Necessary Roughness (5/10) Movie CLIP – Lucy Joins the Team (1991) HD

Ooh-whee, sarge!
Look at that. They’re putting
a bloody sheila
on the team. We’ll be the laughingstock
of college football. What are we now? O.K., I’m ready.
Let’s try one. Hut! Manu… Snap me the ball. Snap the ball,
damn it! Hello, manu. Manu, hike me the ball! Hut! Relax, big guy.You’vealready
got the job. Hut. Nice kick. Aw, it was
a little off. All right.
Take it back 10 yards. Are you
kidding me? Yo, man, see? That’s the pressure
of tv. That’s what happened
to wrestling. Women take over
the sport. Take it back
10 yards. Wow. Ooh, ooh, ooh! She can kick. Yeah! Man, that was 40 yards. How long was that? 40 yards. Can you believe that? I don’t even
drive that far. She’s got some foot! It keeps
getting better
on the way up. Hey! Peace, brother. Lucy, this is manu. Nice to meet you,
manu. Hi.

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