Mystery Tackle Box Challenge April 2016

Mystery Tackle Box Challenge April 2016

Hey Guys its Trent here and uh we gonna do
a little Instead of doing regular fishing we are gonna do something different We are
going to do a Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing and Slam so lets get into it. Uh The first
lure we got is a Flash Minnow by Lucky Craft uh There it is It looks pretty. I may catch
a fish on this this is going to be uh Its going to be questionable. Alright our second
lure is Spider Parts looks like this and it comes with this these so that’s looks like
a like it is a spider part. It may look like a jig. A that goes for $5.26. Our next lure
is a
flipping jig it uh It’s price is $3.79 and I will probably get bit on that one. uh our
next one is a Tapertail and it retails for $1.33 and then we got a western finesse bass
hook it goes for $1.71. So that’s all the baits we got today guys so lets go catch some
fish on them. Alright guys I am going to start off with the uh Lucky Craft Minnow So lets
see how it goes. Alright guys I switched up to the drop shot uh hook I switched up to
the Tapertail Worm So uh lets see how that goes. There’s one guys. He looking at it.
He’s interested. He’s right here. There he is he’s got it. Ahhh he got off guys. This
time I am going to let him take it. Alright hes got it. Alright he’s got it he got it
he’s got it. Got him. Please don’t come off yes. Hey so that is the drop shot done and
over with. This bass hit it a lot. Finally alright so the drop shot is done guys. So
now Im going to uh start focusing on the Lucky Craft Minnow. Got him, Alright the Lucky Craft
Flash Minnow is done . Nice little fish. Alright guys I am um going to go switch in a minute
but uh I just want to get a few more casts in with this thing. That fish actually killed
it. Got him again. They love this thing guys. I mean they are eating good. This time they
are eating head first. I got him with both treble hooks. I will uh I will show you The
release when I get them out. Alright guys heres the fish I got them out Nice little
fish. These little fish just killed this bait. So I am going to go switch and uh I will tell
you what’s. Alright guys my last two baits are the Spider Parts and the Jig. So I am
going to start off with the Spider Parts and let see how we can do. Guys I just got one
on the Spider Parts. He just bit it right when it hit the water guys. Nice little bass
I will get another one on film for you. He ate that thing. He we go guys ooohhhh my goodness
Bass just ate it. There we go we will get him this time. Got him. I don’t know if yall
saw that I hope yall did. Alright Nice bass on the Spider Parts. Now the only thing we
got left is the jig so let get after it. There’s one guys on the jig. That completes the Mystery
Tackle Box Slam I could get these uh these fish to bite the jig so I made it a swim jig
you saw what happened so that’s a good fish guys So here’s the release. Uh please uh that’s
the end of the video guys uh can you please show me some support and uh subscribe and
thank you for watching.

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