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hi guys hi guys and welcome back so um I
know this is not my room where I usually set up and do my videos and everything
this is actually upstairs over my garage so the reason that I’m upstairs and
everything is because I’m finally going to do my workout my summer workout
routine for football video I’ve been saying that I was gonna do this
since like the first day of school and I haven’t even worked on it and
we’re almost to the end of the first nine weeks of school so yeah but it’s been
crazy and everything and I was just upstairs and I was like you know what
it’s a great time to just go ahead and get this done and here’s what I’ve done
over the summer and this is how I made the football team well part of the
reason and part of how so the first thing that you’re gonna do whenever
you’re going to do a workout is stretch this so what I did is I just simply did
arm over behind my head and pulled like that for ten seconds and I did that with
both arms and then I will pull across for ten seconds and I did that for both
arms then you do more stretching so I would do like leg stretches yeah so I
get my legs about shoulder width apart I just go down and hold up for 10 seconds
on both then I do it in the middle then I laying on the ground and I put my legs
in a V same thing and do them all for 10 seconds now to my strength and all that type stuff all right so once I got into the
strength part of my workout the first thing that I did was just regular
push-ups so start off I just do ten regular push-ups making sure that my
arms are going 90 degrees then I go into Diamond push-ups which are a little bit
harder because they engage your core and you have to stay balanced again make
sure that you’re going 90 degrees and I do ten of those then the last thing that
you’re gonna do is I just go way out and I only do five of these so these are
kind of weird and it’s hard to go 90 degrees but just try and get as low as
you can that adds up to 25 push-ups which is how I started off then
we just go into sit-ups and all I do okay all I do is just regular sit up and
I do 25 of these so once I’ve done my first set of push-ups and sit-ups I do
it a second time so that’s fifty push-ups and fifty set
ups sit ups every morning to start off my strength part of my workout so the
next thing that I do is just 20 squats so you get your legs shoulder-width
apart and a regular squat so I do 20 of those then I go and I do lunges and hold
them for 10 seconds and I do that for each leg once I have completed those I
do a 20 second plank and this is how you do a plank so you just
take and you go into push-up
position you go down you put your hands together like this and then you hold it
and I did this for 30 seconds each once I was done doing planks I’ll just do 15
jumping jacks now some people might think it’s just one
jumping jacks but the way that it works like though that I’ve counted it off for
football in the past is you do one two three one and I’m not gonna do one
because my mom’s taking a nap right now and I don’t want to wake her out um but
that’s pretty much all that I had to do for my morning workout and it did these
things two times each so 50 pushups 50 situps are all the things after that I
did two times thank you for watching and I hope that you can use this in
information in the future please like subscribe and turn on notifications bye

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