Monday, October 7

Monday, October 7

(audience cheering)
Live, from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams show. ♪ Whoa yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ Woot woot ♪ ♪ You do it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! What a circus. (laughs) (audience cheers) My pleasure, thank you for watching. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience! How you doin’?
How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, it’s Monday, after all. Let’s get started, it’s time for? Hot Topics! Yup, come on! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Now look. I’m gonna tell you this only one time. You know that stereotype of the cat lady? Well that is not me. Now, I just took the pleasure of doing a little photo shoot with my cats. I’ll show you. There they are. Aww!
Yeah! Chit Chat is the black cat, and My Way is the striped one. They’re laying in my handbag. They’re having a good time. They’re soakin’ up the sun. I post a picture, and then this beautiful one of My Way by herself. I love my girls, but I am the furthest thing from a cat woman. It’s really funny ’cause I got a phone call later on in the day from my son like, “Mom, I can’t wait to meet the cats when I come home, “but you can’t keep posting cat pictures.” I’m like, why?
(audience laughs) Why? “Because people will think that you’re old “and that you have no life.” And Merrell, my makeup artist, said the same thing this morning. I was like no, that makes me wanna post even more. (audience laughs) I mean, I know cat ladies, like the traditional cat ladies, and you all are right for assuming that but there’s no such thing as a dog lady. When people have dogs, people don’t look at them as old and decrepit. But when people have cats, especially when you’re ladies living by yourself ’cause you’ve been tossed out in the streets… (audience groans) But I live far from a pathetic life, case in point. (audience applauds) That’s stupid. And I was telling you that Chit Chat is really shady and stuff? Well, she’s come all the way out of her shell. She loves me. I was lookin’ up cat things on the computer. Does this make me a cat lady?
(audience laughs) I’m studying to know what it means, you know what I’m saying? They lick me a lot, and it turns out that that means that they’re telling you that they love you. Aww!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! They’re calm and they love you, so they’re already to the licking point. And they also do a light bite, never breaking skin. I looked that up, and they said that means that they love you, like they’re over the moon. So you get a lick and a rub and your cats love you. And I looked up why they don’t… They’re so good. They have good senses of humor. They love to watch TV.
(audience laughs) They love to people watch out the window. They mind their own business, and they have each other. But when your cat blinks slowly, like this, they’re telling you they love you too. Aww! So it’s barely been two weeks and boom! Home is home.
(audience applauds) They keep me calm and they keep me out of trouble, ’cause all I was doing was minding my business on Friday night. That was Friday, right Norman? Friday, yep. (laughs) Ring! (clicks tongue) Wendy! That’s what NeNe, that’s how she pronounces my name. Wendy, I’m in town! I was like, “NeNe, I’m not going out tonight. “I’m not going out today. “I don’t wanna go shopping. “I don’t wanna do anything.” Do you every stay home in Atlanta? You know I like to travel!
(audience laughs) So she was in New York and she called at three o’clock in the afternoon on Friday. I’d already gone out with some girlfriends for lunch. I was perfectly back in the house, playing with my cats and watching TV and sitting on my swell down machine. So anyway, then she calls back like seven o’clock. “Wendy, where you at?”
(audience laughs) I said, “I’m still in the house. “I’m not going anywhere.” I’ve got company coming over tomorrow. I don’t wanna do anything. I’m not going to the club. I have food here. I don’t wanna go out for dinner. “Come on, you like Tao!” And so I said, “All right, the only way I’ll, “let me call you back.” I hung up with her and I said, “Let me give Norman something to smile about.” (all laughing) And Norman lives in the city. He’s very social. He never answers his phone. But I said if I call Norman and he doesn’t answer his phone and then follow up with a text, then it’s not meant to be. I’m gonna give him a half hour. So I called him up. As usual, doesn’t answer the phone. So I text him. I said something to the effect of if you come out with me tonight, you will not regret it.
(audience laughs) Right.
Right. And we’re going out with one more person. No James or anything, just one more person, a proper car and driver, and we’re gonna have a good time. I said can you be at my house in a half hour? I couldn’t believe you said yes. (audience applauds) I… (laughs) I couldn’t believe it. Well, when the Pope of Pop Culture calls and says, “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.” Right!
(audience laughs) I’ve known Norman all 11 years, plus the six-week sneak peak that the show has been on, and I have never socialized with Norman outside of, you know, company party, something like that. And that’s not one-on-one. But this was very intimate.
It was! So I didn’t tell NeNe that it was Norman, but I did tell NeNe, all right look, don’t bring anybody. I’m gonna bring one person, and you know this person, and you’ll love it. I didn’t even say man or woman. (all laughing) And I told Norman the same thing. So Norman gets to my house. NeNe was late, as usual, always with the hair and the makeup. And NeNe was a little late, so you met Chit Chat and My Way. I met Chit Chat, My Way. They were so lovely and sweet.
Aww! And my peaceful surroundings. Uh-huh. Oh my god, peaceful, elegant. (audience laughs) (laughs) Extravagance, darling! (audience laughs) So then she calls up. She says, “I’m downstairs.” And I’m thinking she’s downstairs in the car waiting for us. But no, she’s standing in the lobby of my building. So when Norman and I get out of the elevator, I just say, “Norman, just don’t pass out. “Don’t scream too loud, “’cause something’s about to happen.” And sure enough, they hugged for dear life. It was great! I was like NeNe! (laughs) Oh Jesus, hands were fluttering all night. As a matter of fact, you wanted to remember everything. All you drank was Diet Coke, which I know about you hanging out socially. (laughs) You are not a social Diet Coke drinker. Right, I just wanted Diet Coke. I wanted to remember every detail. Aww! (audience applauds) We went to Tao first, right? Uh-huh.
And we had a great time. NeNe was in charge of everything. Everything! Yeah, NeNe was not drinking Diet Coke, right? (laughs) Right. NeNe was gettin’ full. I had my pineapple juice. We had our food. We had a good time. And then I said all right, you guys. It’s time to go home. But we ended up making a second stop. Yeah, so at like a club. We did end up at the club.
Uh-huh, yep. But we were only there for like a half hour? Yep, just a quick drive by. (audience laughs) So much fun. Why did we even go to a club? I don’t know. You just get caught up in the night. But we were all home by the 11 o’clock news. Right.
(audience laughs) Something like that. I mean, it was early. Tell me I’m the cat lady. I’ve got stuff to do.
(audience laughs and applauds) I do recall being the DJ in the car though. Oh, I recall that too. I was very intense about it. You know I get intense about my music. It was good music.
Well, I’m just sayin’. ’90s hip hop, you can’t beat it. (audience applauds) So then I stayed in all day on Saturday just to recover, just because it was a lot. I was exhausted. It was so much fun. But then NeNe did call to ask me if I would go to the Woodbury Common Outlets with her, and I was like no, not on a Saturday. First of all, I’ve never been there, but I’ve always wanted to go. I know they have everything there. But I’ve never been there for whatever reason in my entire life, and she wanted to go shopping ’cause that’s all she does. She shops, she gets hair and makeup, and is loud. Right.
(audience laughs) But tell me something, Norman. Isn’t she a sweetheart in real life? A sweetheart! She’s just like she is, but so much sweeter and louder and boisterous. Fun.
Yeah, so much fun! Fun, fun.
Yeah. So I was like no, I’m not going to Woodbury Common on a Saturday. So then she flew to DC to do something else. She just can’t stay put.
(Norman laughs) So then I was watching one of the highlights. Oh, I saw a Gilligan’s Island marathon. (audience laughs) And last night I’m watching Married to Medicine, which rolls into Watch What Happens Live with Andy. And I see the commercials during Married to Medicine that Ja Rule’s gonna be on. Ooh! So I was like okay, great. You know I’m a supporter of Jeff, right? Hey, Jeff. So cute.
(audience applauds) So I wanted to know whether he was up on his Housewife game, really. I’m like, what’s Jeff gonna talk about? Anyway, so last night Ja Rule was on and Andy sparked the reignition of his feud with 50 Cent. (audience groans) Now this fight has been going on for so long I don’t even know what they’re fighting about, other that they’re both from Queens and maybe it’s a Queens thing. Like, who was the King of Queens? (audience laughs) And by the way, Andy, thanks for the shout out in the middle of the show! (audience applauds) So all Andy did… Just take a look. Say three nice things about 50 Cent and I wanna move on. (sighs) He’s a bad father. He’s got a big square box. Ooh, I thought–
And one more thing. What else can I say about him? He looks like his breath stinks all the time. (audience groans and laughs) I mean, what do you say after that? Ja Rule, by the way, will be here on Thursday. (audience cheers) So there’s good news for Joe Giudice, or maybe not so… I’m not sure. So the judge, if you haven’t heard, granted Joe permission to return to Italy while he waits for his deportation decision. So he asked to go. Remember, we talked about this on Hot Topics a couple of weeks ago. Does every Wendy watcher have that same, beautiful second row, behind my mother’s chair, that colorful thing that you have on. I have it, a woman showed up with it last week. I actually got it from a Wendy watcher who was here. I told her I like it and it’s hanging in my office. I’ve worn it. I like it. I like it. (laughs)
(audience applauds) Anyway, so Joe asked like a week and a half ago the court to please, just get out of this holding tank where I’m sleeping on a foil bed and nothing. It’s horrible from what I understand while he’s awaiting his decision. It’s not quite jail, but he might as well be. Joe asked to please, let me out of here. Just send me to Italy so I can work and send money home to my family. And I thought originally that that was a great idea, until now it’s finally happened and I’m like, “What if this is just a trap?” They send him over there and then the case is over. He’s there. You’re now no longer a citizen of… Well, a liver of the US and you’re going to have to figure out how to see your family. As a matter of fact, you’ll never be able to leave Italy, probably. He probably won’t even be able to go to Paris or something like that. Would they give him a passport? He’ll be stuck in Italy for the rest of his life. Which is not so bad. It’s a beautiful place, and it’s very large. You know, you can go to the top of the boot to the bottom of the boot with no problem at all, you know? It’s not bad. I wonder if he speaks Italian. Do you think that Teresa should take her girls and fly over to visit him?
Yes! Only when the time is right. Christmas vacation or Spring Break. I mean, I wouldn’t fly over there right now. Teresa’s busy. She was at her oldest daughter’s soccer game or watching soccer or something over the weekend. Went to football. Same thing. Went to football with Gia at Rutgers. And they say that Gia is really the leader of the family now, you know what I mean? And I betcha she doesn’t wanna move to Italy. She’s making friends. She’s filling out nicely.
(audience laughs) I smell a divorce. I mean, honestly I do. You don’t like to see families break up, but it’s hard enough to maintain a relationship in the next state. How about the next country, over, over, over there? I smell a divorce. I think Teresa is still young enough and is experienced enough in life, she’s not gonna have any more babies. Who wants more kids? She’s got four beautiful daughters. She’ll meet a nice guy, date, meet the next guy, date, ’cause that’s when you do when your single and your husband is over in Italy. You ask for a divorce and then you date. (audience applauds) And maybe she’ll get married again. Who knows? Anyway, Joe will be released to go to Italy in a few weeks. I wonder if he knows how to speak though, the thing? He does?
He does not. He does not know how to speak Italian. No.
Damn. (all laughing) Well… Mm. That’s okay. He’ll be free to meet a nice Italian girl, you know? And that’s the thing also. He doesn’t deserve unhappiness just ’cause he’s deported to Italy. I mean, if he stays in the marriage, then he can’t date ’cause that’ll look bad to the courts to let him back in. She can’t date because we’re seeing her still married. And even though you husband’s way over there, either get a divorce or don’t date. It can’t be windin’ and grindin’ on men in the club. But why should she suffer? Oh, it’s terrible.
(audience applauds) (laughs) It was a lot of fun though, right? So much fun! Random fun. Okay, the University of Kansas is profusely apologizing for Snoop Dogg. (audience groans) Well, here’s what happened. So they booked Snoop for a school pep rally, for the preseason, okay? By the way, Giants, I’m sorry to hear about what happened. I was there with you. The Giants lost this weekend. I’m following! I’m following stuff. Anyway, so they claim that they asked him, please Snoop, give us a PG performance for this pep rally. Please don’t go hard. Don’t go all the way in. But instead, they got this. Stripper poles.
(audience groans) Look, he had a money gun, shooting money into the crowd. There was full fat cursing. Now, I don’t know who the planning board is at the school, but what did you expect? See, this is not Snoop’s fault. This is your fault. I mean, this is a man who rolls down the street smoking indo, sippin’ on not just gin, but the juice. (audience applauds) And laid all the way back. He’s not even driving, thinking about traffic rules. He’s got his mind on his money. And his money on his mind. (audience applauds) Come on! Snoop, this is not your fault. This is their fault. But you got the money and that’s that. That’ll learn you, though. I mean, my goodness. This is the same man who passes girls around. ♪ It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none ♪ You know? Come on now. And you know what? Probably only like 10% of the people, or 5% complained, but the school was forced to apologize. Well I don’t know who you thought you were going to see, but let me tell you something. If I see Snoop, other than when he’s on TV where you know he can’t curse and there’s a whole bunch of people. If I go see Snoop at a concert or any place in person, I want it all. I want it all!
(audience applauds) Uh-huh! And you know I love hip hop. The 2019 Hip Hop Awards are gonna be on BET tomorrow. (audience applauds) This is gonna be such a big deal. I’m definitely staying in the house and watching this. They taped it over the weekend. This is gonna be a good award show. There’s gonna be unforgettable moments and really great performances, including Megan Thee Stallion.
(audience applauds) And Chance the Rapper.
(audience applauds) And all kind of people that you’re gonna see in the audience and on the red carpet, like Rick Ross, Quavo, Lil’ Kim. (audience applauds) Yeah! Wow!
Ooh! She gives a show every time she leaves the house. I gotta tell you something. (audience applauds) So make sure that you watch with a really good snack, and some really good company, including if you have cats. The Hip Hop Awards airs tomorrow night at eight, only on BET.
(audience applauds) So Miley Cyrus has a new fling. Okay, now remember, the marriage is over with she and Hemsworth. Then she was spotted making out with the girl on the cushion at the pool. She’s sexually fluid, yes. And then TMZ spotted her recently making out with the Australian singer. Do you know Cody Simpson?
Whoo! Well, he’s 22 and Miley’s 26. He’s big over there. I don’t know who that is though. But the point is that a lot of people are slut shaming her, saying how are you just bouncing from one person to another? And I’m not condoning it. (audience laughs) But I do have to say, why not? (audience applauds) She clapped back at critics, saying a whole bunch of stuff including people should get used to seeing her dating. She was saying look, you watched me grow up as a Disney kid. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m having fun. Well, you know what? She’s only 26 years old. She’s got no children. She did live a really confined life as a Disney kid, and now she’s out here havin’ fun. And you know what? I don’t picture, based on her parents, her mom and dad already being in entertainment, I don’t picture them saying anything to her except have fun. And if she was my daughter, oh damn it, man! Well, if my daughter was raised as a Disney kid and everything was buttoned up until she was 18 years old? Have fun.
(audience applauds) Just don’t catch HIV. Don’t catch the syphilis. Don’t get pregnant by some random guy. When it’s your time to settle down, you settle down good. But do you for right now. And the only reason why we see this is because for many of us, when we were 26, running around, there was no Internet so nobody was watching. You know what I mean? The only thing that she could do maybe a little bit differently, they were getting one of those Asiago bowls at the restaurant, she and Cody. The only thing that she could do is when she goes out with a brand new guy, like Cody, she doesn’t have to stand up and kiss and make out, you know what I mean? There are a couple of things that she could pull back on Suzanne. Do you know what I’m saying?
Yeah, that’s too much. And they don’t have to hold hands at the table, or anything like that.
No. They can go back to their house and do whatever they wanna do. This is so blatant. I mean, if it were my daughter, I would have just said all right. Do you, have fun, but be aware people are always watching. And a lot of people are very jealous, because they don’t have men, number one, and you’ve moved on to a man, a woman, and another man in three weeks, you know? (audience applauds) Anyway. It was so sad to hear over the weekend that TV legend Diahann Carroll passed away, right? Aww. She passed away on Friday. She was 84 years old. She’s got a daughter and two grandchildren. I had the pleasure of meeting her here at the show, and we became friends after that, like friendly, like an older woman. (audience applauds) She was the first Black woman to star in her own network TV show, Julia, where she played a nurse. And in the second season of The Wendy Show, I forgot what my first costume was, but I wanted to make a switch during commercials and I wanted to be Julia. And so I dressed as Julia for Halloween. (audience applauds) She was also Claudine. Remember Claudine? Yeah. And Dominique Deveraux of course. Oh my gosh, yeah.
(audience applauds) On Dynasty. Anyway, my thoughts are with her daughter and her two grandchildren. Rest in peace, Diahann Carroll. We’ve got more great show for you, everybody! (audience cheers) Up next, the inside scoop on Jersey Shore’s Ronnie, crazy arrest. Grab a snack and come on back!
(audience applauds) Woot, woot! (upbeat music) Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Okay, this is very serious. It is time for the Inside Scoop. And here to dish is the senior correspondent to Variety. Give it up for Elizabeth Wagmeister. (audience applauds)
Elizabeth, break it down, low and slow. Ronnie from The Jersey Shore was arrested. Listen to this! Yes, so this is really a crazy story, Wendy. There’s lots of allegations going every which way. So Ronnie from The Jersey Shore, he was arrested at three a.m. early in the wee hours on Friday in Los Angeles. So he was arrested after a domestic disturbance involving his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley. We’ve seen her on the show. And they have a baby together. They have a baby together, Ariana. She’s 18 months. Okay, she’s about to go into foster home. Oh my gosh. It’s very sad.
Watch what happened. So this is how serious it is, okay? Ronnie was booked and charged with kidnapping, Wendy. (audience gasps) Now I’m gonna get to that, because the question’s probably why kidnapping? It’s his daughter. But first, let’s remind the Wendy watchers that this is not the first time we have heard the term domestic disturbance– With these people.
With Ronnie and Jen. So let’s go through a little timeline of their fights, okay? So we all remember New Year’s last year, Jen allegedly threw an ash tray at Ronnie’s face. Right, so she’s violent as well. Allegedly, yes.
Okay, allegedly. But she has been arrested twice, so yeah, she has been violent allegedly. Allegedly. Now, she also claims that Ronnie ransacked her home. A flat screen TV was ruined, a lot of things were a mess. So they don’t live together? Well, at that time they did not. Now where this whole arrest went down on Friday, it’s actually an Airbnb that they’re renting together in the Hollywood Hills. But one more thing I wanna remind you of, Wendy. Do you remember when they got in a fight in the car and Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie? As the car was rolling.
As the car was rolling. And the baby was in the backseat. And it was after midnight.
Yes. So the baby’s been involved in many of these alleged violent situations with them. Now I just wanna remind you though, charges were dropped in both of those cases, for Jen. But now we get to this. And Wendy, to me this is the craziest fight that they’ve had of all. Friday night, three o’clock in the morning. Yeah, so earlier in the day they were actually at a launch party for Ronnie’s new CBD line, which is called Verge. Everything seemed to be fine. They packed on the PDA there. Something took a quick turn– A CBD line?
A CBD line. What is that? A marijuana line.
Okay. That’s a story for another day, Wendy. We gotta get to this, ’cause there’s so many details here, okay? So they get home and allegedly Ronnie hit Jen. So she goes outside. She’s screaming, saying my daughter’s in danger. There is somebody with a knife. He allegedly running around chasing her with a knife. Now Fox 11, Los Angeles, okay, they’re the local station in LA. They’re the ones who first broke the story, and we see footage right here. Now, I was told that he was not blinking. I didn’t wanna see this piece of footage until I got out here to see it with everybody else. Now, is he high? What does he do, coke? Here’s the thing. I cannot comment on that. I do not know.
No, I’m asking questions. All I’m saying, Wendy, is what we do know, we know that Ronnie went to rehab and he was working on his sobriety. So we do know that. But he has a CBD business. He has a CBD business, which is legal. But back to this. So you look at that footage. It’s very chilling. He’s being carried out on a stretcher. He’s handcuffed. Well, what happened is Jen went out running and neighbors heard her. So neighbors actually called the police. The police responded to multiple calls of battery. Ooh! When they show up, they’re knocking on the door, pounding. Ronnie won’t come out. He’s in there with the kid, so they’re worried. He’s in there with the kid. The child could be in danger. So they end up knocking down the door, forcing an entry. He was allegedly being so uncooperative they tased him. (audience groans) Okay, now Wendy– Now where’s the baby at this point? The baby’s in the house at this point. In the crib? Now, good news, the baby is unharmed, okay? Little Ariana made it out safe, which is the most important. Jen allegedly had some minor injuries. But all I have to say, Wendy, I’m an entertainment expert, not a criminal expert, but it doesn’t take a criminal expert to know if you’re being tased, there’s a fight being put up with the police, which is bad. Now, will they draw his blood and find out what he’s on? I don’t know, but what I do know Wendy is that he was taken to the hospital to check him out. He was cleared. Then he ended up being booked and charged with kidnapping. Okay, so that’s interesting. It’s his kid, but he was holding the kid inside. Jen was outside saying, “My kid’s in danger.” So that’s why the kidnapping charge comes about. Now I have to tell you, he ended up posting bail for $100,000. That’s a big amount of money. That means this is a very serious situation. So he’s probably gonna go to jail. They don’t need to be together, and the baby’s gonna go to protective custody. So then there’s another orphan out here. Let me tell you, Wendy.
Dammit, man. So the thing is that’s very interesting is just 12 hours before he was arrested, they seemed fine. So TMZ actually caught them. They were out. They were holding hands. Look at them here. They were saying everything’s fine. We’re back together. He even joked about his friend, Mike the Situation, who we all know he just got out of jail in September for eight months which he served for tax evasion. The Jersey Shore cast, they know how to keep themselves in the headlines, that’s for sure. But Ronnie, he joked. He said look how jacked he got in jail. I actually wanna go to jail so I can get jacked. Well, looks like he maybe spoke too soon, ’cause we all know what happened. Okay, now this Robert De Niro case, another crazy case. Okay, so Wendy, this one is crazy. But by the way, actually one thing I do wanna say with Ronnie. ’cause I’m a journalist, I have to give the facts. His lawyer did release a statement to me, which I just wanna read. He said, “The reporting of the alleged incident “relating to Ronnie yesterday is based “upon pure speculation and innuendo. “We are currently conducting our own investigation “and will have no further comment “until that’s been concluded.” Well, I need the doctors at the hospital to draw some blood. Okay.
(audience applauds) And sift through that.
You tell ’em, Wendy. I’m just saying. Now back to De Niro. So there’s a lot of drama going on with Robert De Niro at his production company. It’s crazy.
This is crazy. Okay, so Graham Chase Robinson, she’s a former employee. She started out as De Niro’s executive assistant in 2008, worked there for 11 years, rose the ranks, became a big executive. Well in August, De Niro and his company– And his company? Yes, they sued her for $6 million for breach of duty and fraud. Now she doesn’t have that kind of money, and he doesn’t need it. Why? Let me tell you why. Because these claims, Wendy, are absolutely bonkers. It’s like you can’t make this up. So they allege that she was charging the corporate card hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal expenses. She used a lot of frequent flier miles from the company for her personal travel, which amounted to $125,000. And my favorite part, which I should say favorite. It’s not funny, but it kind of is. She was watching Netflix on the job. She took Netflix and chill to a whole new meaning. She watched 55 hours of Friends– So what? Which is 21 episodes of Friends. So what?
On the job! It’s called multitasking. If your job, though, has a TV sitting right there, there’s some job that are lackadaisical. I mean, after our show goes off, the staffers light up every TV around here, watching TV and doing their work. That’s ’cause they have to be up-to-date with all the hot topics. Well so does she! Okay, well let me tell ya, she agrees with you, Wendy. (audience applauds) Because she’s calling BS on this too. And she’s suing him?
Yes. So now there’s a counter sue for $12 million, and she is calling gender discrimination and wage violation. She is saying that the male employees there made more than her, and that when she confronted De Niro about it, that he said, “Well, a man with a family “should make more than a woman without kids.” (audience groans) Now she’s also calling inappropriate behavior. She has a few claims. Among them are that he would ask her to scratch his back. He would take meetings in pajamas and a bathrobe. He spoke about his Viagra use. Oh.
(audience laughs) So she has some interesting claims there. But he might have spoken about the Viagra use because as the assistant, it’s your job to call the pharmacy and ring me up. There you go! See, two sides to every story. (audience applauds) And also, if he was having meetings at his house and he had on a robe and boxers, I mean, that’s clothes. He wasn’t exposing himself, was he? No, not according to her claim. So that’s why, there’s two sides to every story, Wendy, but she is saying that he spoke to her in a hostile and abusive way. Those were her exact words. To prove that point, her lawyers released a voicemail from De Niro to her.
I know, play that. This is disgusting. You (beep) don’t answer calls? How dare you? You’re about to fired. You’re (beep) history. How dare you? Don’t (beep) get angry with me, ’cause I’m pissed off ’cause I didn’t get a single thing that I need right now. You gotta be (beep) kidding me, you spoiled brat. (beep) you! (audience groans) I mean, some people might say it’s not a crime to be a bully or a bad boss, but anyway, De Niro’s attorney, they say this is all bogus. They’re rejecting all the claims. They actually said the allegations are beyond absurd. That’s the exact words that they used. But I have to tell you, Wendy, I know where Robert De Niro was right after these allegations broke. Where was he?
At the bar? Not at the bar.
Strip club? He was at Variety’s New York party, because he’s on the cover of Variety this week. It’s our New York issue. There he is on the cover with Al Pacino for our annual New York issue. He was at the annual New York party. I have to tell you, he seemed very unphased. He made some comments. He did not speak at all about the lawsuit. The only thing he did was say some words about Trump, which he does all the time. (audience laughs) He didn’t seem phased by this lawsuit. Thank you, Elizabeth, for filling us in. Thank you, Wendy.
(audience applauds) Elizabeth Wagmeister, everybody. Trendy @ Wendy is next. Don’t go far! (upbeat music)
(audience applauds) Woot, woot! Woot, woot! (audience applauds) Hi. All right, every Monday Trendy @ Wendy here with some fabulous products at unbelievable discounts. Please welcome back our old friend, Melissa Garcia. Thank you so much, Wendy.
(audience applauds) It’s so good to be here. Melissa.
Yes? Come on, let’s go. So of course Rue La La gives us all of these amazing products, starting with this great coat. This is your–
Intern Payton. Hi, Payton. Are you enjoying your internship? Yes I am. It’s great. (laughs) So she’s wearing our first item. So this is the S13 Kylie Faux Fur Trim Puffer. This is really good.
It’s really good. They’ve really improved the quality of faux fur. I gotta tell you something. I have it in this color, but I want it in the green. It’s so good. And what’s great about it is that it’s lightweight, but it’s really warm ’cause it’s down, so you know it’s a great coat. It’s water resistant. It has the thumb holes. It has a removable hood, which is great. All of that!
It comes in four colors. And look, the hood is generous. So cute, right?
(audience applauds) And it unfolds like that, so you could really just get your hood on. Exactly. So retails for $280.
Which is not so bad. Not terrible. But for our Wendy watchers, 62% off, so just 99.99. Under $100!
(audience applauds) It’s freezing! You’re gonna love this. So more faux fur. How soft are these?
These are really plush. So this is from Adrienne Landau, and it’s their Faux Fur 3-Piece Throw Set. I wish you guys could feel this. It is so soft.
It’s very soft. So you’re getting a blanket which is 60 by 70 inches, two pillows which are 22 inches and filled with feathers, so again, great quality here. That’s why it’s so soft also. Yes, it’s so good. This is great for your home, in your office, your den, your bedroom, wherever you wanna put it. Great to give a refresh for Fall and Winter. So retails for $312, but we’re getting 78% off, so just 69.99 for the set of three. Two pillows and the throw! And seven different colors you could choose from. Colors are great.
Gorgeous colors. Okay, Dior sunglasses. We get the best sunglasses from Rue La La. Authentic Dior sunnies. I’ve been wearing these all weekend. These are so fun. So there’s three different styles to choose from. Each one has three different colors. They’re amazing. You can’t go wrong with these. Made in Italy, authentic Dior. You look good, Wendy!
Yes! (audience applauds)
Those are good. I really like these because they hide people from looking at me. I like a thick band on the side. Yeah, those are a thick band. Those are good. Those should come home with you. Yeah, a real shield. (laughs) So these retail for up to $590. They’re Dior. I am gonna take these home. 78% off. She’s shopping. 129.99.
Wow, really? Yeah! Good right? Get these, treat yourself! Okay, so this is fun too. This is from Cortex Professional– I’m a little confused. They’re a Mini Digital Hot Hair Brush. So essentially what this is is a brush and a flatiron in one. So it helps to smooth your hair, makes it sleek, but gives it some volume. It’s great for all hair types, heats up really quickly. It’s small, compact so you can travel with it, which is great. I like the colors too. Yeah, four different colors. So retails for $200, but we’re getting 85% off, so just 29.99.
(audience applauds) This is worth it. And this is compact. You can keep this anywhere.
I know. Mm, diamonds.
Yes, exactly. I smell that.
Yeah. (audience laughs) This is from GV2, and it’s their Women’s Padova Diamond Watch. They have such great watches. It has diamonds around the dial here. So gorgeous. Four different colors that you can choose from. It’s a classic, timeless watch. You can’t go wrong. So retails for $2,495. Mm-mm!
I know. But they’re diamonds!
They’re diamonds! They are. But for you guys, 92% off, just 199.99. (audience applauds) Mm, diamonds. Okay, so this is so fun. All right, what’s all goin’ on? Okay, so I feel like I’ve seen this on every celebrity on Instagram. This is a La Parfait LED Beauty Mask. So essentially what this is, it uses LED light therapy. It has seven different therapies. Each has a different color that you can choose, and it changes color to basically treat a different concern. So if you wanna boost your collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Oh wait, now hold on. Yeah, all different things. Every single thing has a different targeted concerns. Works incredibly well. So the best part, though? And it has a fun remote that you can use. Super high end. Retails for close to $2,000, which is a lot. But 91% off, so 174.99.
(audience applauds) Great! I love all this stuff. Thank you to our friends at Rue La La for these amazing deals. If you wanna get in on them, go to before they sell out. Melissa Garcia, give it up for her. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience applauds) Welcome back! It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat, except for you. Come on over. Hi, Wendy. How you doin’?
How you doin’? Come on. What’s your name, where you from? Face your people. My name is Rita. I’m from Montreal, Canada, and I just came in the States for pharmacy school. So it’s been six weeks and and wasn’t expecting it at all, but I met this guy. And it’s been two weeks where we’re officially dating. And he already proposed.
(audience groans) I know! And he’s a little bit older than me. How old are you? I’m 23.
And how old is he? He’s 33.
33. Has he ever been married? Does he have children?
No. No, but he saw me, and I never felt this way before. Where’d you meet him? Like at a–
Online. And we’ve been dating. Do your parents know.
Yeah. Okay, what do they say? They say that they find him pretty nice, and they want something serious with him too. Are you trying to get your citizenship? No.
(all laughing) That is a fair question, thank you very much. She said she’s from Canada. A nice place, but here is better. (laughs) Yeah. But no, is it too soon to get engaged? [Wendy And Audience] Yes! First of all, you’re too young to get engaged. You’re only 23 years old. You should not be that deep in love. You’re studying for your pharmacy thing. You got your head on straight. You’re a beautiful girl. Now you are in the greatest city in the world. There are men everywhere. Leave this man alone, you know what I mean? (audience applauds) Now, only ’cause he’s so serious about it, I don’t even want you to date him. I don’t even want you to date him. Is he a citizen?
Yeah. Okay, all right. Leave him alone. All the way alone. Okay.
Okay? (audience applauds) Race the Clock is next. I am serious! (upbeat music) Humira patients, you… (clock ticking)
(upbeat music) So Selena is from Austin, Texas and she took an Uber just to be here today. I did! How much was that? It was about a good $60, but it was worth it. Oh, you came from Jers? I came from New Jers, the state of New Jersey. Took a flight from Texas. I woke up late, but I had to be here to see you. Are you having a good time?
I’m having an awesome time! (audience applauds) You have 30 seconds to race the clock, okay? We talked about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s star-studded wedding last week. Name four of Justin Bieber’s top 10 singles, and go! Okay, Sorry.
(bell dings) Okay, no, yes, we know Baby.
(bell dings) Love Yourself. Let’s see, what else, what else? Okay, What Do You Mean. (bell dings)
There you go! Dinner for two.
(cheering) at American Whiskey. We’ll be right back. Thank you!
Nice job. Thank you, aww! (upbeat music) (audience applauds) (background music drowns out speakers) He’s cute, right? Just wanted to show you little something something. Don’t miss the after show today. Look at what it is! [Woman In Audience] Yes! I do my after show in my dressing room, and you get a chance to meet some of the characters around here that make up the Wendy staff. I think today my friend Mills is comin’ by, so I’m bringing along the camera too. Anyway, go to and watch it later. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience applauds) I wanna thank my guests today and my cohosts, my studio audience. On tomorrow’s show, we’ve got more juicy Hot Topics, of course. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye!
(audience applauds) Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! Woot, woot! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Woot, woot! Nice! (triumphant music)

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