old are you? I’m a particular age. (audience laughs)
Okay, okay. (laughs) How long have you and your friend been friends? 10 years. Yeah.
A long time. And how long were they together before you found her with another woman? Two years. Two years, okay, it’s been two years also since you’ve spoken to her. Correct.
She’s moved on and she’s in another relationship. Yes, I’m assuming. But you know what, I say call her. You know why, you know why? ‘Cause we’re all grown. She ended up breaking up with the man after all. And you miss her. I do.
I wanna cry. You miss her. Give it a one shot deal. Call her, if she doesn’t answer then text her. And then follow it up with an email. (audience laughs) No, no, no, all in the same day. If you don’t hear from her, then it’s done. Let it go.
Okay? All right. Thank you, Wendy.
We’ve got time for more. (audience applauds)
Come on over. Oh, wait, no, wait, hold on, everybody. Up next there’s an audience member who’d win $1,500 at the most. It’s a lot of money on the line. Keep it here. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Welcome back. It’s time to play Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics. Heather is here from Pennsylvania, and you have a chance, only one chance, Heather, to win up to 1,500 bucks. (audience cheers)
Yeah. (Heather cheers) The interesting thing about Heather is that she’s been here to our show 11 times? Yes, yes, yes! And she’s a pricing analyst. Yes.
So you take off from work, you come to the show.
Yes. And look, it’s really weird ’cause we’re in our eleventh season, and the luck goes even further, ’cause today is November 11th.
11th! (audience and Heather cheer) Big money, big money. Are you ready? I stay on ready, Wendy. Okay. Hit the music, Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics. ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ When the pigs try to get at you ♪ Hey, girl, pick up the puck and drop it. ♪ Park it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ If a get an attitude ♪ ♪ Pop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ (Heather cheers) There you go. (audience cheers) For $1,000, how many Grammys does Adele have? 10, 15, or 20, go. She has 15 Grammys, Wendy!
You got it! You got it, $1,000. We’ll be right back, yeah! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ready?
Yes. And away we go. It’s time to Race the Clock. Let’s meet our player, what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Allison, I’m from Washington DC, I’m a communications director, how you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’, Allison? Okay, you got 30 seconds to race the clock. Did you watch the awards last night? Congratulations, Ellen, you won again. (audience laughs) Uh-huh. She’s the people’s choice, all right. (audience laughs) So I didn’t watch, but I do know the nominees and who won, shout out Kris Jenner. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” won for best reality show at the People’s Choice Awards last night. Name four other nominees, and go! We’ve got “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Okay, good.
(bell dings) The one with the four gay guys, “Queer Eye”, “Queer Eye”. (bell dings) “Jersey Shore”. (bell dings)
And “Vanderpump Rules”! (bell dings) (audience and Allison cheer) Dinner for two at American Whiskey. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ow, that was a good hug, too. I told you, I told you. Where are you from? Montclair, New Jersey. Okay.
Yes, indeed. (audience cheers) The lady back there gave me a bag of Jolly Ranchers. I got some hand warmers. The love in here is so real, right? (audience cheers) Tomorrow, everybody, please tune in for my explosive one-on-one with Robyn Crawford and her life with Whitney Houston. Plus I got you covered with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today, and I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”, bye. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! How you doin’? Nice. (jaguar growls)

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